Final thoughts on #IS6621

This class on social media has definitely been one of the most innovative and enjoyable classes that I have taken at BC. I have learned how truly engrained social media is in our lives and how it can be a vital tool for businesses. In this post I would like to just run through some of the different aspects of the class and give my thoughts on them.

First, I will start with the class blog. I think the class blog (maybe even more than twitter) was the star of this class. The variety and quality of content that we created was fantastic in my opinion. I enjoyed all of the blogs that I read this semester and really wish I had the time to read even more of them. I think we did a great job of taking our own interests, discovering how they converge with social media and putting those ideas into the blog posts. We definitely had a huge number of interesting topics to blog about this semester whether it was Paris, Mizzou or the evil Starbucks cup. For me, blogging was probably the hardest part of the class. I am not the most creative person and I am studying accounting, so I am not used to creating my own original content. Like many of you guys, I tried to pick topics that interested me and create blog posts around those ideas. I hope that I did a reasonably good job and I appreciate all of the constructive comments that I got on my posts. I learned a great deal from both writing and reading the blogs this semester.

The Twitter feed was another enjoyable part of the class. There was always something interesting to read on the Twitter feed whether it was new Facebook features or debates about virtual reality technology. I found a lot of great links to articles on the feed this semester as well. I also enjoyed seeing feedback from you guys through replies, retweets and likes. Getting fresh content for the twitter feed was a challenge as well. You can’t just deal with the big headline stories because odds are that someone has already tweeted about it. You have to dig deep in order to deliver new content. I always found it very rewarding when I was able to share something on the twitter feed that was new and interesting.

I also think that the class discussions were a valuable part of the class. Again, we had so much to talk about this semester ranging from the dislike button to whether or not google is making us stupid. I liked that Prof. Kane let us have a free dialogue and talk about what was most important to us. Between the class discussions and the individual presentation I definitely learned a lot from all of you guys this semester. I also really enjoyed watching the TED Talks at home during the week before class. I find that I am able to absorb so much more from an engaging TED Talk than I can from any article.

Throughout this semester I have learned all about the power of social media. It has become a huge part of our daily lives and it is also very important for businesses. For businesses I have learned how challenging it can be to integrate social media into the organization. That is one my main takeaways from this semester. But I have seen many companies successfully integrate social media and it makes their businesses much stronger than before. In any case, that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you enjoyed my perspective on our class this semester. I’m curious to learn what parts of the class you guys learned the most from. Thanks!


  1. Great post, Rob; you pretty much hit the nail on the head with that summary of the course. I was an econ undergrad so I feel your pain when it comes to frequent blogging. Honestly, the technology section of Google News helped me with inspiration quite a bit! I’m also with you on the TED talks – very interesting!

  2. Thanks for sharing Rob! I couldn’t agree more- this class has been so phenomenal in making us and all of our classmates express ourselves and generate some really valuable insights, especially through the class blog. As a student in CSOM, I rarely get writing assignments in my business courses and especially not ones where I can express my opinions and insights, to an audience of peers that is so large. The blog made us all much more personally invested in class. And reading through each other’s blogs and posting comments made us much more personally invested in each other, creating an environment that was very enjoyable throughout the semester!

  3. Hi Rob – I liked how you touched on Ted Talks and the ability to absorb the information more easily than reading articles. I agree completely. Perhaps this is telling – we talked this semester about the importance of visual imagery on social platforms and the rapid growth of Instagram. With new platforms like Periscope, perhaps visual + audio will be a better way to engage consumers and customers going forward. I also think that the Ted Talks helped provide the more cautionary tales about social media and risks. It was good to consider both the pros and cons throughout the course. I will definitely continue to watch Ted Talks throughout the year!

  4. I agree that the blog, for me, is the highlight. I’m not sure it would be as effective without Twitter alongside it, though. The whole is better than the sum of its parts.

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