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How We Label It: Who has Shaped and Shared Pantene’s #WhipIt Campaign?

Last week I got a message from my friend on gchat, “Have you seen this!?! I want to send it to every girl I know!” she exclaimed.  She attached a link to a Business Insider article, titled “Pantene Produces an Overtly Feminist Ad But It Won’t Be Seen In The US.” Well, the article was wrong […]

Whisper harnesses the power of anonymity to create a judgment free social network that is going viral

Whisper, the anonymous secret sharing social network that aims to connect people through shared experiences, is rapidly growing its user base and attracting the attention of both big VC’s and the tech community. The Santa Monica based startup has already raised $24 million in venture funding from some of the largest west coast investors including […]

The Social Media Blame Game: Issuing An Apology

Originally posted on And So I Digress..:
The Blame Game Reflecting on the posts I’ve made thus far for #MI621, I realize that I have been incredibly negative. I’m not sure what exactly drew me to these dark topics, but for some reason, my recent blog posts have had a cynical and at times harshly…

Jesse Eisenberg ≠ Social Media

The Social Network essentially told us that the concept of a social network was singlehandedly invented, redefined and repackaged in the space of a year or so by Zuckerberg and a supporting cast of pretty people.

Better Late Than Never

The last day of class we discussed that a common theme in most students’ final blogs: an expanded definition of what social media is. It is traditionally viewed as the most popular ways to connect and interact with others on the Internet: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  I have a great interest in technology and […]

Juliana Everyday

“I finally came to terms with the fact that while it might be incredibly romantic to be discovered in a coffee shop, todays listeners—both casual listeners and fans and people on the industry side of things—were tuned into the internet. That’s just how things are these days. If you want an audience, that’s where you have […]

A Website that Changed My Life (Extra Post)

I looked back at all my other blogs and was really trying to sum them all up in on last post. This is my extra blog as a replacement for a HootSuite certification. I figured I already gave my final thoughts for my 7th blog, but when it comes down to it I never actually […]