Final thoughts on IS6621: I have joined the social media bandwagon!

One of my friends suggested I take Social Media and Digital Business with Prof. Kane. Initially I was skeptical about taking this course because I did Social-Media-QAnot have an active social media presence. My usage of social media was limited to Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and a few other apps. I had no experience with WordPress or Twitter. Eventually, I decided to enroll in IS6621 after reasoning that this course would be beneficial to my overall MBA education at Boston College. I figured that it would not hurt to learn more about how businesses are using social media.

IS6621 lived up to its course description. Do it yourself – I surely had to rely on a friend to walk through step-by-step tutorials on using Twitter and WordPress. Learning about social media in this course relied heavily on my willingness to learn by doing in addition to learning from my peers. IS6621 was very interactive on three fronts i.e. via blogging, tweeting and class discussions. Blogging and tweeting were ideal for an introverted person such as myself. Class discussions were very meaningful especially learning of recent happenings on the various social media platforms as well as learning of my peers’ perspectives and opinions.

I truly enjoyed reading my classmates blogs which introduced me to new technologies, interesting topics, and viewpoints. My personal favorites were @billyschloth’s No Man’s Sky: Become a Virtual Universe Explorer, @mfrederick13’s Who Said Digital Means the Death of Board Games, @soniafurtado’s Social Media and Body Image, @huntermcguirk’s How to Land or Lose a Job Through Social Media, @soniafurtado’s Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, @runningconvo’s A Shared Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…And Maybe More, and lastly @acoulombe13’s But What If you’re not the Kid that Obama Tweets At?



  1. The “reply” button in e-mail was the first social media feature. I surely will not forget this fact.
  1. Be careful of what you post as there can be unintended consequences. Simpsons_social_media
  1. Social media influences every facet of our lives. Thus, social media is transforming the world. From our assigned readings and class discussions it is safe to say that we are becoming dependent on mobile devices to utilize apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, YouTube to name a few.
  1. The sharing economy runs on social media i.e. social media is social-media-sharing economyintegral to the sharing economy because its usage breaks down trust barriers. The added layers of trust inherent to social media help us connect to the action of collaborative consumption on a more practical and personal level. In class we learned how sharing platforms such as Uber and Airbnb are backed indirectly by social media platforms such as Facebook for identity verification purposes.
  1. Social media is not only changing the way we communicate but also our brains. We watched Ray Kurzweil TED Talk on Hybrid Thinking. Kurzweil argues that in the future hybrid thinking will evolve: combining human and computer thinking. Kurzweil is not the only person who believes that social media is changing our brains. Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine reveals how social media is actually physically rewiring our brains.



I am glad I enrolled in this course. I will continue to use social media platforms like Twitter. Honestly, I am actually up-to-date with current world events via Twitter. So, I too am now officially on the social media bandwagon! I am being rewired daily!!!



  1. Much like yourself, beyond Facebook/Whatsapp/YouTube and a few others, I had a limited (in relation to some other students in the course) social media presence and greatly benefited from the learning by doing aspect of the course. I religiously check FB every day, but I’m happy to report that has expanded into Twitter and AppleNews that I expect to stay following our last class. My favorite part of class was the initial class discussion on what’s going on in the twittersphere that week because we were able to keep up to date on the latest and greatest in a space that is constantly evolving. My biggest challenge will be to figure out the best way to curate that information online, so that I can continue to be in the know.

  2. Great post! I also had a fairly limited experience with social media before taking this class. Other than scanning Facebook and using LinkedIn to find a job, I felt pretty out of touch with the rest of the social media landscape. However, after taking this course, I know I’ll be leveraging the likes of Twitter and WordPress to extend my network and learn more. Furthermore, this class has helped me understand that I’ve been engaging in more social channels than I realized (as you mentioned, the first form of social media was the “reply all” button). It’s clear that all of the benefits of social media outweigh the negatives.

  3. Thank you for the shout out to my blog and those are some perfect takeaways! My favorite takeaway is the fact that the brain created social media, as it is innately social and now social media is creating the brain. I also watched the crazy TED talk by Ray Kurzweil and found it fascinating. The video you posted by Dr. Dan Siegel is very informative and extremely scary! We need to activate our social hemisphere of the brain or we will lose touch with our emotions. What will our childrens’ relationships be like if the trend of social interactions being replaced by digital interactions continuous? Just as I am writing this blog, I am thinking about how different this interaction between you and I would be if it we were face-to-face. Also, this describes the phenomenon of brain plasticity. I recently began reading this book about our brains that is absolutely fascinating and I think further expresses social media’s ability to physically change our brains. It is called “The Brain that Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge.

  4. Nice final thoughts!

  5. Nice post. Similarly, I was skeptical about taking this class as well. My social media presence was limited to the mainstream platforms as well, so I was a little worried that people enrolled in this class would be ahead of me in some way. However, in the end I am very glad I enrolled. As you pointed out, the “do it yourself” mentality of this class was great. By giving us the freedom to choose our own topics for blogging and tweeting, we got to see a variety of content through our classmates. I also loved your point about the email reply-all button. That point will always resonate with me from the first day of class as well. Finally, I was not a huge Twitter guy prior to this class, and feel completely different about it now. I didn’t really understand the point of a little 140-character post. However, after tweeting and following along with classmates and others, it has made me realize what a great platform it is. I love getting my news from Twitter now and will continue to use it after Thursday’s class!

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