Final Thoughts About Social Media and Digital Business

As we near the end of the semester and get ready for finals, writing this blog is such a stress-relieving activity, as it has been all semester. Giving my own opinions and insights and writing both objectively and subjectively for an audience of so many intelligent peers has been a great outlet this whole semester. And its just one of the reasons why IS6621 has been my favorite class at Boston College thus far.


All of the free food was also a huge plus!

The level of engagement with Professor Kane, collaboration with classmates, and interesting/relevant course materials always kept me at the edge of my seat. The course felt native to me; the concepts we covered were applicable to any career we choose, and relied on platforms that we have all grown up using like Twitter. Thus, it was actually much easier to learn in this class than it was in other classes, and the information being delivered was much more desirable than that of other classes.



We couldn’t have chosen a better platform for staying connected outside of

I never thought I would appreciate having to share articles and staying up-to-date with news and events as this class requires. But I found myself sharing interesting articles even more than what was required of me, looking to share my opinions about them and anxiously awaiting responses from my classmates to see what they thought. Being more aware of what was happening around me was so rewarding for both this class and my life in general, and is a trend I will definitely continue even after this semester. Discussing these news items and current events in class made every single class so new and refreshing, and it was awesome getting to see everyone’s views on different topics.



We all enjoyed seeing this in class, but had different opinions on what the implications of this video were. As with most topics, talking about it openly made us all benefit greatly from each others viewpoints

I’m amazed to see how much I have learned about my classmates through their social media and classroom presence, and I feel like I’ve developed real connections and relationships with them. The group-learning experience was truly magnified with the use of social media. There was a constant-feedback aspect of the class, whether commenting on blog posts using WordPress, replying and re-tweeting through Twitter, or evaluating peers and Professor Kane through Survey Monkey. In addition, we learned so much information from each other outside of the classroom, sharing interesting news events and giving insights that were very beneficial and relevant for all of us. When we met in class, a few of us would present on interesting topics every day, not only giving us valuable information about the digital world around us but also sharing stories about ourselves, and giving a peek into our personal lives and interests.


I took everyone’s presentation feedback into account when making my presentations for two other classes this semester!

In a world that is so unpredictable, especially the digital world and Social Media in general, Professor Kane was able to shock us a few times. First he predicted that the Facebook “dislike” button wouldn’t actually be a dislike button, but rather users would be able to express emotions other than just “like” on different posts. We were also shocked with the ISIS Paris Attacks just a few weeks ago, and saw an explosion of activity on Social Media that was utilizing many of the things that we talked about in class. For example, brands were getting involved through social media, the Red Cross was using social media activity to deploy help, and people were sharing news and information at a faster, more detailed, and more accurate way than most news channels!


Who else plugged into Periscope during the Paris Attacks to get a first hand view into what was actually happening?

The course ended up being much more interesting and engaging than I had ever imagined, and really utilized personal relationships, experiences inside-and-outside of the classroom, and current events masterfully to be so effective. Although we only met for about two and a half hours a week, this course actually took place all the time, as we were all constantly plugged in through social media and interacting with one another. Professor Kane masterfully spread out the comments, tweets, and blog posts amongst students, so there was always new content to take advantage of and learn from. The topic of Social Media and Digital Business is so vast and fascinating, and although its hard to grasp every element of it, one thing that we must understand is that it is constantly changing. By adopting our mindsets to account for this fact, and preparing us for the digital world that lies ahead (which will, in about 5 years, completely transform our personal lives and the workplaces in which we operate), this class proved to be extremely valuable. It trigged my interest


I hope you got to play around with Google Cardboard during my presentation!

in topics like Virtual Reality, to the point that I ended up presenting on that topic in class. It also emphasized the vast significance of things like social gaming or hashtags, which I always believed to be afterthoughts. Social media and digital business will affect all of our lives in truly profound ways, and those that are able to understand them best will be able to not only deal with them the most effectively but take advantage of them. Thank you IS6621 for a wonderful semester, and I look forward to staying connected through social media!


Professor Kane promised a fascinating semester, and by all means, he was right!


  1. Great summary of the semester. I also really enjoyed the feedback portion, from comments on blog posts to our Twitter interaction. You could also see what people were interested in based on their tweets, which was pretty cool too. You mentioned that even though we only met once a week, it’s actually a class that is taking place all the time. It’s so weird but also really neat to think about, but normally we get out of a class and immediately turn our attention to other things. With this class, we were constantly engaging with each other, and the continual interaction really was positive.

  2. Nice way to wrap up the semester! I too, was amazed at how a two and a half hour class ended up having lasting effects throughout the week. I would check out the latest news on the #IS6621 hashtag on Twitter or read the day’s blogs online. Prof. Kane made a good call on the Facebook emojis instead of a dislike button. The attacks in Paris showed the power of using social media for good – helping victims and connecting loved ones. Facebook’s Safety Check made me feel much more at ease when I saw all of my friends abroad check in online.

    It’s been a great semester! Prof. Kane was right – never does a semester pass without something crazy happening on social media.

  3. Farzan that pretty much sums up everything we all wanted to say about this class. Great end to it ! It’s really interesting to see how much has happened on social media during these couple of months. With the Paris Attacks, with Pinterest getting more traction, with Fb and Twitter introducing new features and with companies relying on SM heavily during this holiday season (christmas, halloween, thanksgiving, black friday) we now know how much social media affects us and takes much of our time. Just like you, I totally loved the breakdown of this course and I loved how it kept us attentive and up to date with everything going on all social media platforms for months. I honestly learnt so much. I also loved the interaction with our classmates and it was very nice to see how comfortable we have become with one another during the course of this class. My favorite part was learning about other people’s interests, backgrounds and hobbies. I really enjoyed that. Was great to have you in class and thank you for this early wrap up post . Good job !

  4. Really good post! You almost summarized every wonderful moment we’ve experienced in this class! This class is so unique that I don’t feel I only meet once per week with Pro. Kane and all my classmates. We communicate – by posts, tweets, and comments – with each other all the time. Since the class consists of different parts, we’re easily engaged into the dynamic contents and keep focusing through the whole class. I also like that Pro. Kane allows everyone to choose his/her most comfortable way to contribute and participate. In addition, online feedback is another meaningful part that must be mentioned. it’s a good way to both learn from others and give out hearty suggestions.
    Just like you, I was shocked by how accurately Pro. Kane predicted Facebook would adopt a series of emojis rather than a simple dislike button. I also posted a blog about the Paris terror attacks, and learned about the power of social media from this tragedy in reality. This is a wonderful class, and you did a great summary! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Hmm. You seem to be a week or so early on this topic. No worries, we’ll see more soon. You may consider reposting then if you want to get more comments.

  6. “Giving my own opinions and insights and writing both objectively and subjectively for an audience of so many intelligent peers has been a great outlet this whole semester.” This is kind of the perfect parallel to the whole idea of posting on social media. When posting to twitter or Facebook, we give our own opinions to then (hopefully) hear back from friends, family, or even strangers about how they viewed the same event or topic. It was a great way of describing both the class and social media as a whole! Great post!

  7. Great summary of the semester. Loved your VR presentation and thought it was a perfect supplementary topic to our curriculum as VR will completely change social media and interaction in the next few years. Thanks for sharing!

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