Final Thoughts on Social Media

Crazy that the second semester of my junior year is ending and I will soon be a senior on my way into the professional world. I’m dreading leaving the safe environment of campus, but excited at the same time. I wasn’t always excited to head on over to an almost three hour night class, but I did learn a lot about social media and how it operates within communities, big and small. I’d like to wrap up the class with this final blog post in which I discuss my favorite topics and things about the class.



1.) The ways companies use social media

Before taking the class, I was completely focused and consumed with personal usage of social media. A daily look at my newsfeed on Facebook consisted of “friends” complaining about the most miniscule of things and people making statuses that would just annoy me. I never used Twitter before this class and I think this opened up the doors to see how companies use social media. I immediately followed a bunch of organizations and news outlets that I like and my feed was instantly flooded with information that I actually cared about and not nonsensical stuff the people I went to high school with were posting on Facebook. Delving deeper into this, we discussed and learned about several company’s strategies using social media now and the future. I don’t think anyone would have expected to see Snapchat as a viable marketing outlet, but it has proven to be relatively successful. Of course, it is also fun learning about mishaps that companies make on social media. Not only is it funny, but it also serves as a learning point for other companies and how to use social media to better their own business.

2.) The presentations

Probably my favorite part about the class was seeing the presentations every time we met. For me, it was an unnerving experience, but I enjoy seeing other people’s topics and presentations. I was impressed with all of the presentations and it was nice to hear a new voice in front of the room each week. Furthermore, it allowed for topics to be discussed that otherwise would not have been mentioned in class, which added to the entire experience. Things such as social media in the video game industry, at the World Cup and social media for moms were some standouts for me that presented itself with unique topics that I wish we could have discussed even further. I know the class is focused on the business elements of social media, but some of the more specialized topics may have been a way of increasing overall discussion amongst the entire class rather than the same people every class. Overall, everyone deserves a round of applause for the presentations as they each brought something new to the table and were all impressive.

3.) Future Innovation

We talked a lot about the future of social media and how it will affect businesses, the economy and just the overall society. The rise of certain social media platforms is immense and it is a tricky topic to predict. I would not have ever thought that something like Snapchat would gain as much popularity as it did. Vine also seems like a whacky idea that ended up being extremely successful. Maybe Facebook will actually have a major competitor one day and fall in the same fashion that MySpace did. Today, that seems highly unlikely, but it creates an interesting dynamic that will be fun to follow.




  1. I completely agree! The way companies effectively use social media was really unknown to me, besides knowing about a few company’s entertaining twitter accounts. The possibilities for firms are endless, and if used correctly, the opportunities are endless. Especially since it has such little overhead cost. Also with regard to future innovation, it will be interesting to the see role social media will play in the future. Skeptics still exist, thinking that SM will be irrelevant in a few years, but it’s difficult to imagine a future where we aren’t connected. Certain platforms may die off, but I think in general, SM is here to stay and will maintain relevancy for the future.

  2. As a second semester Junior, I can only reiterate your ideas how scary it is to almost be a senior entering the professional world. I can only imagine what the actual seniors about to graduate are feeling. I, like yourself, enjoy thinking about what the future holds for technology. It really interesting to be able to reflectively see the rise and fall of some of these social media empires (MySpace, Napster). I can’t even begin to fathom the next type of platform that would effectively render sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, obsolete. Hopefully we remain mindful of this idea as we think about entering the professional world in a year.

  3. Joey – nice last post! I really liked how you talked about your first experience with Twitter. I remember when I first got Twitter about 4 years ago and it was cluttered with the same posts that you mentioned you see on Facebook. Now, on my personal account, many of my friends have stopped using it, and I have developed a wide array of accounts and information that I actually want to see. As my professional Twitter feed is still full of #IS6621 Z posts, it will be interesting and fun to fully personalize my professional account. I also agree with what you said about the weekly presentations. Being able to hear from everyone about a topic they are interested in was a great, useful way to learn. This wide array of topics really proved how SM has found its way into so many industries and has made an impact. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, because like you said, innovations are just around the corner.

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