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Say It Ain’t So – A Farewell and Some Lessons Learned

And now, for my final blog post of the class, I’d like to ruminate on what I learned this semester in ISYS662. As I briefly mentioned in my very first blog post, Social media and I were on cordial terms at best. Outside of the occasional TV show or major news circus event, I hadn’t […]

Vimeo’s Brand Creative Fund: A Win-Win-Win for Digital Content Marketing

Last year, niche video-hosting site Vimeo launched its Brand Creative Fund, aiming to become the primary platform for brands looking to tell their stories through creative content. Through a consultative approach to brand partnerships, Vimeo staff collaborate with brands to conceive their content and marketing messages before connecting them with creatives from the Vimeo community. […]

Social Media & The Food Movement

As I was brainstorming ideas for my final blog post, it was quite clear to me that I wanted to involve food somehow – that way I would start and end the class talking about food (my individual presentation to now!). Being someone who is inspired by food and loves everything about it – cooking, […]

Social Media: More on Visually Impaired Users

As it was challenging to include all compiled research in the 6-7 minute in-class presentation, I have decided to compile a blog with the additional information that I initially had to omit. This includes videos demonstrating how a visually impaired person uses different social media applications, including the app Tap Tap See. Demos: Courtesy of […]

Social Media & Me (Revised): A Success Story

At the beginning of the semester I posted about how I was pretty good at keeping my personal social media accounts up to date and engaging with my friends; however, I wasn’t sure how capable I was at updating social media on a professional level. With what I know now, I can attest to how completely […]

The Beyhive

As the semester has gone on, I thought more about my Beyonce presentation and blog post. I wanted to add a bit more to my previous post. I thought it could be helpful to dive more into how Beyonce’s social media presence maintains a certain level of loyalty and bondage from her fans on platforms […]

My End-of-Course Playlist: Key Insights from ISYS6621

            For my concluding blog post, I have reviewed the topics and material we addressed throughout the semester in ISYS6621, deriving some key lessons and takeaways about social media that have resonated with me. In my first post, I discussed my initial thoughts about the positives and negatives of social media according to my experience […]