From Twitter Skeptic to Tweet-Crazy: My Social Media Transformation

Then: The first time I ever had to asses my use or affinity towards any form of social media was during my first day of MI021 (Computers in Management for all the non CSOM’ers out there). Being a smartphoneless freshman who wanted to rebel against the techie careers of my IBM parents, I thought I had my views on social media down. I had just signed up for Facebook for the sole purpose of communicating with my high school friends; convinced that it was a time suck I would not get sucked in to. My obsession of constantly checking email did not yet exist. And I was sure that Twitter was a useless tool that had zero value.

Now: I check not only Facebook, but Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat multiple times daily. Peeking at my social media feeds and updates on my iPhone is the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before going to sleep. “The adult version of a bedtime story” as @Meghan_BC put it last week.

Now: Twitter is my way to get advice from those I admire, it is my favorite news show, and it’s my real time resume. I think Twitter is the most valuable form of social media that is out there today.

Now: I wonder how I was so disinterested in technology and social media when today they are by far the main topic of my Twitter feed.

So What Changed?

That same semester freshman year I became a part of the board of the Boston College Venture Competition and my mind was opened to the wonders and innovations of tech, entrepreneurship, and startups.

Being a wee-little freshman, older members on the board offered me advice on my career path, BC, and social media.

“You don’t have a Twitter account? Or a LinkedIn? You need to get both right away, or you will fall far behind.”

I had never before thought that I would be left in the dust without a social media presence; but I as learned more about tech and fell in love with the startup ecosystem, I realized what a huge role social media plays in changing and shaping the world that we live in today. So I signed up.

Thoughts on Social Media Now That I Have Come Around

So I got a Twitter and found out that I loved the 140 character feed. Hopefully I will learn to become a Maven, but it seems that for now I am still a newbie. Refer to my poor Twitter grammar and the newbie evidence below.


I admit that I was wrong about Twitter, and learning to embrace Twitter has lead me to find more value in other forms of social media as well. I refuse to be as skeptical about social media as I was in the past, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still have questions and concerns about this hot topic.

It seems like FB and Twitter grew pretty fast, but compared to Instagram and Vine and Snapchat, it looks like the newest form of social media acquires users at a much greater speed than the last. At a time when social media startups are popping up like weeds, how do you know which ones are here to stay and which ones will be phased out just as quickly as they gained users? When companies grow this fast, which is the next social media company to become outdated?

Twitter continues to prove its value, and its IPO news seems to show that it is a social media company that will stick around; however, Facebook IPO’d and it seems that many are having doubts about its longevity as a company (I have seen these tweets below as well as others for the last couple of months). All of this makes me wonder how the scope of social media will look in a couple of weeks, months, or years.



This is what I now know: I want to work in tech and be where the innovation is – and a large part of that innovation is happening in social media. I hope to be able to spot trends, understand the space, and masterfully participate in the different mediums; having a strong opinion on what’s happening in social media is also just as important, and I hope to develop all of these skills in our class!


  1. Really interesting post! From resisting Facebook for years, to deciding your career will involve social media- it’s quite the 180. I definitely relate to your initial reason to adopt social media for fear that you’d fall behind. I think many constantly check Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so they will be the most up to date on news, whether it’s world news or just friend news. Overall, I enjoyed reading about your transition from swearing off social media to completely embracing it and seeing it’s value.

  2. Great post, Sydney.

    As a member of your parents’ generation, I too have learned to embrace Twitter. It is the best news source, hands down.

    As a CPA, I follow such exciting sites like the IRS and other taxing agencies. It has allowed me to throw away all other tax publications that I previously subscribed to and that cost me money to subscribe. Twitter is better, more current and does a better job of keeping you current.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story! I would not consider myself to be an avid “social media user”, but for what my opinion is worth I would also advocate that Twitter offers the greatest value for individuals in our current career position. I would guess that for most individuals the young adult age is when one learns to appreciate the importance of staying informed in the business world. I still stick to my old guns, NYTimes, for more elaborated insights on global events, but Twitter easily offers a much better source for targeted snippets curated from a wide-scale authorship. In that regard, I remain astounded at how Twitter has become the de-facto communication medium for professionals to advocate and share knowledge across silos of all natures (organizational, cultural, geographical, etc).

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