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Tools of Social Media: Final Post

Coming into this class, I really thought that I had it all figured out when it came to social media. I’m in the generation that basically allows its existence, and have grown up with it for the greater portion of my life. However, I don’t think I ever really stopped to realize just how much […]

The Final Frontier of Social Media: Connecing the World

For the first time in my life, enrolling in ISYS6621 has pushed me to think outside the box regarding something that although is a huge part of my life (and my friends’) has generally been associated by me with leisure and wasting time: social media. For instance, I’ve been using Instagram since the time it […]

Final Thoughts on Social Media

Going into the semester, I considered myself to be pretty well-versed on social media. I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I tweet, I blog, I’ve mastered the art of snapchatting and Facebook stalking, and so on. However, what I found is that through the course of the semester, this class and the discussions we had […]

A Spell Check For Your Speech

How do you promote free speech on the web? According to executive chairman of Google, you develop technologies that give it limits.

6 Things #IS6621 Has Taught Me

  At the beginning of the semester, I began my blog with 6 things social media has taught me, or at least my initial conceptions of social media. However through the course of the semester I’ve realized how social media plays an even larger role in our every day interactions. It’s difficult to lay out […]

Keep Calm And Snack On

Yes, I took this class because I heard that there was snack time.  Yes, I took this class because I heard there was no book required.  Yes, I took this class because I heard there were no papers or exams.  Yes, I took this class because I heard Professor Kane was the bomb.  Yes, I […]

Is it the end or the beginning?

And just like that, this semester is coming to close. While there were many highlights during last fall on the heights, #IS6621 was easily the best academic class of the semester. I never truly understood the extent of Social Media until Professor Kane opened my eyes. Social media has so much power that many people do not […]

Anonymous 96: Justin’s Spotify Regulations for Good

What happens when you combine 6 blog posts from the course of a semester? A lot of confusion. But amidst this confusion, are many threads of common ideas weaving a web of coinciding conclusions. The following are all excerpts from different introductions to each blog post, beginning with my most recent post: “The events have […]

Wait, is this real life?

Thank you for the well wishes and comments on my previous blog. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to start a social media campaign from the ground up with MeetMeOutside. I think I have found a platform for some of my true passions. The question is… how difficult will it be for me to […]

Just Getting Started

Duane: Sometimes when I’m driving… on the road at night… I see two headlights coming toward me. Fast. I have this sudden impulse to turn the wheel quickly, head-on into the oncoming car. I can anticipate the explosion. The sound of shattering glass. The… flames rising out of the flowing gasoline. Alvy Singer: Right. Well, […]

How Social Media Can Kill Your Liberal Arts Education

I post, therefore I am. As businesses new and old turn to social media to restructure how they market themselves, other types of institutions are making a similar push—our university included.

…a few of my favorite things.

I began this course much different than I complete it. And the contrast between then-Sean and now-Sean fascinates me, as it happened too quickly. My skepticism of participating in a mixed course filled with a mix of undergrads and graduate students, as well as an entire other section, was enough for me to wait for […]

An #IS6621 Post-Mortem

Plenty has been said about all the great things we did this semester. I won’t belabor the points that my classmates have already made, but we had engaging, intelligent discussions about a variety of topics. My highlights: The Presentations While not all were great, most were quite good, and I was pleasantly surprised to see […]

#MI021 -> #IS6621

College is finally coming full circle. Professor Kane was my teacher for the second half of the very first course I would sit down for at BC, MI026: Computers in Management. Miraculously survived the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse trending across social media at the time, and make it through to senior year. My experience in IS6621 with @profkane […]

I Am No Longer a Social Media Intern

A few years ago, a movie about Google’s illusive internship program popped up in theatres around the country. The Internship, staring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, follows the inner-workings of two middle-aged salesmen once they land spots in the Google program. Both men are charismatic and typify the traditional salesman stereotypes of generations past.   All […]