Monthly Archives: April 2015

All Hail: 34 Lessons Learned from King Kane

Hard to believe we only have one Social Media for Managers class left and that I’m writing my last blog. The snow days mixed with all of the spring holidays and breaks has made me feel like we never had SMFM class for more than two weeks in a row. Nevertheless, I am ready for the summer, […]

The Internal Conflict I Have with Social Media

Wow. I can’t believe how quick this class and semester have passed. It feels like yesterday when I wrote my first blog post, listened to fellow classmates’ first presentations, and made my first (and forever classic) #IS6621 Z tweet. Throughout this semester, I have been amazed at how much I have learned. Without an actual […]

Final Reflection – Social Media in the Palm of My Hand

Final Reflection on Social Media It is unbelievable that the end of the semester is here. As I sit here and write this final blog reflection all I can honestly think about is my future and what is to come next. Personally, I have had one exhausting and rigorous semester … but no worries, you […]

Final Thoughts & Lessons of Social Media for Managers

When I first signed up for Social Media for Managers, I had no idea what to expect from the class. I thought it sounded like an interesting topic to take as an elective, so I went with it. When we started class on the first day and learned that the class would consist of Tweeting […]

Hate The Player, Love the Data

Throughout IS6621, we’ve learned a lot about social media. We learned a lot on the user side, but we also learned a lot on the back end of social media, meaning the data side of things. Whoever saw my presentation, or even has been following my blog posts, it is safe to say I really […]

Social Media: A Special Space For Everyone

If there’s one thing that I’ve taken away from our class, it’s that there is truly a place for everyone on social. Every app, website, and channel plays an important role in offering an online space for every single one of us no matter how unique their interests. There are subspaces within social media platforms where […]

Look Guys! I’m Yak Famous!

Coming into this semester I that I thought social media was a waste of time. I was convinced and thought no one would be able to tell me otherwise. But the reason I thought this about social media was because I was underutilizing social media. My issues with social media went deeper than that though; I never […]