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Social media, risks and….Jesuits?

Tonight I attended the first Agape Latte program of the year in Hillside cafe.  Agape is a faith-based program put on by the BC Church in the 21st century center.  If you’ve never heard of it, I encourage you to check out their Facebook or Twitter pages! They’re really awesome.  Anyways, I never expected to […]

Why It’s Not Just Ello or Goodbye

Over the past week, social media experts have been struggling to make sense of the rapid user growth of Ello, the private social network platform positioning itself as the anti-Facebook—simple and ad-free. With about 4,000 new users signing on per hour, Ello’s traction cannot be denied, but its long-term success can definitely be questioned and critics […]

#FearTheDeer: Social Media and Professional Sports Teams

The Milwaukee Bucks finished in last place in the National Basketball Association for the 2013-2014 season with a record of 15-67. And as a Wisconsin native and Bucks superfan, I must sadly admit that the Bucks were not very good at basketball for this last season. Luckily, as a fan of social media, I get […]

Red Bull: Energizing Through Social Media

The best way to learn how to leverage social media for business value is to learn by example. What are other top companies doing in the space and how are they trying to connect with their consumers? I hope to look at various brands throughout the semester and analyze their social media strategies. I begin […]

Social Media and Getting Hired: What Mistakes Are You Making?

Could the perfect candidate for a position not land the job solely because of his or her Facebook profile picture? With an overwhelming 91% of hiring managers stating that they use social networking sites to screen prospective employees, rejection due to content on a personal Facebook page is a definite reality. Having a professional social […]

Deriving Insights: The Next Phase of Social Media In Business

Most companies understand that engaging with social media gives them an opportunity to distinguish their brand from a competitor’s, promote more open and effective communication among employees, and monitor certain products or promotions in real-time. These are, of course, important benefits. But, I would argue, social media as a business tool is still in the […]

What makes Linkedin the only survivor in the Chinese market?

The Chinese government is very wary of foreign social platforms for long as it restricts Internet content and political speech within the country. Most of the world’s major social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, as well as some other tech giants like Google and Yahoo are blocked in Mainland China. LinkedIn is an exception.   […]

Social Media Scandals: The Sequel

There were a few key takeaways from the feedback received on my “Think Before You Tweet” presentation that I feel are worth addressing. 1) Thank you for encouraging my (already dangerously high) comedic ego. I appreciate that most of you share my sense of humor as there was a dodgy chance that a meme of […]

Inbound Marketing and Social Media – Lessons from INBOUND 2014

Last week, I got to be one of the 10,000 attendees of the HubSpot INBOUND 2014 marketing conference in. Boston College being the fine upstanding institution that it is, the BC MBA Marketing Club managed to snag a handful of free passes for the four-day conference. For the uninitiated, inbound marketing refers to a particular […]

Beware the danger of a single story…from the social media

After listening to the caveat made by Eli Pariser, the author of “The Filter Bubble,” about how personalized search might be narrowing our worldview, I was reminded of another warning from an novelist, Chimamanda Adichie, that we might risk a critical misunderstanding if we hear only a single perspective about one thing. Although the forms of information they focused on […]

What is Coworking, Anyway? (And Why You Should Care)

As I mentioned in my initial blog post Dazed and Confused, I am currently working part-time for a start-up company called Idea Space, a boutique coworking company located in Boston’s Back Bay. Since I plan to discuss the coworking concept in a number of my posts this semester, I should probably start by defining what […]

Convenience: There are a lot of apps for that

There was a time, not very long ago, when I actually had to do things myself. Need to buy groceries? Make a list, jump in the car, find a parking spot, navigate the aisles, check out, load the car, drive home, unload the car. Want to order food? Look through the stack of paper menus […]

Boys vs. Girls: Gender Differences in Social Media

We all know girls and boys behave differently on various social media platforms. Take “selfies” – this is quite clearly a female-skewed trend. Actually, while researching for this blog post I came across a project called “Selfiexploratory” which is actually pretty interesting and might inspire a later post for someone! Anyways, the project analyzed over 3200 […]

7 Reasons Why BuzzFeed is Taking Over the World.

We’ve all seen the rise and, let’s face it, domination of BuzzFeed. The “news” platform has successfully targeted the millennial generation and branded themselves as a website for the pop-culture and social media addicted young adults. The website makes articles in the attempt for them to be shared and go viral. You may even argue […]

Hypothetically Dating This Woman…

Online dating platforms have been a viable cupid alternative for unmarried professionals, and teenagers. But there exists great skepticism in this concept, as users tend to be somewhat deceitful for the purpose of impressing prospects. This includes the bias in user profiles, all flaunting their best characteristics to attract someone. On the other hand, Studies […]