“I really need to clean my mod”

“I should probably put some books on my desk”

“Yes! I’m desperate for some grocery money…”

All of these thoughts, amongst others, have crossed our minds over the past week in preparation for parents weekend.  It’s senior year and we are all getting sentimental with our “lasts” before we leave BC–our LAST move-in day, our LAST football game, our LAST Marathon Monday and our LAST parents weekend.  While many of you reading this are probably already becoming consumed with angst and anxiety from that last sentence and are probably already boycotting reading the rest of this post, I promise that this is not the overall theme of my article.  We all look forward for the free dinners, drinks and cleaning services that we are graced with as our parents travel from all over the country to come and make sure we are alive and healthy.  Parents weekend brings about many emotions–as well as pictures.  Pictures, pictures, pictures.  All of our newfeeds become engulfed with pictures of students with their parents.  As social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram become more and more popular, we are seeing an overwhelming increase of these pictures.  It has almost become a competition amongst students to post the best “family” and “parents” pics during this weekend.  Unlike my mom who has an Instagram because she’s trying to stay young and “hip” (her words, not mine.), I am sure most parents don’t even have a social media presence.  Therefore, it is confirmed that these posts are purely for our own publicity and popularity more so than it is out of love and appreciation (although I’m gonna say that BC students are awesome and we do it for publicity AND appreciation).

Social media has become such a part of parents weekend and it was blatantly obvious this past weekend as I passed by seniors snap chatting their parents in the mods and trying to take a perfect picture inside the stadium (clearly for proof that they actually went inside the game and didn’t just use football as an excuse to tailgate).  I even noticed myself getting caught up in the hype of it all.  It started to make me wonder if social media was enhancing or diminishing our LAST parents weekend experience–Spending more time on your phone posting pictures with your parents than actually spending time with them, spending more time looking at other people’s posts to compare with yours than actually meeting your roommates’ parents, spending more time thinking about the picture you’re going to take than actually watching the football game with mom and dad, etc.  What about the students who aren’t fortunate enough to have their parents visit for the weekend?  This constant reminder on social media, everywhere they look, probably isn’t a great feeling. Is the social media craze taking away from the parents weekend experience? Or are we just sharing our great memories with ma and pop? I’ll let you be the judge.  On a lighter note, here are 8 classic parents weekend posts to help you decide.

  1. The re-creation post: Boston College students love Boston College.  We are a school of many legacy families who like to carry on the BC tradition.  Many of these families (including my own) start the BC brainwashing young by bringing their children to all of the BC sporting events.  It is always fun for parents to re-create pictures from the game from when their children were young to see how much they have changed (or haven’t).

recreate recreate 2

2. The surrogate family: We all have those friends and roommates that get “adopted” on parents weekend.  Maybe your parents are too far away or maybe they had some conflicts with the dates, but one reason or another they just couldn’t make it out to Boston for parents weekend.  In my case, it just happens to be that I love my roommate’s parents so much, I asked if she would share them with me for the weekend.

(with roommate's parents)

(with roommate’s parents)

3. The family shotgun: Now this one really is a classic.  Parents love this picture almost as much as their kids because it brings them back to their glory college days.  Every parent loves to try and live vicariously through their children for this weekend (until they get embarrassed when they lose to their professional 21 year old).  Beers up! Ready, set, go!


4. The roomies and parents pic: This is definitely a parent favorite.  Whether you have been friends with them since freshmen year or just since you met them when you were studying abroad last year, your roommates are some of your favorite people.  There is nothing more special than capturing these moments all together as a group with all of your roommates and all of the parents.


5. The “I’m an orphan” pic: Some students like to embrace the fact that they are on their own for parents weekend by getting together with all of their other “orphan” friends and taking a group picture playfully begging for adoption. While most of these post I have seen have been on Snapchat and adding them to this post would run the risk of them receiving a notification that I creepily screenshotted their “orphan” picture, this picture was found on Facebook with “orphan” friends.


6. The freshmen –> senior pic: Through thick and thin, through good times and bad, you have made it through all four years.  You have been with this person since the first week of freshmen year and although there may have been plenty of bumps along the way, you can’t imagine your college experience without them.  In this very special case, our dads were actually roommates at BC as well (can you say Kodak moment??).

fresh to senior

7. The stadium pic: Alumni stadium is full of greats. The football team, the band, Baldwin the eagle and more, are all picture worthy backdrops for the famous stadium pic.  The key to this picture is making sure to get the full stands in the background to show everyone that BC is awesome and their football games are an absolutely MUST to attend. Also, lucky when our football team pulls out a win for the parents! (side note: Congrats to BC football team for going 3-1 so far!)


8. The “my family goes harder than your family” pic:  Now here is my personal favorite…there are many different variations of this picture.  Some families take jello shots together, some families like to funnel through the ever-so-clean college bongzilla funnels, and some like to chug champagne. As seniors, it is our job to try and corrupt our parents and bring them back to their college days.  My mom may not drink a lot but she will certainly pose for a picture, pretending that she does so I can show her off to my friends (thanks mom, you rock.).


Did I miss any?? Comment below to let me know which moments I missed as well as your favorite parents weekend moment!


  1. Hi Sammy. Thanks for the share. Really nice to have all these parents in BC this past weekend. It is true that social media has integrated itself into every aspect of our daily lives, and sometimes we seem to miss out on other things just because of it. But I totally feel that children are really proud of their parents, and vice versa and they would like to document their happy memories with their loved ones on these platforms. Having pictures posted, makes people look back at them one day to remember all the fun times they have spent. Sometimes we just post because we would like to share with others some happy moments. Some people may be overdoing it, and few others might be posting just to show the world how happy they are, but I guess most of the students are posting these pictures in this specific situation just as a sort of Goodbye, and to outpour their emotions. After all it is not everyday that we graduate, and it is not everyday we have our parents by our side, so why not cherish moments with them but also take as much pics with them as possible. Goodluck on your final year. Really enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Too funny! Thanks for this look at what parents weekend is like for BC seniors and to make me feel nostalgic about the college days as well. As a full-time MBA student life exists mostly in Fulton hall, but I’m beginning to realize that there are only a few months left to enjoy the entire BC experience. I think my newsfeed will be flooded with graduation week posts that will be very similar to the list you had.

  3. Such a relatable post! This reminded me of our conversation last class about social media use in different age groups. Students our age are posting in one of the categories you mentioned above, but their parents are a lot less likely to post a family shotgunning picture. I don’t have a lot of “adult” Facebook friends, but I wonder what types of posts they are sharing from the weekend. Are they as vain as our generation, using social media to gain validation through a bunch of likes? Or are their posts more about telling the story of a fun weekend with their kids? Whose use of social media is the closest match to Facebook’s original purpose?

  4. Good point Ashley! It’s funny because I actually am friends with a lot of my friends parents (as well as my own) on Facebook and Instagram and it’s funny that while they will take part in posing for shotgunning pictures and such, they will not actually post them themselves. Most parents I see are posting the traditionally posed pictures with their kids rather than the fun candid pictures that their kids are posting. I think that both types of post are technically matching Facebook’s original purpose of posting pictures and sharing memories, but they are definitely differentiated by age groups. Thanks for the insight!

  5. Hilarious post. Nice observations of the social media space with respect to Parents Weekend. It always interesting to analyze your own behavior on social media. I’ll have to look more closely to see what patterns I notice.

  6. Great post! Since I am only here for the semester, many of my firsts are sadly also my lasts, so I can completely relate to being more concerned with taking pictures and documenting all the amazing experiences I have here, than actually experiencing them. Your post is a good and funny reminder to live in the moment and not see life through snapchat, instagram etc.

  7. Very relatable post for college students. I agree that it definitely becomes a competition between groups of friends as to who has the best pictures with their parents during this weekend. The funny thing is, I’m noticing more and more parents on the various social media sites. I know that my own parents are on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat at this point. It will definitely make you second guess what you post when you know your parents are seeing everything. These days, however, it feels like my dad posts more pictures to Facebook than I do.

  8. Loved your post, especially all the humor. So funny to see all the pictures of the students with their parents over the weekends. I agree with you that it definitely seems as a competition of who gets the coolest picture with their families. It is also a great way of documenting your life experiences in kind of a timeline form thanks to Instagram and Facebook.

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