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This may sounds a little cynical, but let me explain my logic.

  ”Hold on let me tweet that.” “I got the idea from Pinterest.” “Did you see on Facebook that Jane and Todd are now in a relationship?” “Look at this cool picture I found on Instagram!” These are just of the few phrases that are frequently tossed around my suite. Is social media taking over […]

Why Twitter?

     As I sat all week trying to figure out something to write for my first blog, I realized just how difficult it is to come up with an idea and to make it seem appealing, intriguing, and frankly just something my classmates would find remotely interesting enough to comment on as part of […]

The Attention Span Arms Race

This post was going to be a reflection on the TED Talk assigned for class, about how web video powers innovation. Then I got distracted. But you should watch it; it was insightful and wonderful. Twitter has come out with a service to record and host 6-second videos to your twitter account. It is called Vine, although I […]

The Selfish Reasons for Why I Am Taking This Class

I used to think I was a social media guru. I’ve been using Twitter since before it was “cool.” I have accounts on Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Foursquare and an embarrassing number of albums on Facebook. So when my boss at my summer internship asked me to help him develop the company’s social media strategy, […]

Originally posted on Twitter Egg:
Is there any organic content left on the web? Content that is generated solely to share something with others just for the purpose of sharing? In offline media I would argue that the majority of the content is push advertising to people. I will use TV as an example: TV…

Ask the Audience

What are companies doing differently today in order to come up with new ideas and create products? Companies that successfully want to innovate are turning to the most important person in any transaction: the consumer. The consumer can now contribute to the conversation between a company and its business development team, through social media platforms, […]

Socially Awkward Media

Everyone has a different reaction to the idea of participating or speaking up in a public forum, or sometimes even just in private. Some people have no problem doing it and flourish. I would think there is a quiet majority who cringe and open their mouths only when absolutely necessary. Which, totally off topic, raises […]

July 16, 2012

I love technology, I really do.  Sometimes it gets me super excited. On July 16, 2012, Marissa Mayer was appointed CEO of Yahoo!  Later that day, a website popped up. Soon thereafter, a Twitter trend followed. #dearmarissamayer Within one day, Yahoo! responded. When I saw this, I remember thinking three distinct thoughts. 1.) […]

Social Media: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Social media has rapidly evolved over the last decade. With the first email sent in the 1970’s, social media has since taken over. What has been interesting for me is the way that different age groups and generations use social media. I, along with the rest of society, have been trying to figure it out. […]

As I Mature, My Relationship With Social Media Matures With Me

As I sat down to try and figure out what to write for my first blog of the semester, I began to think of the relationship that I have had with social media over the years. It was a relationship that began in the spring of 2007 when I first made an account on Facebook. […]

Social Media and the Internet: A Retrospective

I got to thinking that as one of the elder statesmen of the class I might be able to provide some unique perspectives on social media and the Internet.  I mean, I literally still remember sitting in the Mods at Boston College as a senior during the spring of 2004 when Facebook literally first burst […]

Using social media can increase the value of a college degree

Much has been said in media on the topic of the value of higher education and with a tight job market.  It’s understandable that parents and students alike are questioning whether their return on investment will be worth shelling out over 55k a year for a degree.  I am a LinkedIn devotee and constantly endorse […]

Defense Against the Dark Arts: The University’s Last Lecture

I’m an insider, but an outsider.  As a PhD student studying higher education, and as someone who has worked in colleges and universities his entire life, I’m completely comfortable in the classroom and in being surrounded by students.   This semester, however, I’m an immigrant in a foreign land.  I’m taking a course in the business […]

Social Media: Invading Privacy and Devaluing the Face-to-Face?

Company dossier reports. Sounds pretty sophisticated (and by sophisticated I mean boring) doesn’t it? While the fancy name garners a lot of attention and gives off a distinctly important vibe, who would ever think that these reports would become so dependent upon social media? Certainly not me up until this past summer. In my internship […]

The Paradox of Social Media

Social platforms have the potential to tap the great cognitive surplus of society by using leisure time for creating content and collaborating, rather than consuming This quote, from last week’s article entitled “The Social Economy”, is really at the crux of the social media phenomenon in our lives. Social media transforms us from consumers to […]