Monthly Archives: April 2013

Is there anybody out there…

…Is not only a good song by Pink Floyd, I think its also a question that has driven our kind to look for new and innovative ways to communicate with others like us. The song may be from a long time ago, but the question is as contemporary as the Harlem Shake. These last few […]

Twitter and Google Glass?

Twitters reportedly at it again and rumored to be in talks with Google Glass. Talks about Twitter making an app for Google glass is  reportedly in the works. Who knows what this could mean or if its even going to happen or even how the app would even work. Yesterday a tweet was sent out […]

A Look at Social Media From a Whole New Light

A lot has happened on social media this semester, some good and some not so good.  Between the Harlem Shake, Superbowl, equal marriage rights movement, April fools, and the marathon Monday bombings, there was always something to talk about.  From each event we were able to analyze what was being done right on social media, […]

The Growing Importance of Social Media Literacy and Etiquette

“I haven’t talked to her in years, I’m surprised we’re not friends on Facebook.” “So friend her!” “It would be too weird…I haven’t talked to her in years! It’s too late now.” “Why is it too late? It’s not awkward at all.” This is a conversation I have frequently with my girlfriend. The interesting thing […]

Will Teens Shape the Next Generation of Social Media Sites?

The journey has clearly just begun with social media. It took several weeks into our course to even begin scratching the surface of defining social media and whether it is more “social” or more “media”. In order to try to better answer this question I believe there is a lot that can be learned from […]

My Evolution With Twitter

My first blog was titled “Can Social Media Actually Help Me?”  It was about how, based on my past experiences, I saw little value to social media and in most cases all it did was get me into trouble for using it inappropriately.  I talked about some of the values I have started to realize […]

The End is Here: A Look Back at a Semester of Social Media

I can’t believe the time has come for me to write my final blog post. It really does seem like yesterday that I was struggling to come up with a blog that summed up my relationship with social media. Over three months and six blogs later, I have gone through quite a whirlwind of emotion […]