Goodbye and Thank You to #IS6621 Z!

14 weeks ago, I reluctantly dragged my feet all the way from a long day at my internship downtown to our first IS6621 class. If truth be told, I was not entirely thrilled about the idea of sitting in a 2-hour class. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I can confidently say that my mind was changed within 10 minutes of being in class.

As I sit here, thinking back on the semester, I can’t help but feel slightly incomplete. I started off the semester unsure of my feelings about social media. I knew that I loved it, but I also knew that it seemed to be encroaching into aspects of our lives where maybe alternate communication methods would be more appropriate. I started off the semester with the question: how much is too much? I had thought I would be able to answer this question by now. I was naïve enough to think that there was an answer, that if I learned enough about the benefits and detriments of social media I would be able to understand that perfect balance. Wrong.

I have even more questions about social media today than I did back in January. I have never been in a class where I have learned such a diverse range of topics in such a short amount of time. In one class, we could talk about needing more social media in our lives, needing less social media in our lives, psychology, how Facebook will take over the world, cyber bullying, Oreos, live video streaming, managing a company, and JetBlue. Yet, I feel as if we only scratched the surface. I am not going to attempt to choose # number of takeaways from the class, I personally would not be able to narrow it down. One thing that I hope moving forward is that social media and technology continue to help start and foster conversations, just like it did in our class. I hope that I can continue to take information and media that I find online, and use it to start conversations and use it as inspiration to keep up my curiosity.

I suppose this is a theme that could be applied to my entire time at BC. 4 years ago, I thought college would be the place where I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I thought college would help me find all the answers and point me in the right direction right when I step off campus after graduation, almost like a magical compass. I was wrong again. I know more about myself now than I did 4 years ago, but I still have so many questions. Nevertheless, BC and all of my classes have taught me that continuous growth and learning will happen throughout my life. However, I will need to be more proactive about this learning. For the first time, I won’t be in an institution with teachers and faculty dedicated to my learning, whether I like it or not. I’ll need to take the initiative on my own, which is where social media comes in. Between the Internet and the people I surround myself with, I think I have the solid foundation to continue learning and continue the daunting task of figuring out my life.

The fact that today marks my last day of classes at BC has me feeling very nostalgic. So, I think I will take this time to say thank you. Thank you to our Social Media for Managers class. Thank you to Prof Kane. Thank you to all of my classmates. You have all taught me so much and it is extremely inspiring to hear about what you are passionate about. You’ve also given me a skewed view of social media, because if everyone in the world were as thoughtful and conscious as you guys, the Internet would be a much better place.


  1. Really nice wrap up! I like your idea of social media being a way to further your learning after college. I completely agree considering how readily accessible it is and how much new information is always being spun out. I definitely will continue reading the IS6621 blog even when we’re done with this class. It’s such a great way to stay in the loop of everything going on in the social media world.

  2. Great post! I’m impressed that you recognize the value in continuing your education – albeit informal – after graduation. Social is a fantastic avenue for that and to that end, I don’t think it will ever be too much. As we’ve learned in class, it becomes a platform for an every evolving conversation that everyone (that has an account) is privy too. This brings in new ideas, differing opinions and can help expose issues or bring to light new discoveries. Congrats on graduation and good luck venturing into the real world!! :)

  3. Love that you mentioned college having the reputation of the place where you magically figure out your entire life. Like you, I still have so many questions and doubts about what I want to do with my life. This class has taught me a lot about social media, but there is still so much to learn. Like your analogy, just taking this one class will not answer all my questions about social media or make me an expert, but it serves as a launching pad for my future endeavors regarding social media. Enjoyed hearing your opinions in class and hope all the best after your graduation, Megan!

  4. Megan, very good points in your post! I like your perspective on how BC hasn’t pointed you in your life’s direction. I feel like BC was a time for me to continue to learn how to problem solve and think for myself. Although BC hasn’t selected my courses, internships, and job, the school has guided me to find my learning interests. As a result, I feel comfortable with my job and how BC has been able to prepare me for life after school. Thank you for a great post, it was interesting to hear about your BC progression. It helped me reflect on myself.

  5. The advice that was given to me…”just be sure to be doing what you want to be doing by the time you’re 40. Nobody takes you seriously before then anyway.” Not entirely true, but it took the pressure off when I was in your shoes, and proved true for me! :)

  6. Megan, I really appreciate your candid words in this blog and all semester! This reminds me of lyrics from U2: “The more you see the less you know … I knew much more then than I do now” as well as good ol’ Socrates: ‘I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing’. It’s not so much of not knowing anything but being open to other possibilities and continued learning. I completely agree that this semester has been enlightening for so many reasons, but more than anything, it has made me curious. Best wishes for your future success!

  7. Megan, really nice reflection piece. I have had the same experiences as you have. I entered this class thinking I knew some things about social media, but it turns out I knew very little. As we have our last class today, while I have learned a lot, more questions exist than when I started. I think this is how life will be forever. The more we learn, the more questions we will have. In this class in particular, I have learned to embrace those questions. We have seen how those questions have sparked awesome conversations and debates and from these, we learn even more. I hope you embrace the life questions that you have and you learn even more from those. You will definitely find you way – just embrace it.

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