There’s So Much Left to Learn about Social Media

When I was looking for my fourth and final class for my second semester of senior year, I was not sure what could be most helpful to me. My friend suggested Social Media for Management, which she took and highly recommended. As a finance concentrator, I had very little experience with the concepts of social media, data analytics, viral marketing, and the other topics that we have discussed this semester, but I was very excited to be introduced to them. What I could never have predicted was just how interesting these topics would be to me and how useful they could be for my career and the future of the business world.

Through taking this course, I have learned a lot about how much more social media entails than simply posting ads on Facebook and sending funny pictures on Snapchat. These networks are tools for understanding customers and bringing together people to become more productive and more interconnected in the global workforce. But I did not want to focus this final blog post on the concepts and ideas that I have learned during this semester. As my four years at BC come to a close, I wanted to focus this blog post on what I will have to learn after college and the topics from this class, which I will carry with me into my life, my career, and hopefully, my MBA:

  1. Have a deeper understanding of big data and data analytics

Some of my favorite discussions we had in class were about the topic of big data, a term that I had never learned about in any of my prior classes at BC. I found myself really fascinated by the possibilities presented to managers in terms of making business decisions through the enormous breadth and volume of data about consumer behavior and purchase information. Given that marketing and sales have always been of interest to me, I hope to eventually find a way to tie the concept of data analytics to marketing and to be able to better predict customer trends and preferences. I will definitely want to focus my MBA in these areas of business and use these skills in my job someday.

  1. Analyze ways social media can transform the way we do business

Before taking this class I had always believed that social media was all about marketing and mass communication for businesses. I never imagined that social media could be used for B2B. I was intrigued by the ways that businesses, such as airlines, are using social media to transform operational processes. Professor Kane started off the class talking about the potential for social media to reshape how businesses operate and the ways employees interact and I would love to be a part of the process of strategizing and implementing these social changes.

  1. Use Twitter more

At first I was really unhappy to have to set up another Twitter account (I originally made one for my Computers in Management class with Professor Gallagher). However, through this class, I found myself engaging more with people and businesses by using Twitter. I was able to start a conversation with companies that I would have otherwise never been able to reach. I did not imagine that Twitter would solve the problem for not being up to date on trending business news. By simply checking my feed a couple of times per day, I feel a lot more knowledgeable about current events and important news. I know this type of information will be helpful for staying up to date on financial services and asset management news for my job in risk consulting next year.

IS6621 reminded me of how much more I need to learn about business and has made me very excited about the changes we will see in our jobs in the next few years as a result of new developments in social media and networking.


  1. You could have used your acct from gallaughers class! Seriously, nice post. Enjoyed having you in class?

  2. I agree that learning about Big Data and its uses was a very interesting aspect of this class. I also think this class restored my interest in Twitter. It is a great way to keep up with important news and I also feel more knowledgeable after checking my Twitter feed a couple of times per day. It was interesting to read about how you plan on using social media throughout your career. Congrats on graduating and good luck with your new position!

  3. Alan, I really like that you focused your post on what you have yet to learn from social media. I think that is a major takeaway that I have from the class, that with social there is never a shortage of new information to be taken advantage of, so the learning can never stop! I have a similar resolve to use Twitter more. I’m curious to know whether you’d like to use it in the future primarily to skim through your newsfeed, or a way to research specific information by exploring hashtags. I know that I am guilty of preferring the former and I’d like to start using it more as a source to see a current conversation for something I am interested in than just for glancing through a hodge-podge of news and opinion articles on my feed. I’m also glad to hear your interest in big data has been peaked, I know that that is something I will be interested to learn more about as well, and I hope your exploration of it serves you well. Good luck with your position next year!

  4. Alan, I love how you chose to focus on the future in your final post. I definitely want to try to learn more about data analytics. As we mentioned, Big Data is only useful if you know what to do with it! I’m glad that you’ve grown to like Twitter! I had a personal twitter before class, so I didn’t dislike the platform, but I felt that it wasn’t something that added value to my life. Now, I think Twitter has a lot of value. It keeps me up to date on the latest trends and makes me more informed. Great post, and good luck at your new job!

  5. Big Data!!!! I still don’t fully understand it! Great post once again Alan. I felt very similarly about twitter from the onset but I was happy to have grown in my appreciation for the platform. I agree with you, and several of the other comments above, that this class has really shown me that there is still so much to learn about social media. While I’ve learned a lot and have developed valuable skills in IS6621, this class managed to begin showing me where my curiosities lie in regards to learning more about social media. I really hope to continue educating myself after this class ends.

  6. Great post, Alan! I also really enjoyed your focus on the future. I agree there is so much left to learn about social media – it essentially requires constant learning. Whether is it is a new feature, platform, technology, etc. the rapidly-evolving nature requires nonstop adaptation – the train stops for no one! Congratulations on graduating and good luck in your new position!

  7. When this class first started, I too was a little worried about using twitter (I was a twitter newbie for way too long). I have also realized though how helpful it can be to stay updated on the business world, new trends, and just news in general. A lot of people say how distracting social media is and how it can be a waste of time, but I find that twitter has really kept me more informed about important things that I really should know about. I like how you talked about how important social media is for business, and how technology is truly changing the way that businesses operate. As professor Kane mentioned, I think that this is definitely only the beginning for all of this. Great post!

  8. As you focused on what you still have to learn from social media and how that will impact you in the future of your career. I feel like we will be constantly learning as social media platforms will be constantly changing and evolving. It is nice to hear how to focus your MBA on big Data and its application.

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