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Social Media and Mexico: Pushing beyond traditional roles

At 38 million users, Mexico has the fifth largest Facebook user base in the world and the largest of any Latin American country. Since my mom is from Mexico, I have experienced firsthand how the introduction and availability of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have served a purpose beyond traditional business or […]

Final reflections on the social media puzzle

What in the world is “vlogging?” That was one of my initial reactions during the first class this semester… and since then there’s so much I’ve learned in this class. I write this blog as a reflection of what I walk away with from ISYS6621, and as a self-test to put together what I remember […]

Innovation in Avoiding Social Media?

A couple weeks ago, my small group focused on Professor Kane’s blog post, “Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Matter.” We all know everyone in this class carefully read the assignment but, to jog your memory, the post highlighted why “a social media presence, on its own, isn’t enough to give you the upper hand.” Group 9 […]

Serial: Can Social Media Obsession Revive a 15 Year Old Murder Case?

NPR’s little experiment I have a new obsession. It slots in quite nicely alongside my existing obsessions with zombies, Malcolm Gladwell, and Stephen King. It’s been stealing the minutes I usually reserve for alone-time with my kindle and chatting with my mom. And I find myself losing large chucks of my time staring into space […]


It’s been a pretty rough week for Uber…and it’s only Wednesday. While I’ve heard rumblings of PR issues in the past, it was largely the recent Buzzfeed article that really brought the drama to a new level. What’s Going On? Last Friday Emil Michael, Senior Vice President of Business at Uber, made a suggestion that the company […]

Boo Radley in 2014| Un-Social Media

Social media has allowed us to become an extremely interconnected world. Facebook even created a world map of social connections. Connecting with someone we’ve never met before is now infinitely easier because of social media. And they don’t even have to be a “friend.” Through different social media platforms we are able to leverage the […]

Running for a Cause

This time last year, when my sister Katie told me she was going to run the Boston Marathon, I thought she was crazy for two reasons.  One, how was she going to train through the Boston winter?  The previous year there was so much snow, she couldn’t dig her car out let alone run 20+ miles. […]

Compliance approved? Social Media and Asset Management

During my time interning at an investment management firm this past summer, the words “social media” were rarely, if ever, uttered from an employee’s mouth. “It’s not compliance approved,” a manager simply offered during one of the first few days of training. For an asset management firm, I presumed this made sense. After all, what […]

Game-changers: The Birth Of Ideas

No words can describe my gratefulness to be a part of the remarkable phase of change in humanity: the digital revolution. Social media, a broad concept deemed too dynamic to define, has connected the world in unprecedented ways. Information travels faster than the speed of light, and technological advancement has opened many opportunities for invention. […]

The Living Resume: An Infographic

This blog post is presented as an infographic.  Kudos to HubSpot for providing a free basic template to make this process super easy, and thanks to @ValaAfshar for the inspiration. Enjoy!

The Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Coaching and Learning

The parallels between sports and business have certainly been covered. Pick up any inspirational business book, and odds are that Wayne Gretzky’s famous; “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” will be written somewhere in the first few chapters.

Tech at the Table: Friend or Foe?

Social Media in the Restaurant Industry After a viral article earlier this year saying that customers’ use of social media caused long restaurant wait times, the Internet was abuzz with articles proclaiming the negative use of smartphones during the dining experience. In retaliation, several other articles came out denying the negatives and proclaiming the positives social […]

The Crowd May Be Powerful, But Is It Always Helpful?

According to a July 2014 Gartner report on The Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace, crowdsourcing is currently on its way down into the trough of disillusionment and will reach the plateau of productivity in 2 to 5 years. This report defines crowdsourcing as “… the process of sourcing a task or challenge to a broad, […]

How would you like your TV – à la carte or all you can eat?

For this week, I decided to blog on something to do with my love for the entertainment industry. There’s a rather interesting transition we’re seeing from a business perspective. We all saw the joy across social platforms when HBO and CBS announced about their intention to offer a standalone streaming service in 2015 – meaning […]

Instagram | The Largest Artist Springboard & Art Museum In The World

Instagram, now probably the world’s largest (digital) museum of photographs, is also a major proponent of artistic creations. Its own account (@instagram) finds and re-posts images that an aspiring artist had previously posted of his or her artwork. With over 61M followers, this kind of exposure can really be a huge springboard for a rising artist’s career, something that would have never been possible before the age of social media.