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Get Ready for No Shave November!

“One brand you can learn a lesson or two (hundred) from about Instagram is Beardbrand” – Elias Jabbe, an ecommerce blogger. (See full article here.) Although I can never grow a beard and typically do not even find beards attractive, the company Beardbrand is doing an incredible job using social media, particularly Instagram, to change society’s perception […]

Case Study: The University of Michigan

When it comes to social media, the world of higher education is a bit of a mess. Most arrived late to the game – some have yet to show up – and many have yet to figure out how to use social channels in an effective manner. Understandably, administrators are cautious about the way they […]


First lady Michelle Obama has launched a social media site that aggregates posts from America’s youth highlighting their aspirations through academic success. The initiative is a derivative of the first lady’s Reach Higher program which caters directly to the President’s proposed goal of having the US lead the world in students who go on to […]

I’m Snapchat Friends with Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande

Snapchat is probably the most used app on my phone. This is also probably true for many others. Snapchat is my favorite social media platform for several reasons. The visual component makes it much more exciting than a simple text or Facebook message A personal snapchat is much more intimate, whereas an Instagram photo or a […]

Can You See Me Now? Warby Parker Can Help

Being the only one in my family of four to not be four-eyed was always somewhat of a disappointment for me. Now, I’m certainly not complaining about my luck in having 20×20 eyesight, but it definitely makes a girl wonder what she’s missing out on! Since its introduction in 2010, Warby Parker has given me […]

SPOILER ALERT! How social media has ruined DVR

Full Disclosure: I’m going to spoil some key moments in HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” so you’ve been warned! DO NOT read on if you care about learning major plot points from the show! DVR is an amazing thing. As a marketer I should curse it, but as a consumer of TV it is the greatest […]

Speed Concious: the Internet is not created equal 

This week, the Wall Street Journal published a blog mentioning that Facebook employees will be able to try a heavily throttled version of their wifi. Dubbed ‘2GTuesdays,’ Facebook is trying to make their employees more weary of what the web and entire Facebook experience is like on slower networks. Each Tuesday, employees at Facebook will […]

The New Tupperware Party: Rodan and Fields on Social Media

This weekend, I was talking to a friend who works in the marketing technology space about potential blog post topics for my social media class. I was trying to subtly convince him to let me interview him for my post, but things quickly took a sharp left turn. “Erin, you know what I would want […]

No more wallets? Digital payments are taking over

If you’re anything like me, you don’t really like carrying cash around. You go into the store, grab a soda, and pay with your credit card even though you might have a couple dollars in your wallet. Why use your credit card when you have cash? Convenience. Most of us don’t want to lug around […]

Miley Twerking, Kanye Running for President, and all the In-Between

On an average basis, I find myself scrolling through BuzzFeed’s home page approximately 5 times a day. Typically I look for funny articles to post on friends Facebook pages or quizzes that tell me “which carb is your soul mate” or “do actually prefer chocolate of cheese”. However Monday afternoon when I stumbled on BuzzFeed […]

Careful What You Tweet….Twitter (the NFL) May Shut You Down

So there I was, ready to watch a shared Youtube video that, from what I could deduce from the short post, was the famous Chef Gordon Ramsay and his foul-mouthed antics from his popular Fox TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” being dubbed over a more family-friendly program “Master Chef Junior.” So I clicked on the video and […]

Visual Content & Digital Marketing: Further Illustration

In my presentation this past week I covered “Social Media and the Visual World,” or “Digital Marketing and  Visual Content.” Here I want to take the opportunity to expand upon the topic by offering some strategies and practices from brands that I feel have innovative, consistent, and effective visual strategies (Threadless, Lego, Oreo) as well as […]

Bacon… and Cancer…WHAT?!

Yesterday the World Health Organization released some devastating news for the meat-eating community; red meats & processed meats may indeed be a cause of cancer. It seems to be a very sad day for all those bacon lovers out there. Immediately after the release of the report, individuals poured out their thoughts and opinions about […]

Your Digital Footprint Matters (even at Boston College)

Every time you go online you leave a digital footprint that can be searched, copied, shared, or broadcasted. Digital footprints are the comments (even private ones) we leave on social media sites such as Facebook, statuses, YouTube videos, blog posts, history of websites visited, apps used, and e-mails to name a few. Our digital footprint […]

Airlines & #EmotionalBaggage on Twitter

After a long weekend in Las Vegas with barely any sleep, I embarked on my long journey home at 2pm Sunday afternoon (west coast time). I was flying first from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, prepared to enjoy a long dinner and a celebratory glass of wine at LAX during my layover (I had just […]