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Vimeo’s Brand Creative Fund: A Win-Win-Win for Digital Content Marketing

Last year, niche video-hosting site Vimeo launched its Brand Creative Fund, aiming to become the primary platform for brands looking to tell their stories through creative content. Through a consultative approach to brand partnerships, Vimeo staff collaborate with brands to conceive their content and marketing messages before connecting them with creatives from the Vimeo community. […]

A Senior (Citizen) Moment

During a phone call today with my Nana, (the maker of the worlds best mac and cheese, might I add) she was telling me about her upcoming trip to Ecuador for the holidays, to visit my uncle and cousin who live there. I asked her how she planned to occupy herself on her flight and […]

The Mastery of Social Storytelling

At the core of my interest in marketing and advertising is the powerful capability marketers have to connect to customers through storytelling. I am a sucker for an emotional ad story and always will be — it has been my dream for quite some time now to be a creator of those stories. The most powerful […]

The Art of Leveraging Social

While this post was originally born out of an interest in the growth of artists on social media, it developed into a discussion about the rise of social media in art itself. Social media art can be defined loosely as the genre of contemporary art in which artists engage with or even integrate social media […]


Obstacle racing is the sport in which a competitor conquers obstacles that challenge him or her, both physically and mentally. Most races involve mud, water, and trail runs, and require the actions of running, climbing, crawling, swimming, jumping, and carrying. Chances are you or someone you know has recently completed an obstacle race. They have […]

Why Should Brands Go Native?

Last week I presented on native advertising and how it has revolutionized the way companies can target consumers. I want to delve deeper into the benefits and costs it presents as well as how companies can look to learn from past examples of native ads at work. So what is native advertising again? Native advertising is a form of […]

Hubspot: Changing the Inbound Marketing Game

What is inbound marketing? Hubspot defines it as sharing content that is specifically designed for a company’s customers. This content is designed to bring visitors in, rather than having to actively seek out clients. As I began my new internship this week, I went through hours of training on the Hubspot portal. I have never […]

Coding with a Purpose

Google. The giant. The company that is in almost everything. How could one blog post of 1,000 words possibly encompass the mammoth that has its hands in just about everything? Well, simply put: it cannot. And that’s why I am not attempting to tackle the behemoth that is YouTube or the controversial mandatory Google+ accounts, […]

Yoga Girl – Stardom Through Social Media

Rachel Brathen, a 26-year-old Swedish native, found yoga at the age of 17 and it immediately decided to center her life around it. She moved to Costa Rica after finishing school and spent several years traveling Central America studying yoga and spirituality. Rachel later moved to Aruba, where she lives now with her husband, and […]

Getting the News on Social Platforms

I recently came across this article, written in March, that highlights the venture capital industry’s recent investments in media companies. I think there are some interesting quotes and comments in the piece, and it got me thinking about the role that social media plays in the news and journalism. Since I’ve started to become more […]

#SaksStyle – The Shoppable Selfie

The department store chain Saks Fifth Avenue is on the verge of redesigning the shopping experience with the recent launch of its new social media campaign. This past September, Saks launched the campaign in hopes of not only increasing sales and customer engagement, but also attempting to introduce a new and innovative way to shop the store’s […]

Social networks for Kids

My 12-year-old niece has been on Facebook for 3 years. She set up her own account with false information as most of her friends did. In theory the leading social media sites are restricted to 13 year olds and up. However in practice this is just a legal safeguard, as data suggests that more than […]

What the social media may do to your brain?

In recent months, I have been troubled by myself—I become very forgetful and easily distracted. Sometimes I couldn’t remember the news I read in the morning or found myself lost in Trader Joe’s forgetting what I planned to buy. One recent and embarrassing example was that I confused myself on what is it supposed to call the bottom number of a fraction, […]

Monica Lewinsky’s Big Debut: Bullying, Branding and Beating Social Media

As I, and millions of others, tweeted this week, the infamous Monica Lewinsky joined Twitter for the first time this week, and the internet darn near exploded. For any readers who might be a little too young to remember the particulars, President Bill Clinton’s assignations with a certain bright eyed young intern in 1995 nearly […]

Working It Out

This summer, Facebook alerted me to an event a few friends were “attending”: The 30 Day Ab Challenge. Was Facebook trying to tell me something? I took solace in that fact that, if it was, at least I had over 2.6 million people with me – all of whom had RSVP’d to the event. I was relieved to […]