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Employee Social Media Protection

            There has been a lot of discussion in class, blogs, and tweets about the role of social media in screening employees during the hiring process but not as much about the role of social media for employees currently working with a company.  For this blog I did a little research […]

Did Real-Time Marketing Already Jump the Shark?

That was fast. The 360i-Oreo “war room” marketing scheme we saw during the Superbowl is spreading like wildfire. In fact, it was already given its very own hashtag. On Sunday night, #oscarsRTM was used in conjunction with companies who were on the edge of their seats, attempting to engage in real-time conversations with viewers. However, […]

Fashion Forward

Fashion shows are exclusive to say the least. You have to be rich, famous, or a pretty darn good designer to be in attendance at any worthy fashion week show, as these events are not open to the public. The conventional wisdom that once closed its doors to aspiring designers and customers, is now encouraging […]

Not Catfishing, but still real fake characters

One of the things that continue to crop up in class is the tenuous link between real physical people and their online avatars. This has been abused, perhaps, as a form of crude entertainment. But in an era where consumers crave engagement and (the illusion of) conversation,* is there an opportunity for entertainment and the […]


Earlier this week I was involved in a group project and I was shocked when my group members asked for my phone number, so that they could coordinate a meeting for later in the week via  a group iMessage. Prior to this the only way I had ever communicated with classmates for school was via […]


For those with keen ears, you may have heard a reference in class last week to Amazon Mechanical Turk.  I forgot the service had even existed until then… The Turk, or the Mechanical Turk was an 18th century chess-playing “machine.”  It was a device that could play an opponent in chess, that seemed to be an automaton, […]

The undiscovered country

Im not a big US sci fi fan, but I do like the quote from Star Trek when captain Kirk refers to the future as the “undiscovered country”. What i want to go over today is not as epic as the USS Enterprise, but I do think it has the potential to be very entertaining for […]

Social Media Muscles

This week’s blog post was inspired by a tweet I sent out to the class last week (wow – spoken like a true social media maven).  I was sitting in my living room going through some e-mails with ESPN supplying background noise on the television.  Not really paying attention at all, my focus was suddenly […]


In November I joined two fellow students on a great idea.  We developed our original team of 5 and since then, it has grown to 12.  So what is the idea I am talking about?  Our idea is called Umbrella; it is a location based chat application for mobile devices that enables users to connect […]

It Costs How Much for Promoted Tweets?!!

According to a recent Forbes article, paid social media is expected to grow rapidly in the near future.  We have all noticed sponsored ads on our Twitter and Facebook feeds and most of us just pass over them if they don’t interest us.  However, this trend could have large implications for companies in their marketing […]

Every Day I’m Tumbln’

I have a confession to make – I have a bit of an obsession with Tumblr. It started small; every now and then, I would check one specific Tumblr page that I liked. Then, the obsession grew… I created an account to start following a variety of Tumblrs. Eventually, I started my own Tumblr page […]

If social media is the future, then China’s got the power

In light of the recent Chinese hackers news, I decided to do some more research into China’s rise to power and their involvement in social media. China’s rise to power has been slow but steady, and they are quickly challenging the global, hegemonic power the United States has held for many years now. Evident by […]

How Much Are Your Connections Worth?

Ever wonder how much all of your Facebook friends are worth?  Wondering how much value your Instagram and Twitter followers hold? Companies know the value of being connected to consumers organically—and they’re willing to pay.  Regardless of return on investment and specific sales resulting from social media efforts, followers in general hold worth in the […]

We really CAN be whatever we want when we grow up…

Maybe it was the Manti Te’o scandal, or maybe it was the four hour Catfish marathon I subjected myself to this past weekend, but the idea of social media deception has been on my mind quite a bit lately.

Want to Raise THOU$AND$ Through Social Media?

For my post this week, I wanted to dive further into a topic that I very briefly touched upon during my individual presentation: CROWDFUNDING. We keep saying it over and over again. The development of social media has allowed different minds from all over the world to connect and meet in a way that was […]