If this semester has taught me anything, its that Social Media’s uses go far beyond what we utilize it for. Coming into college, I was sure that I was a master of the cyber world. I was getting about 20 likes per tweet, 100 likes per instagram, and my facebook profile likes had me on Super Hot Girl Status. What I did not realize was that social media has so many more uses than I could have ever imagined.

Leaving this class, I still use social media for all of the same reasons that I stated above, but I have definitely curbed a lot of my habits. Firstly, I only tweet for professional reasons now. Why? Honestly nothing I have to say is so insightful that I could imagine a future employer seeing it and thinking “Wow! I had never thought of it that way!” My tweets were usually about random people passing my by, or a joke at the expense of someone else. For now, I’ll just stick to professionalism. That is definitely best. Secondly, I now actually use Google News and social media sites to find actual news, not just to catch up on the latest gossip in the celebrity world. I had no clue that twitter was as big of a news outlet as it is, especially now with its newest additions with the news “stories”. I would not have known about the Baltimore riots had it not been for Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. I do not watch the news, but these sites have allowed me to actually open up my view to what is going on around me.

While my own personal use has definitely changed, I also was able to take an understanding of how companies use social media away form this class. The company that struck me the most this semester was JetBlue. It baffled me how a company that large and with that many customers could respond to all of those customer complaints. This was especially shocking in an industry like the airline business. This lesson enabled me to start tweeting at companies, commenting on the service I had received. Jet Blue clearly outdoes many of its competitors. I tweeted at a couple of big wigs at Apple about the terrible service in Apple stores (you’re welcome for taking one for the team, @everyone), but my efforts proved no sort of outcome. It will happen some day.

Walking away from class tonight, I will have walked away with a much keener interest in Social Media Marketing. Between the JetBlue segment, and my project on Oreo, and everything else we have learned, I have been able to see the huge benefits of social media for companies. I cannot wait to see how this industry develops even more, hopefully for the better! Thanks to everyone that made this class awesome and interactive, and also Professor Kane and the TAs for always inciting a different view point, or a new way of looking at something!

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