Final Reflections On Social Media: Who Is In Your Top 3?

From this Vantage Point

It is interesting to look back to the beginning of the semester and now take stock of how increased exposure to social media has permanently re-wired my brain.  While that may not sound great to some, I welcomed the change.  To me, adapting is proof of intelligence.  Look in nature and confirm this truth for yourself.  So, while I do not relate well to luddites, I understand when a given tech application does not speak to how you prefer communicate or receive information. After all, Snapchat is not for me, either, Professor.  Nonetheless, there has to be some technological medium out there that one finds workable in today’s tech climate, no? We live in an age where we regularly witness human evolution, through social media, in diverse industries, and everywhere else between[i] where tech finds its influence.  Who cares if we may slavishly adhere to the desires of our Roomba one day—there is something for everyone!   There are so many apps hitting the market on a daily basis—we could quietly be downloading the next social media sensation and not even know it.  Adults and young adults alike owe it to the younger generation to be competent, if not constantly curious about technology and how it can be harnessed to create, communicate, and improve not only our quality of life, but theirs as well.  There is no turning back.

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Social Media and the Future Generation  

We do not know how great the social media innovations of future generations will be, or if they will struggle to communicate in person; yet, I would hazard a guess that they ironically develop technological ways to improve interpersonal skills or find an alternative means to correct the shortcoming.  Naturally, they will adapt.  As a teacher, my biggest hope for future generations is that many continue to essentially see the world as a race of humans, instead of genders, sexes, isolated nationalities, or polarizing classes: Technology is for everyone, is at its best when utilized by everyone, and any exclusion today serves only to maintain systemic problems that are rooted in irrational fear. If experience (and a tiny bit of reductive Analytics) has taught me anything, it taught me to believe that human commonality is greater than what makes humans different.  I take heart that virtually any human can come up with a great idea—because although creativity and technology often lead to failed products—every once and a while an idea yields a life-altering product for many.

Your Social Media Top 3

So, now that we have hugged a few trees, taken off the Birkenstocks, and rid ourselves of the Patagonia, who do you got?  What 3 social media apps do you use the most?  Did that change during this course or did you curiously add any apps because of your exposure to IS6621?  Personally, I have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in my Top 3.  LinkedIn sits just outside of the trinity, but I do use that app regularly. I did not use Twitter that much prior to this class, now it is my favorite distraction.  To be sure, it was great getting know a tiny bit about you all, there are so many keepers, and I hope to see you on social media!



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  1. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are my top 3, although Instagram and LinkedIn are making a close run. I really appreciate your humanist view approach to social media, and I believe that the fracturing of the social media landscape actually helps bring more people together. With more channels of expressing ourselves, people have more opportunities of finding things that bring them together. Some people are better at video and pictures, other at writing brief and eloquent messages. Our societies would be as vibrant if there was only one allowed form of expression, and the same holds true for the digital realm. No one knows what the future will bring, but we can place a healthy bit of optimism on the fact that it will bring us together more closely as a species.

  2. Instagram, twitter, and linkedin are my top 3. This class definitely opened my eyes to many more apps — not sure I will ever use them but I think it is important to stay informed and relevant. This became especially pronounced during the BC social media presentation on monday when they talked about the importance of getting into snapchat to stay relevant with the student population. So even if I do not intend to use some of these applications for my own personal use, it will be beneficial to stay aware for business purposes as they are influencing our everyday life more and more.

  3. My top three go Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat for sure. Although I would say Instagram for me trumps the other two by a landslide. Don’t know if it’s because I’m a visual person but I find looking at pictures much more entertaining than looking at text. While these are still by top three apps, this course has taught me that social media is SO much more than the traditional way the pubic views it. Your point about “no turning back” really sums up our populations position quite nicely. I have so many professors that still make hard copies of everything and ban electronics in their classes. They just don’t understand that public perception of technology is changing in a way that can make us more productive and also more environmentally friendly. They hold on to their old ways but in all honestly we are all in, we have to keep up with the evolving world because it’s definitely not going to wait for us.

  4. tcbcmba2015 · ·

    Great post, as usual, Adrian. Really loved your insight over the course of the semester. The one puzzle from this class I’ve yet to get my head around is whether or not it’s a good thing that there are so many new or updated social media apps. I know competition usually breeds the best products, but in this case I’m not sure if that holds true. The whole idea of social is supposed to be connecting people and that’s very hard to do if there are so many quality apps that the larger group is dispersed across them and silo-ed. Are we entering the tribal days of the internet? A time where like minded people are grouped together within their favorite apps and the various “tribes” stay separate. Or will something come along that breaks down the walls or unifies the social experience in some way? Or is it that everyone will just instinctively download everything so we’re all using 10 of these things at a time? I’m not sure where we go from here, I just know there’s probably a max threshold for apps somewhere out there. I’m sure like AIM and MSN messenger before them, social apps will have their day and then they’ll die out to make way for something else. It’ll be interesting regardless. My top three are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    1. Thank you, TC. I think you are right to be weary of all of the different apps springing up. Quality is definitely preferred to quantity. The open source platform is both good and bad for that reason, right: on the one hand you get more content, but on the other some of the content is watered down. That’s true.

      The way forward will be people connecting to the apps that resonate the most with them, or the ones that have the greatest collection of like-minded across the given app, I think.
      But I think you are correct that some of the hot apps today will be proven fads tomorrow. AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger are tumbleweed-riddled mediums.

  5. For me, it is really hard to come up with a top three! At first I thought of saying Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but then I realized I simply could not leave out Snapchat or LinkedIn. They all serve such diverse purposes, so I think it depends on the context of the situation or needs being addressed. At the beginning of the semester, Snapchat would not have been in the running for this exclusive “top three” despite my obsession with it, but with the introduction of the Discovery tab came a lot of potential for the app. I also probably would not have had Twitter solidly in my top three; I just deleted my personal profile before the class began because I felt it was becoming irrelevant. However, when I began to use it again, and this time much more properly, I realized just how wonderful and informative it is. This brings me to something that has been on my mind throughout the semester: will all of these apps remain relevant or will plenty more be introduced? Guess we will have to stay tuned!

  6. Before I reveal my Top 3, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed this post…specifically the first paragraph. Your line, “…adapting is proof of intelligence,” really struck me. I think it is a really great tagline for this social media age we live in. As I mentioned in a comment on Evan’s blog, it is irresponsible if, in this day and age, one does not expose themselves to social. Failure to adapt to the social media climate will result in more negative than positive.

    As for my Top 3, it goes Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Moving forward, I will be interested in seeing what place Facebook takes in everyone’s Top 3. I can see this as being a big mover – either up or down – based on what changes that platform makes.

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