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Instead of sitting here stressing about the fact that it is Halloween this week and that I have absolutely no costume ideas for the 5 nights I am inevitably going to be expected to dress up for, I decided to channel some of this anxiety into a Halloween themed blog post.  As a senior, I am just beginning to realize that this is my last college Halloween.   Halloween, as we currently know it, will seize to exist after this week (which is totally fine by my considering it is my least favorite holiday, tied with New Year’s Eve).  I mean seriously, the only good part of Halloween was the trick-or-treating and the free candy.  Once you get into college and the free candy stops, it is nothing but a waste of money for 100 different costumes that you will never wear again.  Last time I checked, Halloween was ONE night.  Since when did it become a week long extravaganza with multiple themed parties, bar events and the need for various costume options.

Which brings me to my next point… where am I supposed to get all of these different costume ideas??  All I can say is, thank god for social media.  Social media has been the perfect tool for generating Halloween inspiration.  Whether it is stalking sorority girls’ Facebooks, sifting through boards on Pinterest, or browsing blogs and Buzzfeed articles, social media is a great tool to utilize when trying to come up with ideas!  You can find all sorts of inspiration from costumes, decorations, speciality holiday drinks, scary stories and more.  Not only is it a great tool for finding inspiration, but it is also a great place to obnoxiously display all of your Halloween fun.  Similar to my post about Parents’ Weekend, Halloween is just another excuse for us, social media-obsessed, millennials to showcase all of our Halloween-themed posts.

So if you’re currently laying in bed, procrastinating studying for that exam, and trying to cope with the Sunday scaries, here are some classic Halloween social media posts that you can expect to see this upcoming week:

The “I can turn anything into a sexy costume” post: No. Just stop. Please.  Not every costume idea is meant to be sexy. Nor should it be. Why does everything have to be “sexy”?  It has become so normalized in our society that girls must dress in their “sexiest” costumes for Halloween that anything and everything is being turned into a “sexy” version. It is basically expected that girls wear whatever is going to be the most revealing because let’s be real, we all are trying to boost our likes on our posts and draw attention with our Snapchat selfies.


The “we’re the funniest power couple you’ll ever meet and our costumes prove it” post:  We all know this couple.  They LOVE showing how perfect their relationship is via social media.  They are all about the classic couple pics and love doing things like apple picking, pumpkin carving and hayrides, just so that they can take advantage of these “picture perfect” moments (pun intended).  Whether it is the most recent pop culture reference or something from an old classic movie, they want to show that their “perfect” costume idea is just as “perfect” as their relationship.

mileyScreen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.30.54 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.32.07 PM

The “my best friend is hotter, funnier and and more fun that you” post: I have to say that I am pretty guilty of this myself.  My best friend and I have already been planning out our perfect couple costumes to show everyone else up.  This is also an easy way to make an otherwise ordinary costume much cooler. You are sure to be the talk of the party if you pull this off–just be sure to take your couple picture before you go out that night because you are bound to lose each other at the bar and then run the risk of your “perfect” costume idea no longer making sense.

emoji snooki devil

What are you planning on being for Halloween this year?? Share your ideas in the comments below! (I promise not to steal them)


  1. Sammy, this post greatly resonated with me. Like you, Halloween is definitely my least favorite holiday. The pressure to come up with witty, original yet fashionable costumes is overwhelming. A lot of this pressure does stem from social media, people planning for weeks in advance to capture that perfect ‘insta’ or snapchat. So far, I only have one costume idea and this week will unfortunately have me scrambling to come up with 3 or 4 more costume ideas

  2. Nice post, Sammy! I both hate and love when Halloween hits as Instagram will be filled with costume posts. It definitely turns into an unspoken competition about posting the cutest or most ingenious costumes.

    I read this article today (http://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2015/10/19/how-lingerie-site-yandy-will-make-15-million-this-halloween-on-sexy-viral-costumes-and-seo/) about how a lingerie website, Yandy, makes millions on Halloween costumes. One of the top costumes is based on the Pizza Rat YouTube video, showing how important social media trends can translate into costumes.

    Hilarious insights on the couple and best friend costumes. I think the best costumes are the ones that are most original. Puns can be a great source of good costumes, too. I still like Jim’s Facebook costume from the Office.

  3. Sammy , this a great post at such a great timing.I have been honestly overwhelmed with the numerous Halloween events I have lined up for the coming week. I haven’t yet decided on costumes, but am looking forward to the comments and ideas on this thread. Thanks to you, I found myself searching for outfits on Social media platforms.I have never been a fan of Halloween and I don’t really like celebrating that holiday at all. Its just too much pressure to come up with unique new ideas like Bismen said. Will try looking for outfits and posting any ideas I come up with here if I decide to attend any of these “Bombarding Halloween” events. Loved the classic halloween posts we should be expecting, and liked the content. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Really funny post! While I had obviously heard about Halloween through movies, social media etc., it is not something we celebrate in Denmark and therefore it’s a pretty foreign concept to me. I have spent the past month trying to find just one costume that I could see myself wearing, I can’t even imagine finding something for three different events. I too have spent hours on instagram, youtube, buzzfeed etc. to find inspiration. I tried to propose to my roommates that we should all go as a different color crayon, but they didn’t find it as funny as I did, so I have ended up buying a kangaroo onesie that I’ll wear for one party and just go as a “Danish person” for the rest.

  5. Halloweek–what a stressful time of year. My friends and I have been throwing out costume ideas in our groups messages, and when someone asks, “what would we wear for that?” the response is almost always google it. Recently, I was given this response, which lead to endless online research that flooded into my study time. The internet is great for costume ideas; there are countless pinterest boards, and youtube tutorials. This brought me back to Halloween when I was young. As a child i exercised my own personal expression and creativity by putting together my own costumes. Now, there is no need to be creative, I can just google it.
    There is also a lot of pressure on pictures for halloween on social media. Everyone wants to post their costumes and have everyone think it is the best costume and see how “hot” they looked. People even pick costumes strictly for this reason. I kid you not one of my friends suggested we dress as something specifically for how cool the instagram would be. As a child the most pressure was placed on the halloween parade, now it is on pictures that will be around for a lifetime for many to see. Before the parties start I am sure there will be numerous “photo shoots” around campus in the dorms to get the perfect halloween picture to post on individual’s social media profiles.

  6. rebeccajin06 · ·

    Hilarious post! The inevitable social media posts we will see this weekend were spot on. Just like you, when thinking of a costume my first thought was to check all my social media accounts for ideas. Friends, friends of friends, strangers on the internet– all their ideas were up for grabs. While the need to post a costume picture on social media is overwhelming, you’re right in acknowledging that social media has also allowed us to see what better costumes are out there. One of my friends from home had a great idea last year and I saw the picture and knew it was going to be my costume the next year. Holidays are definitely a time of year when social media is extra busy and I’m sure this year won’t be any different. Better start looking for next year’s costume!

  7. Your post made me think of this one that I saw a few weeks ago. Worth a look


    You may find that you enjoy halloween more when you graduate. It becomes an excuse for getting together. Then, of course, its way more fun once you actually have kids.

  8. hahahahaha loved your post! So relevant and I could definitely identify with everything you said. I’ve spent more time on Pinterest and searching for “cool costumes” ideas than getting any work done. Of course, the perfect picture with my roommies in our matching costumes is up on Instagram already :)

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