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Final Thoughts: The Best of Social Media

Frankly, after sitting through the first class of this course, I thought about dropping it. I was overwhelmed, intimidated, and hesitant about taking a CSOM course as an English and French major in A&S. My first post focused on losing my iPhone this summer and how I spent three days struggling, disconnected from the online […]

Google Church

Googlism As the semester winds down, and my formal business education comes to an end I realize more and more how ridiculous much of it was. I have learned a great deal, and I feel much better equipped for this present business climate, but compared to eras of the past, with real industries, the present […]

I’m Going to Disney World! Sort of….

I had the great fortune of leaving for Thanksgiving Break on Friday Nov 22, a full four days before my roommates. However the only reason I was afforded such a luxury was because I had to get my wisdom teeth removed. Unfortunately due to a tricky health issue I couldn’t be put under anesthesia, so […]


This Saturday, November 30th is the fourth annual Small Business Saturday.  Founded by American Express, this movement to support and sustain the small businesses of our communities takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year. Just a year after the movement’s founding, the U.S. Senate officially recognized the Saturday after Thanksgiving as Small Business Saturday […]

I’m Quitting Social Media!

Quitting Social Media Let me start by saying that I am not personally quitting Social Media. However, I have seen a lot of articles recently discussing this option. There is a new subculture of people who are quitting Social Media. Some are doing it for a short reprieve from the constant connection, others as a […]

Apps on Apps on Apps: How Will Marko Stand Out?

An article from January of this year stated that the Apple App Store is adding almost 20,000 apps per month. That’s about 665 apps per day. I’m sure that many of these apps will only ever get a few downloads, but that’s still a staggering number. One of these additions is an app called Marko, […]

You must read this before our last class!

Well now that I have your attention, you might as well stay and read about my final thoughts on social media. Since I’m apparently terrible at following instructions and didn’t create an “Initial thoughts on social media” blog I’ll have to go off memory. Upon signing up for the class, I originally thought we were […]

The History of the Selfie: And it All Began 1839…

And the 2013 award for Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is…. Selfie. Now folks, for all of you that are worried that the English language is going down the toilet, let’s keep in mind that “selfie” is part of the Oxford Dictionary Online, and not the Oxford English Dictionary, and the two are very […]

The “R” word and its impact on your future employment

By now most of you have probably read @SGCosta’s blog post which talks about the “R” word and social media. If you haven’t read it, then I guess I should let you know that the “R” word stands for religion. Most of us are aware that despite privacy settings, anything posted on social media is […]

So Selfie is the word of the year..and Shakespeare would probably cry

This past week it was in the news that the term “selfie” had been added to the dictionary and that the term had been named the “word of the year” for 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries.  When I first heard this, I was actually pretty surprised.  Though the term is used with incredible frequency, I thought […]

Getting to Know a Class in 28,000 Characters

As we wrap up this semester, I look at social media differently from my first post, where I said: “when I first think of social media, I instantaneously think Facebook”.  My first post focused on Facebook, however this semester Facebook and I took a break, Twitter and I rekindled our romance, and Blogs and I […]

No Credit? No Problem! Lenders Count Social Media as Proof of Credit

To this day, I am still intrigued by Rachel Botsman’s TEDTalk, “The currency of the new economy is trust,” that our class watched for class on 10/22.  I keep finding ways to tie her concepts into class discussions, blogs, blog comments, even discussions with friends.  I immediately hopped on board with Botsman’s assertions that the […]

Our Heisman Hopeful

If you are at all interested in football and BC football in particular, you are witnessing a record breaking season by Andre Williams that may never be duplicated.  For those of you who do not know, Andre Williams a senior at BC is arguably the best running back in the country.  Here are just a […]

#mi621 Hootsuite Certification Instructions

If you have completed your Hootsuite certification, your name should appear on this page. If your name does not appear here, please just email the TA a link to your Hootsuite Certified Professional page

Parents: to friend or not to friend?

I somehow missed a blog post, so this is my make-up assignment. Luckily, I came across an interesting topic worth blogging about! So this weekend, I received an interesting Facebook request… from my Dad. I was shocked at first because he is not tech savvy and not really the type to take part in social […]