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Facebook Official

“Nothing’s official until it’s Facebook official.” This phrase states that a fact or event is not true unless said fact or event is posted or updated on Facebook. I hate to say it… but it’s kind of true, at least for the younger generations of social media users. This popular phrase doesn’t just apply to […]

Athletes and Social Media

Last week NBA players Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat engaged in a war of words over social media. Durant said in an interview that he believed former teammate James Harden should be ranked ahead of Wade in Sports Illustrated’s latest NBA player rankings. Wade quickly responded […]

Social Media for Social Good

Maybe it’s just me, but lately I’ve noticed a great deal of social networks implementing campaigns for some greater cause. LinkedIn for Good? Sponsored posts on Twitter related to a cause? Pins on Pinterest that link to a non-profit? The list goes on, and I can’t imagine it will stop anytime soon. Working towards social […]

New Paradigms for Social Media

Last week, I had a presentation on Information Overload on Social Media, and during my research, I mentioned how Information Overload is a reality and how terribly present it is in our Social Media, and particularly Social Networks like Facebook, but I also mentioned that even thou technology is getting good at filtering out the […]

Is Social Media a Blessing in Disguise or a Curse?

Let’s face it, we all use Social Media everyday regardless if we like it or not.  But what I’ve come to realize over the past few years after the Social Media explosion is that I love it and I hate it all at the same time.  I love that I can be connected to my […]

New Best Way To “Watch” Sports: Twitter

The Holy War, a word every Boston College student highlights as the best event in their four years at BC. No words can describe the camaraderie built up on the Heights before and during the one time a year the Eagles take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. In my four years at BC, the […]

The Social Media Monster

Before diving into my initial thoughts on social media I want to quickly note the reasons I did not discuss this topic in my first blog post. My reasons for holding off are twofold: First, on the heels of Evan Spiegel’s interview and presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt SF I wanted to blog about Snapchat’s new […]

Some thoughts about #mi621 Z X individual presentations

Here are some thoughts about presentations going forward, from my own observations and from what I’ve seen in your peer comments.  Based on what I read in the peer-evaluations, the class has a good idea of what makes a good presentation. 1)   An agenda is not needed in a 5-minute presentation.  It takes up valuable […]

Greek Yogurt, Fitness and Screen Time – How Social Media Impacts Obesity

We all are aware of the obesity crisis facing our nation. It is one of our largest public health concerns, and without significant changes, The New England Journal of Medicine reports children of this generation may have a lower life expectancy than their parents. Due to personal interest, I like to read health blogs or […]

Twitter’s Sloppy Regulations on Terrorists

With the emergence of social media, this generation’s teenagers and young adults have become fluent in the technical aspects of the various outlets.  Of course, with this generation there is a new breed of criminal, from gang members to terrorists.  These criminals have taken to social media to coordinate meetings, as well as live-stream terrorist […]

Should Social Media be Invited to Our Weddings?

Last December I attended a winter wedding for a friend of my family, and I still remember what a beautiful morning it was. The trees were covered with fresh snow from the previous evening, and the sunlight was shining bright and warm through the stained glass windows in our small town’s church. After greeting some […]

How is Social Media Impacting the Business World?

Imagine starting your workday checking Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to get everything you need for the day? What about email? Social media is slowly becoming the new office productivity tool, replacing email from the late 1990s. There is so much potential for social media in the future. A 2012 McKinsey report stated that there is […]

Is Anti-Social Networking What’s Next(t)?

You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard of social networking — but have you ever heard of anti-social networking? I thought I hadn’t until I saw an article that I tweeted out last week, which mentioned a number of anti-social networks (Snapchat being one of them). These anti-social networks offer social […]

Promoting Wellness within the Workplace

Over the past decade, health care costs have increased 4-8% per year.  While individuals enrolled in employer-based programs have seen their rates increase recently, employers have born the majority of these costs.  Health care spending in the U.S. exceeds $2.6 trillion annually.  The implications for “Obamacare” run even deeper and businesses need somewhere to turn.  […]

Chronology is a Thing of the Past – Medium Agrees

Two weeks ago I mentioned to a friend that I was taking a class focused on Social Media. Since the class had started, I signed up for Twitter, started blogging, and more importantly started learning everything I could about the world of social media. Little did I know, he is a huge fan of new […]