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While other companies are working to make sure that their own tweets are not offending anyone, Dove is taking the next step. Rather than focusing on their company’s image, Dove is trying to redefine the way their customers see themselves. Partnered with Twitter, the companies have begun to promote their #SpeakBeautiful campaign. The campaign is meant to fully launch for the Oscars, a night that ought to bring innumerable tweets from women about appearances, whether they be their own or those of the celebrities walking the red carpet. Dove will take to twitter to sending supportive messages in reply to the downer tweets that may be put out throughout the night.

“Twitter is a powerful platform for building momentum around social issues, and we think it’s a good way to leverage the unique parts of the site to support things that matter,” the spokesperson said. “We want to help shift the conversation toward positivity.”

This is an awesome idea. The company is not only promoting a positive image of their customers/ audience, but they are also creating a positive image for their brand. Dove is rapidly becoming known as a brand that encourages customers to use their products as a way of enhancing the way they feel. Twitter, on the other hand, has become a place for users to impose their ideas onto others, whether they want to hear them or not. This allows Dove to target the negative tweets that people are putting out about themselves, and impose positive messages onto those becoming victims of their own opinion. Additionally, this makes Twitter look especially good considering its past with controversy over its harassment reporting policies.


  1. This is awesome! I love that Dove is rolling out with this campaign for the Oscars and monitoring tweets during the show. I think it’s important for people to be reminded that negative online comments have a major effect on mindsets about beauty. I’ll definitely be checking out the hashtag while I tune in tonight.

  2. Great post! I wonder what kind of affect the #SpeakBeautiful campaign will actually have on Oscar viewers. There are so many red carpet fashion shows dedicated to critiquing body size and so many people that have a cult following of this practice. Maybe with Dove and Twitter joining forces we can finally start to see change and acceptance of all body types.

  3. This is a great way by Dove to align their brand image with a social media campaign. Dove is using their power as a brand to spark a positive social media campaign. I wonder if other companies as well as celebrities can join in similar campaigns. So many of these companies/celebrities have brands that they sell through their social media accounts. Over the past twenty years we have seen TV campaigns that are anti-bullying, anti-smoking, anti-abuse and so on. Now, it seems like many of these campaigns are leveraging the power of social media to reach even more people.

    Thanks for sharing. I hope brands and celebrities continue to promote positivity via social media. They can enact real change,

  4. Dove, as you mention, seems to have always been at the forefront of body-image issues. The first campaign I remember was when they showed the truth behind photoshop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hibyAJOSW8U
    I think it’s a great choice to pair this campaign with the Oscars. It’s great because there will be high twitter traffic, and it is a relevant event. As we’ve discussed in class, brands can sometimes miss the mark when they try to get involved with events or topics that do not align closely with their image. Great idea on Dove’s part!

  5. I love this post! I recently read an article about how social media is starting to become a space for women to find community and support regarding body issues. This is a well thought out campaign because the oscars are known for fashion and women all of the country turn to social media to discuss their opinions of the celebrities’ appearances. As Rainey mentioned with the photoshop campaign, Dove has continued to make an effort to change the way women see themselves and try to make them rethink beauty. In addition I think it is smart for Twitter to affiliate themselves with the Dove #speakbeautiful campaign in order to enhance their public image.

  6. I am so thrilled that Dove has taken initiative with this. There are so many great things about social media, but I truly believe that one of the downsides is the way it can affect the way that people view themselves. Clearly, Twitter has become a place where people vent about their insecurities, especially with body image. I think the fact that Dove and Twitter both recognized this issue and are actively trying to make a difference shows a huge leap in how companies can use social media to promote positive messages. I really liked how you said that they are trying to take the focus off of the company’s image, and focus on improving how customer’s see themselves. As you mentioned, launching the campaign during the Oscar’s was also an extremely clever move, for it seems that a lot of the talk on social media during the show revolves around critiquing people’s looks. Great idea for a post!

  7. This is great, I feel as though due to all the media (social and otherwise), not only women but people in general have become very self conscious about their image. That’s why there is such a craze about going to the gym and eating healthy these days. Although this may be a positive, it puts a lot of pressure on the younger generations to live up to their celebrity idols. I like how Dove has countered this pressure by speaking openly about the problem through their social media campaign. This is also a great way for Dove to bolster their own brand image and reputation.

  8. Great blog Shawn.. I think this is a really interesting idea especially in regards to the Oscars. So many articles online and tweets are dedicated towards negative comments about the way people look. While Dove will receive the positive PR it deserves, they are also directly involved in initiating necessary social change. I really hope that this initiative receives more media attention and other companies look to adopt a similar outlook. I also did like your initial statement about how most companies are more concerned with not accidentally saying something offensive on twitter. It is a sad state that this is where the majority of company’s time is focused. Hopefully more can adopt the Dove’s strategy.

  9. meganvtom · ·

    I liked learning more about Dove’s new campaign. Dove is in the position to make a big impact with this campaign. It could make a big impact in a person’s confidence if a company were to directly respond to their negative tweet. As previous comments have mentioned, I think rolling out this campaign close to the Oscars is a great move. The Oscars are a prime time for social media activity, especially concerning fashion and image of celebrities. I can’t wait to here more about this campaign once it gains more momentum! I would also like to learn more about the technical specifics regarding how Dove will monitor and respond to tweets.

  10. Great post Shawn! After hearing you talk about this tonight in class tonight, I decided to come and check out your post. It was certainly without disappointment. I think this campaign is a brilliant idea for both Dove and Twitter. Not only is the publicity great for both brands, I think this could have a significant impact on the individual tweeting out negative tweets about their bodily image. I’m curious to know how much money is being put into a campaign like this because I presume it requires a lot of filtering and a lot of people to personally respond to these tweets. I’m excited to see how this campaign turns out- I have high hopes!

    Thanks again Shawn

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