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My Resume

The following was posted to my own blog originally not knowing about the class blog.  Per your request, I have reposted it with a posting date after the class ends. My name is Kevin Tomaszek and I am football graduate assistant working for Boston College Athletics.  I am in my third and final year of […]

The New Age of Personalized Advertisements

The world of online advertising is rapidly changing on a daily basis. Companies are getting better and better at marketing the right products to the right consumers. Companies use customer data in order to best serve them. It’s a lot easier to deliver advertisements based off of analyzing one’s browsing history. Companies have so much […]

Social Media from a Student-Athlete’s Prospective – Presentation Blog

Social Media from a Student-Athlete’s Prospective – Presentation Blog  This last blog post is dedicated to my classmates and Professor Kane. First off, thank you all so much for being an awesome group of people to spend my last semester with. This class was well structured. I enjoyed listening to my peers and being enlightened […]

Initial Expectations of Social Media

To me, the most shocking aspect of social media is how fast it seemed to creep into my every day life. I can still remember the moment when I first made my Facebook account, and began what seemed to be a never ending journey into the world of social media. What started with me using […]

Don’t Forget About the Little Guys!

Ask someone for a list of social media sites they use and you will be sure to hear the same names over and over again. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… these are the platforms that seem almost universally in use, and the truth is probably not that far off. The success of these companies has been […]

A Personal Reflection: Life, Knowledge, and Social Media

“I am going to work in sales next year for Oracle Corporation, where I will be doing inside sales for the first year and hopefully working my way up after that. I know my primary forms of contacting a potential Oracle customer will be by phone and email, but I want an edge. I want […]

Actual Final Post

Just after posting my last post, I realized had not posted a blog piece on ISYS6621 I had written within the past few days. So here it is, the last blog of the semester, not overviewing what we learned in class! About a year ago, Facebook held an experiment where they manipulated users’ timelines in order […]