Monthly Archives: October 2014

Vimeo’s Brand Creative Fund: A Win-Win-Win for Digital Content Marketing

Last year, niche video-hosting site Vimeo launched its Brand Creative Fund, aiming to become the primary platform for brands looking to tell their stories through creative content. Through a consultative approach to brand partnerships, Vimeo staff collaborate with brands to conceive their content and marketing messages before connecting them with creatives from the Vimeo community. […]

A Senior (Citizen) Moment

During a phone call today with my Nana, (the maker of the worlds best mac and cheese, might I add) she was telling me about her upcoming trip to Ecuador for the holidays, to visit my uncle and cousin who live there. I asked her how she planned to occupy herself on her flight and […]

The Mastery of Social Storytelling

At the core of my interest in marketing and advertising is the powerful capability marketers have to connect to customers through storytelling. I am a sucker for an emotional ad story and always will be — it has been my dream for quite some time now to be a creator of those stories. The most powerful […]

The Art of Leveraging Social

While this post was originally born out of an interest in the growth of artists on social media, it developed into a discussion about the rise of social media in art itself. Social media art can be defined loosely as the genre of contemporary art in which artists engage with or even integrate social media […]


Obstacle racing is the sport in which a competitor conquers obstacles that challenge him or her, both physically and mentally. Most races involve mud, water, and trail runs, and require the actions of running, climbing, crawling, swimming, jumping, and carrying. Chances are you or someone you know has recently completed an obstacle race. They have […]

Why Should Brands Go Native?

Last week I presented on native advertising and how it has revolutionized the way companies can target consumers. I want to delve deeper into the benefits and costs it presents as well as how companies can look to learn from past examples of native ads at work. So what is native advertising again? Native advertising is a form of […]

Hubspot: Changing the Inbound Marketing Game

What is inbound marketing? Hubspot defines it as sharing content that is specifically designed for a company’s customers. This content is designed to bring visitors in, rather than having to actively seek out clients. As I began my new internship this week, I went through hours of training on the Hubspot portal. I have never […]