BC Senior Gift 2016

Alright, so I have to come clean and admit that joining Senior Class Gift Committee was more of a social ploy than anything else.  The fact that it was another thing to add to my resume under the very empty category of “activities” was also an added bonus.  Being in charge of planning senior events for the year was obviously at the top of my priority list and therefore, this was a perfect opportunity to get my creative juices flowing and really shine.  Little did I know how much of working for this committee would actually be applicable to what I’m interested in.  In Senior Class Gift, there are three different subcommittees, one of which is Marketing.  This marketing committee is largely based on social media.  Seeing as how this is the main medium used to reach our target audience of BC seniors, this was probably one of the biggest components of our strategy.  Here are some of the ways that we utilize different social media platforms in order to increase awareness and generate more overall participation amongst the senior class…

  1. Facebook: One of the biggest advantages of using Facebook for our committee, it to be able to post a large quantity of things at a time.  For example, Instagram is meant for single picture postings with only a short one line or so caption.  On Facebook, we are able to post entire albums of pictures from all of our different events that we hold.  Seniors are able to go back and access these pictures and albums whenever they want to.  This has been popular amongst the seniors because we are able to captures a lot of moments that they otherwise would not have documented.  I know that a big part of senior year is not only creating, but documenting memories and we love that we are able to help them do this.  This is also a create way to create awareness and remind people of specific events.  Creative an event page on Facebook is one of the most common ways our age group uses to invite people, give specific details, and send reminders as the date approaches.  Making these events public helps allow students to invite others and share the event so that we make sure that we are truly reaching everyone possible.Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.36.10 PM.png
  2. Instagram: Instagram is a great way to help our committee stay relevant.  Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for our age group and one of the more frequently checked. By utilizing Instagram trends, we aim to maintain interest in what we offer for the senior class.  We play on trends such as #ManCrushMonday and create posts such as #SeniorGiftSunday where we feature a different senior each week.  We talk a little bit about who they are and why they decided to donate.  We also mimic trends such as #TBT as a way to bring back great memories and remind people to donate.  Instagram is also another great way to make quick posts of our progress so that seniors know exactly how much of a difference they are making.Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.35.29 PM.png
  3. Snapchat: The use of Snapchat is mostly to keep everything fun.  It helps to keep the senior class engaged.  Whether it is snap chatting videos of everyone dancing at Cityside during a senior event, or catching people singing along to the music at the senior gift table, people love to see all of these moments.  Snapchat is becoming increasing popular and brands are catching on to this, so why shouldn’t Senior Class Gift Committee join in as well? Definitely another great way to stay relevant.


  1. Thank you for your post. I thought you did a great job of providing an overview of the various popular social platforms that were being utilized by your target market. Every platform has it’s strengths and weaknesses. From reading your post, I would say you and the members of the marketing committee have done an excellent job of leveraging the pros of each chosen social media platform. Great post!

  2. So funny you posted about this, I was just about to tweet about the subject. The committee is definitely doing a great job leveraging social media. I think getting other students involved via social media has definitely gained the committee a following. The different social media platforms are always posting pictures of different students. These tend to be funny and as a result people want to follow the accounts to not only see their friends but for entertainment as well. For example the #givingtuesday which was posted yesterday. I found it interesting that you use snapchat i have not heard of the committee using it. Great post!

  3. Great post. I think this year’s senior gift committee has done a great job and really convinced seniors to give back to BC! Using social media mediums has been the only way for me to find out about Senior Gift opportunities and events and, for that, I am grateful because I otherwise would not have been in the loop. It means a lot to a senior to leave a footprint behind after their last year as a student and the Senior Gift is something that makes doing that easy. People are extremely willing to leave behind a certain “legacy” and donations to a certain group or cause on campus is an easy and fulfilling opportunity to do so.

  4. Great job! Your marketing role in the senior gift committee sounds really interesting. You do a great job recognizing your target audience and choosing the appropriate platforms to reach them with. You also do a great job recognizing the benefits each platform can provide, such as the fun aspect that comes with snapchat. Convincing students to give back can be challenging, but it sounds like you are doing some great marketing to help the cause. I am a junior, but next year I would be interesting in joining the committee. It definitely sounds like a fun way to help the school. Thanks for your post!

  5. I actually have a friend on the BC Senior Gift 2016 Committee, and I have to admit that I donated due to her use of one the oldest social media platforms: email. Whenever she sent out emails about the BC Senior Gift 2016, I always felt like she was personally reaching out to me, despite the dozens of others I saw cc’ed on the emails. I think that email can still be useful to reach out to people on a more personal level. By her fourth email, I felt that I could no longer ignore her pleas and decided to donate! I felt that since she was “personally” reaching out to me and asking if I donated, I would be letting her down if I didn’t. In some ways what we think about as traditional social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, fall short in these situations. People often forget about donating or think: “Everyone else will donate. People won’t notice if I don’t.” These platforms have hundreds of people and it is easy to forget that each individual contributes in a meaningful way. Because of this, I definitely appreciated the fact that email was also used to encourage my BC Senior Gift 2016! You guys did an awesome job.

    1. Ok this is really funny, but I did not see your comment until I posted mine, and I’m talking about the exact same thing – email – but unlike you, these emails don’t do much for me. Interesting to see these different responses to the same approach.

  6. Ah, I did not know you guys were on Snapchat! Although maybe you should add in the username so people can follow it :) I have definitely seen all of the events on Facebook and it’s all looked pretty good. One thing I want to say….not sure if you’re also in charge of email campaigns, but I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking me to donate, and even though I know that donating will stop the emails, I still haven’t done it. I definitely intend to donate, but I guess the point here is that these emails aren’t doing much.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I don’t think Senior Gift Committee could have chosen a better platform for marketing, because your audience is of course seniors at Boston College, most of whom are actively engaged on the three platforms you listed above. The number of organizations getting an active presence on social media has been very interesting from a consumer perspective. It seems every day I’m invited to 3-4 events on Facebook hosted by different groups on campus, and its making the entire marketing process much more integrated into my life. It also makes it easier for groups to coordinate and co-host events, and allows for easy two-way communication versus something like email listservs!

  8. Nice post. I like how you segmented each social media site and gave us a specific example. I think the Senior Gift Committee is using a great strategy by utilizing the various social media outlets. We live on our phones these days, so getting the word out to a bunch of college seniors is simple with the use of social media. I was definitely well aware of the senior class gift last year due to the committee’s presence on these platforms.

  9. John Wiley · ·

    Love to see what other student groups are doing with respect to social media. I know it’s 100% critical to our growth strategy with The Heights. Though it’s never the only thing necessary in promoting your organization, it’s a great way to gauge progress. We look at people who like us on Facebook as virtual subscribers, and when we think about audience development, content strategy is key. I’ve been a huge fan of the Senior Class Gift Committee’s promotional strategy so far. Hopefully we can hit the mark!

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