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I feel like just yesterday I was writing my first blog for this class about our initial thoughts on social media. I remember sending @piercematt121 a text asking him how to write a blog since he is a casual blogger in his spare time outside of school. I considered him an expert, yet his response was “just go with it,” and that I did. 551d1c93611015089d64bef10fdf459b.jpg

I have actually really come to love blogging due to this class. I took this class because I loved social media and would someday like to turn that passion into a career. However, my love consisted of coming up with quick, witty captions in the form of a Facebook status, Instagram caption, or a Tweet. I initially thought writing 600+ words every two weeks would be a nightmare and I would eventually run out of things to say. But luckily, I was proven wrong. I found that I didn’t run out of things to say because social media is everywhere! In most of my blogs, I related social media to a hobby of mine, or something that I loved, and I was able to talk about it easily. I noticed that the majority of my classmates did the same which made them very enjoyable to read. Similar to our presentations I learned a lot of new things related to social media that I would never have known otherwise. I also realized I truly found my voice while blogging. Instead of in a typical class where I had to write papers, I could actually hear my voice in the material I was producing which was pretty cool. I loved adding humor into my posts and writing about whatever topic I set my mind to rather than having to follow a specific rubric, worrying about if I would get it right or wrong. Homework was actually fun for a change and I actually looked forward to it!



I also learned a lot through keeping up with Twitter. I have been an avid Twitter user since 2008, however, I have noticed over the last year or so, my Twitter usage has dwindled. I find that I no longer have time to keep up with everything on my Timeline so I gave up on using it completely until I took this class. This class has given me that extra push to keep up with it and I am so glad that I have. Since I made a separate Twitter account for this class I have noticed the way I use Twitter has changed. Instead of using it to see what my friends are up to I find out what’s new with my favorite brands, updates in the social media world, and current events. I feel like this is a much more professional but overall a more valuable way to use the platform. I have never been as caught up with current events as I have been while taking this class and I have Twitter to thank for that. If something major is happening in our world, it is all over social media which I think serves a very valuable purpose. I believe that Social Media is and will continue to be the best source for news as everything happens so instantly.

4f6d5640d1f73cf3648592cf590e4952.jpgWhen I first told my friends I was taking this class, their typical response was “You don’t have any exams, that’s sick!”My parents on the other hand had a different response: “If you don’t have any exams, how are you going to learn?”I told them that if they were to take this class, they would be so lost, and would not be able to understand half the material we learn about since neither of them are social media users.  I am happy to say that I can go home to my parents to tell them I have learned the most in this class than I have in any of my other classes this semester. Everything that we have learned in this class is so relevant to what is going on in our world today. I think it really stresses the message to live in the moment, which I think is something we often forget about in this point in our lives. A number of us are undergraduate college students who are constantly stressing about our plans post-graduation. I think that a lot of professors at Boston College, and in the CSOM department in particular, teach students subject matter that they believe will help them in their future. I think Professor Kane teaches us the message that there is so much going on in the moment, and it is important to pay attention to what is going on right now, and how it will effect our future. Overall, this as been my favorite class I have taken at BC thus far and it has taught me an immense amount of knowledge that I am certain I will use in my everyday life, as well as in my future. Bye for now #IS6621, It’s been a pleasure!



  1. Awesome post, Meagan – I’m loving how much diversity there is in all of our “Final Reflections” posts! Like you, I dreaded writing a blog post every other week. I viewed it like having to write a case writeup every other week for another class. What I quickly realized, though, is that blogging is nothing like writing for my other classes. I loved having the flexibility to explore any topic that I felt was relevant, and ultimately, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. Now, we’re all leaving this class with a portfolio of 7 blog posts that we can show to potential employers – not a bad deal!

  2. I had two very similar experiences to you this semester. One, my twitter usage pattern started out with looking far more often than now, but I certainly feel like I use my time on twitter in a much more advantageous way now than I used to. And second, I loved how you acknowledged how much you can learn just from spending time reading articles and responding to them in your own way. By responding to other blogs and writing my own I felt like we all were much more capable of participating in class. Thanks for the post!

  3. Great post! When i first saw the assignment of having to blog i was also dreading it. At first i thought we were going to be bombarded with work. As it turns out i really enjoyed writing the posts. Professor giving us the ability to write about whatever we thought was a good/interesting topic made the blogging experience very enjoyable. Great post!

  4. Great post Meagan! I was at first skeptical about the no-test-thing, but this course truly kept us on our toes more than any class I’ve ever taken. The writing of the blogs, tweeting, readings, videos, and class discussions (large and small groups) justifies the lack of tests. How would one actually “test” for this subject anyway? I was a little freaked out about the blog thing, but in the end, it was not as difficult as I first imagined, especially if it just comes from the heart, and the topics are interesting to me. I still struggle with the whole 140 character limit thing on Twitter…just not the right platform for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in class and in your blogs!

  5. Meagan, I had the same reaction as you in terms of blogging. I was dreading it because I’m more of an analytical person more than a creative person. And I study accounting so we don’t write that much. Blogging was definitely the toughest part of the class for me. But like you wrote, I think we all got a lot out of the blog. Everybody brought their own personal style and interests to their blogs so they all ended up being really valuable. There were a ton of interesting topics to blog about this semester which made it that much better. This was definitely one of my favorite classes at BC too. The effort of the whole class was what really made it great.

  6. Definitely relate to being the most aware of current events I’ve ever been because of this class! I use Twitter in a professional sense now, which I find a much more compelling use for Twitter than following amusing accounts (usually I use Instagram for that…). I took this class because Professor Kane had come to speak in my Data Analytics course last year and I had heard from other students/course evals that it was an awesome class.

    The course definitely met and exceeded my expectations. I was hoping and anticipating it to discuss the impacts of social media on how we conduct business today but I was pleasantly surprised by the huge range of topics and implications we’ve covered, from cultural and psychological to structural and economic shifts that have occurred as social media has become pervasive. Considering email and the “sharing economy” under the same umbrella has made me widen my perspective on what social media really encompasses and, with that, I think we all are better able to understand and prepare for the future.

  7. Nice post. I can definitely relate to your feelings of trying to write that first blog post. At first, it was difficult to know what writing style I was aiming for and how much detail a blog post should be. But after reading the first few weeks of blogs, it made me realize it can be however you want it to be. That’s the beauty of blogging and social media–there is no formal answer. You can have whatever voice you choose. It’s also awesome that Professor Kane lets us write on any subject we want because it really makes the posts genuine because it’s always something we are at least interested in. And I absolutely agree that no tests in this class was a very effective way to learn. It would not work in every class setting, but in the social media sphere it makes much more sense to do these things with a hands-on approach, rather than memorizing how many characters are in a tweet for the exam. Thanks for the input and good luck the rest of the way!

  8. Loved your post. I felt the exact same way after taking this class, and I can assure you everything you learned will be so helpful in the future. Plus you’ve already started seeing social media in a different and more valuable way, which I think is a common denominator amongst everyone who’s taken the class.

  9. Glad you’ve enjoyed the course. I debated for a long time whether I need an exam in this course. I’ve come to the conclusion that the data trail most students leave provide me a much better view of what students actually do in the course that an exam is actually less helpful than the data stream.

  10. rebeccajin06 · ·

    Meagan, this is an awesome post! I can definitely relate to a lot of the things you mentioned. I too remember being assigned our first blog and having absolutely no idea how or where to start. Something that’s great about blogging (and the students in this class) is that being in a community made me feel comfortable posting about any of my thoughts on social media. While we were all different ages, had different background, etc. IS6621 was our tie together. People I’d never met would comment on my blogs and tweets and I immediately felt connected to them without having met them before. Being able to read blogs and tweets showed me classmates’ personalities that I would not have been able to see just from being in a traditional classroom setting.

  11. Cool post Meagan. I can relate to starting off the semester not knowing what on earth I was going to talk about, it’s funny how things just sort of work out in that regard. With regards to exams, it’s almost more challenging having the various obligations to fulfill every week, but when it comes towards the end of the semester, definitely worth it. Having so much of the class being driven by conversation and peer participation was so different from the other classes I’ve taken.

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