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An Ode to Record Store Day: 5 Ways to Use the Social Web to Discover New Music

One of my favorite holidays, Record Store Day, is fast approaching.  The event, taking place this year on April 20th (it is held yearly on the third Saturday in April), is an event designed to raise support for brick and mortar retail stores.  The day features special edition album releases, special events, and features participants […]

You look familiar. Are you on Tinder?

The advent of online dating has become increasingly popular and much more accepted in today’s ever evolving, technology driven society.  Where there was once stigma associated with finding a partner online, social sites and applications like Tinder are making online meeting/dating a public norm. Before I get into the specifics of Tinder, I want to […]

What I Learned from The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made

I want stuff fast. I came across an article on Slate titled “This Is the Greatest Hoodie Ever Made.”  The piece came out a little before Christmas 2012, and the author (Farhad Manjoo) loftily claimed that it’s warm, it’s well built, it will last, it’s American made, and it’s affordable (in comparison to other popular […]

Social Media’s Role in Political Discourse

We are experiencing the evolution of social media as it is adapted by different groups over time. Initially, individuals used social media as a personal communicative platform, which brands soon co-opted to reach consumers with targeted marketing campaigns. Most recently, social media has become an influential space for driving social and political change. Nowhere was […]

Social Media’s Role in Political Discourse

Reputations: Years to Build, Destroyed in Minutes

One of this week’s readings was about how the evolution of new media has created new dangers for corporate branding. Gripes can now be broadcast via twitter; likewise inappropriate or heavy-handed responses to customers are now semi-public events. This increase in reputational volatility is, I think, both a positive and negative for brands. The negatives […]

Social Media in a Different Light

In my first blog I wrote about how I previously did not see much value in social media because in my past experiences it only caused me trouble.  I never would have been able to tell you what benefits there could be for individuals and businesses because I was too focused on all of the […]

Social Media: Progression or Regression?

I ran across an article last month that I thought was interesting.  The article, from Pacific Standard, titled Distracted Drivers are Nothing New, basically talks about how back in the day (the 1930’s) there was legitimate concern over radios in cars and how they would create distracted drivers therefore causing more accidents. In fact, there […]

Overloaded Information and Social Media

By Lorena Cano Today, I was reading the article “How to Run an Effective Social Media Program” at Bloomberg Business Week* and I found it very thought-provoking. This article suggests that years ago social media was considered a luxury or distraction, however, now it is a business. Further, the article suggests that there are three […]

The Watch That Stalked Me on Facebook

Has anyone else been getting creeped out by advertising on Facebook recently? I was shopping for a new watch on last week and now it seems to be stalking me, repeatedly showing up on the right hand side of my Newsfeed. By simply searching for a new watch I was placed in a “purchase […]

Everyone say Cheese…. 1, 2, 3….

Posing for pictures can be a painful. The lightening, the smiles, the eyes- usually half opened half closed. The perfect picture is hard to create and capture. This has become easier with new waves of phone applications, like Instagram, but what if you just wanted to capture everyday, ordinary moments? This is the exact issue […]

WordPress and how P2 revolutionized #mi621

Yesterday, while I was extremely bored during Applied Marketing Management, I started clicking through the HBR Magazine and I came across a really interesting article about WordPress and Remote work. Scott Berkin outlines some really great ideas about what makes a remote workforce successful, but what really caught my eye, was that WordPress employees hardly […]

Baby Facebook: Proud Parents or Stage Parents

I’ve come to realize that when you turn 30 years old, your Facebook news feed suddenly morphs into a comprehensive tribute to the babies and children of your “friends.”  I feel like I’ve had a front row seat to the growth and development of about 20 kids – from birth, to first words, to first […]

Free video killed the paper star?

Perhaps you enjoy flipping the pages of a newly printed issue of Rolling Stone magazine, or maybe you like looking at the ads on the september issue of Vogue; but if you enjoy reading any magazines, Im here to tell you that you should get used to watching magazines.   At the end of 20111 Youtube […]

Bridging the gap-Unmetric, making social media effective

For this week’s blog post, I’ve decided to deviate from my seeming obsession with international studies (China, the Arab Spring…), and focus on a topic that came to mind with Thursday’s discussion of Communispace-how to brands measure their effectiveness. With Dan Rimm’s presentation on Klout, we saw how individuals can measure the effectiveness and status of their social […]