Confused to Content: Reflections on Social Media

I am not sure how I missed the memo, but instead of my first blog post being on my “Initial Thoughts on Social Media,” I created a post titled “A New Social Security.” My first post was a short rant on a recent cyber hack that occurred on Twitter. Needless to say, I have poor attention to detail and this class had me CONFUSED.

Fast forward to the end of the semester, I was strangely giddy about blogging on Taco Bell’s new app after we touched on it in the Twitter discussion portion of class. I was CONTENT and comfortable with talking about the fast-food chain’s app and it’s business implications. Additionally, my blog posts got longer and longer in length as time went on as a result of my growing comfortability in blogging. As I reflect on this semester, I hope to show the reader how I went from being confused to content about social media.


You get out what you put in. An important takeaway this semester was: No longer is having social media accounts proper business practice. The way these accounts are used to engage and capture customers and followers determines the effectiveness of social media platforms. Regardless of who represents the social media account (be it an individual, a group, a start-up or a multibillion dollar company) the content shared must be meaningful and relevant for social media to be effective. As a follower, it is critical to stay up to date with New Feeds and Timelines in order to keep a proper pulse on your industry and competition. The effort and quality (input) given to a social media platform will determine its usefulness and economic value (output) of that platform; you get out what you put in! To relate this to my personal social media journey, the more time I simply looked at the #IS6621 X Twitter feed, the easier tweeting, replying and favoriting became. I found that the little extra effort I gave to Twitter, the easier it became to contribute to the feed. I have grown to love (obsess really) over Instagram and I have seen a large increase in my likes due to my personal increase in activity such as liking and commenting on friends’ photos. (Add me on insta! name: emikosmith)

Social media is ever-changing. One of the most unique aspects of this course was witnessing the changing landscape of social media platforms. Throughout our short time together, Snapchat, specifically, has increased it’s geo-filters in the Boston area (and company-wide) and Boston College and Snapchat have inarguably taken off with the “Campus Story” feature. Personally, I have never been more active on Snapchat as a fun way to communicate with friends all over the world AND get BC WBB on the Campus Story. (Still looking for managers and practice players for next year if you are interested!) Again, I went from being skeptical about Snapchat to being a huge believer in the app and its communication and business capabilities; confused to content about Snapchat. Furthermore, social media platforms will continue to change, new platforms are being developed everyday and social media as we know it today will be entirely different for the generations to follow.

In closing, live video streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope grew in popularity throughout the second half of the semester. I currently have no idea what these apps do or the value in them; I feel like I just got the gist of Snapchat. However, this is what is so special about social media! New applications and technologies develop in such short periods of time and as a result of putting in the effort to familiarize with new technologies, legitimate social media and business competitive advantages can materialize.

All the best everyone! pup-rolling-in-the-grass


  1. Thanks for a great post! Your opening paragraph was really funny to read and definitely resonated with my experience being a little confused at first in this class. I also felt that my blog posts got longer and more advanced as we went on- but I still feel I have a long way to go to get to Prof Kane’s level :) Your point about getting what you put in on social media could not be more accurate. A huge takeaway from this class for me has been seeing the correlation between effort and response, even if a company is trying to make it look effortless! Constantly checking your channels and feeds is a large responsibility, but it is one that is necessary to thrive on social media. I appreciate you sharing your own experience with being “shy” on Twitter but eventually learning how to contribute to the feed rather than favoriting or re-tweeting most of the time. And, to be honest, I followed you on Instagram once you gave that little shoutout. Finally, I like how you brought Meerkat and Periscope into your conclusion. These two programs are something that I would have never found interesting or probably been behind in learning about had it not been for this class. I loved how we discussed their personal, professional and business uses- it really showed me the true potential of social media and live-streaming!

  2. Loved this post Emi! I completely agree that you get out what you put in to social media. To your first point, I’ve had Twitter since my freshman year at BC, but for the most part, would just browse what others tweet. I would go days, and even sometimes weeks without checking my feed. But since this semester taking this class, I have been tweeting, retweeting and favoriting so much more from my personal account. I check Twitter at least once a day, and receive daily news from the site. I’ve noticed that many more people have started following me and favorite my tweets/retweet my tweets. To your second point, again I completely agree and talked about this in my blog as well. I love how during the three and a half months we took this class, so many aspects of social media changed. It clearly is ever changing as new platforms and technologies emerge at such as rapid pace. Best of luck in the future! And P.S. I just followed you on Instagram :)

  3. Being engaged with so many of the platforms makes you that much more of a believer of its successes and potential. I loved hearing about your personal realization with the potential of Snapchat and how existing new features created so much more value to the platform. It’s incredible how fast social media is constantly shifting. But that is ultimately what made this class so entertaining and enjoyable! There was always something new and relevant in social media worth sharing. Thanks for the great post!

  4. First, I loved how you illustrated your feelings about social media throughout the semester with images of dogs. I can totally related to your timeline! My blog posts definitely increased in length, and also increased in quality as the semester went on. Your point about how “you get out what you put in” is essential. We’ve seen several instances throughout the semester that illustrate this idea. For example, when Paul Brown Gordon came in as a guest speaker, he discussed his extremely positive experience with Jet Blue. Jet Blue puts a lot of attention on social media and makes an effort to engage with each person who reaches out to them. It’s not a computer generated message, and instead is personalized to each tweet. We’ve seen how this has enabled Jet Blue to create lifelong and loyal relationships with customers. Additionally, I also felt that social media is special because it is ever changing. It is what makes it so interesting! Great post Emi! I already followed you on Instagram before this class, but I think your shoutout was a tactic to gain more followers and create more engagement on your account! :)

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