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What I Hope to Gain From IS6621

Social media is continuing to become an ever-important way for individuals to express themselves and companies to attract and retain customers. So many people I know here at Boston College have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat account. Some have Pintrest accounts, and virtually everybody has at least one of the five. When one thinks […]

A Sign of Success: Increasing Website Traffic

Companies are hearing the resounding message to use social media for sales and marketing, but many still struggle to prove to senior management, and even to themselves, that social media campaigns are effective for improving business. When brands aim to direct followers to particular content, social media posts typically serve as the teasers to get […]

Social Media: When and How to Post

One aspect that is often overlooked in social media is how often and when to post.  If you post too often, your followers become bothered and often the targeted message in each post becomes watered down.  The flipside is if you post too little.  In this case, your posts are more likely to be missed […]

“Don’t forget to #Gassongram after the tour!”

Today’s post for IS662 (7:00 p.m.) is all about Instagram! The picture sharing app is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of social media.  I mentioned in my last post that my seventeen year old sister is addicted (as well as my eleven year old brother) and it seems that every tween and […]

The Hashtag: Now a Hero

Get it trending! The hashtag has emerged in our everyday language as a powerful tool over social media that allows words or unspaced phrases to be grouped and tagged together. But the hashtag has had quite the evolution. Initially, the #hashtag was excessively used on social media in unproductive and essentially useless manners… Jimmy Fallon […]

How An ESPN College Basketball Analyst Launched a One-Man Social Media Reform Campaign

“I went from old school Chevys to drop top Porsches. You couldn’t walk a mile in my Air Forces. I gotta go to work.” Every morning Jay Bilas, an ESPN College Basketball Analyst, begins his day by quoting the popular rapper Young Jeezy on Twitter, and always ends it with his signature line “I gotta […]

Lessons from Humans of New York and Vidal Chastanet

For years millions of people have been sharing, commenting on, and liking posts by Brandon Stanton on his Facebook page, Humans of New York. Although his premise is simple, to share the stories and photos of people he meets on the streets of New York, his page has never gotten mundane or dry. And a […]

Social Media in Emerging Markets: A Wave Worth Riding

It is no secret that the large majority of individuals in the United States either produce or consume social media (and in many cases do both).  The proliferation of social networks is staggering, as is the amount of time spent on them.  According to the CEO of Forrester Research, Americans are spending more time on […]

Let it Snow: How Colleges Reacted to Juno

Call it #blizzardof2015, call it #BOSnow, call it whatever you want. One thing’s for sure—Winter Storm Juno definitely made an impact on New England’s social media this week. It was all over social media beginning Monday morning with the projected forecast. The governor and mayor each held several press conferences between Monday morning and Wednesday […]

Is Social Media Helping Us Become Avid Readers?

This past Christmas vacation I was back home, in Puerto Rico, having dinner with some family friends. One couple was asking me about my experience studying in the U.S. and telling me how lucky I was to be getting such an excellent education. As the conversation progressed, the man asked me: “Do you tend to read […]

Inter-brand Conversations on Twitter

Looking at my twitter feed, I see that I follow many companies, especially tech companies. I also follow many technology blogs. What I noticed over time was that many companies communicate with each other on twitter. These exchanges between the companies give these companies some personality that consumers can see. Some companies have a more […]

The Light Side and the Dark Side

Every day at 10:00 PM I go on Facebook for about an hour or so to catch up with my social life. In between all of the funny statuses and pictures, and all of the unnecessary memes, I always stop to read a couple paragraphs by an organization known as Humans of New York. The […]

Marshawn Lynch and the Media

Marshawn Link articles – Check it out!!! NFL Mulls Fine for Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch Already Explained Why He Hates Talking to the Media Marshawn Lynch’s quiet power behind Seahawk’s Super run As Super Bowl XLIX approaches, Marshawn Lynch had little to say for media day. Recently, the Seahawk’s National Football team […]

Social Media Interns: A blessing or a curse for a company?

As a second-semester college senior, I have come across the term “social media intern” several times over the past few years.  Whether I’ve seen it while searching on Google, LinkedIn, or simply talking to my classmates about their internship experiences, there is no doubt that hiring managers are looking for young college students to take […]

Where Should I Eat Tonight?

Although some may argue that it is an overused phrase, I am not shy about prescribing myself the label of “foodie”. As a part-time food blogger in my spare time and an avid adventurer in the Boston restaurant scene, I have begun to utilize social media more and more as I ask myself the question […]