Goodbye, Snack Time, My Love

If I remember correctly, I came into this class cynical about social media. Although social media can be extremely beneficial and have improved society significantly, for some reason, the dark side of it always made stronger impressions in my mind. I’ve always held the view that being on social media 24/7 is unnecessary and it’s obsessive, and I advocated for real, personal interactions long before I started taking this class. I always thought that people are overly dependent on social media, obsessing over every picture they put up and constantly monitoring the number of likes they’re getting. My thought was always…why can’t we put down our devices and go enjoy a fresh breath of air? However, I also realize that social media creates negative impacts only if we let it take over our personal lives. On the broader, global spectrum, it has done amazing things for us (Facebook’s safety check, ease of communication, source of news, etc.) and these things are beneficial for the general public. Therefore, looking at social media and its impacts as a whole, the concern over obsessive social media use does not rise to the same level of significance when compared to the overall benefits social media brings, and I think the benefits trump the harms caused by social media.

Some highlights/positives from the semester:

  1. I loved the interaction on Twitter – not only was I able to share news that were interesting to me, but I also got to know others in the class through their tweets.
  2. Snack time – although I feel like it sort of turned into a competition, I have to say that I absolutely looked forward to snack time every class.
  3. Lyft gave me $50 worth of free rides as a result of a simple tweet.

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What I will do after the class ends:

  1. Get off Twitter for a while. Although it was beneficial to stay on top of digital trends, there was so much information that I need to unpack things a bit. I’d like to maybe turn my phone off and read a book instead.
  2. I’m going to do a little experiment in the near future–I’m going to deactivate my Facebook for a week, maybe longer. Although many of my friends have deactivated their Facebook before, either for Lent or to concentrate better during finals, I personally have never done it before. However, while taking Social Media & Digital Business, I came across an article that said people who go without Facebook, even for just a week, are much happier. I wanted to test it out for myself and even blog about it, but because my internship this semester required heavy social media usage, I never got around to it. I’m hoping to test it out next semester, and I’m genuinely excited to see how creative I’ll get about connecting with people without the help (or hinderance) of social media.

Finally, I’ll end with this tweet here:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 6.06.00 PM

I started following Social Media Insider at the beginning of the semester, and it’s been my go-to account for interesting articles about social media trends. However, the tweet above is really what makes me come back to the account every week. You can see that this tweet was posted almost a year ago and has been pinned for quite a while. With my internship and course work centered around social media, it was refreshing to revisit this tweet every week to remind me to snap back to reality, to touch, to smell, to taste real and physical things.

Lastly, in my very first blog, I mentioned that I may be unintentionally headed for a career in social media. And now, for my very last blog, I have to say that I may have to reevaluate my career plans. I believe digital is key and social media will never go away, and it’s crucial to be active online. However, I think I will stay away from job titles like “Social Media Coordinator” and make sure that my job entails something bigger than just social media.



  1. I also looked forward to snack time every single class. I found this to be a very genuine wrap-up of the semester, and that is much appreciated. If you have not read and watched the video on @paulri2015‘s final blog post, I highly recommend it. The video discussed the effect social media physically has on our brain when compared to real interactions. I deleted my Facebook a year ago and believe it or not my mother thoroughly suggested (forced) me to bring it back to life so she could better keep up with me in college. After experiencing life without it for months and coming back to it, I realized it did not make me any “happier.” It did, however, make me more self-aware about how I actually acted on a day-to-day basis without caring about this online self. Furthermore, the most crucial benefit from this experience was the fact that I only communicated and interacted with those I wanted to and cared about. Life is simpler without social media but, whether fortunately or unfortunately, it is here to stay.

  2. More classes need snack time. I agree we really need to step back and away from our devices. Social media has its pros and its cons. Im jealous of your free lyft rides that is awesome. I have considered deactivating my Facebook, but there is one feature that has stopped me–events. Especially since it is my senior year I feel like I am getting more and more event invites on Facebook. Without Facebook I feel like i would be missing out on fun senior events.

  3. I am very impressed that you got $50 worth of Lyft rides just based on a simple tweet. Social media really challenges companies to achieve customer satisfaction in new ways simply by giving customers a voice. Naturally, like everyone, I also loved snack time. Besides the delicious snacks, I really loved that we were able to firsthand experience the power of social media and how important it is to businesses. Businesses were willing to give us approximately $50 worth of food for nothing, but publicity. During my snack week, I called Bruegger’s Bagels and expected to have to bargain with them or to have to find another willing food establishment, but they were SO enthusiastic. Because they knew we were social media users and taking a class on social media, I’m convinced they not only gave me bagels for this one time for publicity but hoping that we would continue to engage with their brand.

  4. Nice Post! i agree snack time was one of many great parts of this class. I also agree with you, social media can be pretty consuming. I think it would be hard for myself to deactivate my facebook just because i have become so attached to using it on a daily bases. I think it is awesome that you got 50 free dollars on the lyft rides. That just shows you the power of social media. i think a majority of us all had very positive experiences taking this class and it showed us the real power and prevalence of social media. Nice Post!

  5. I am certainly not as employed as I seem on LinkedIn, and I couldn’t agree more with the things you said here. I’m glad you figured out with this class that you want to broaden the way you view the job market, and I’m sure you’ll find something incredible to do after graduation. One part of your blog that struck me as particularly interesting was how you changed your mind on social media being just a time-consuming activity. I certainly have found huge benefits of using social media this semester and it seems like you have as well. Great post!

  6. Great post! The response from Lyft is awesome. I also really enjoyed the Twitter interaction, as it was a unique way to get to know fellow classmates. I think the Twitter discussions also led to better in class discussions, blowing all my other classes out of the water. From the Twitter discussion to the snack time, the organizational of this class is so unique and unlike traditional classes at Boston College. Similarly to you, I came into this class focused on the downsides of social media. Even though I used Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat regularly, I viewed them as distractions rather than communication tools. However, I view SM with a totally different perspective after this semester. The quote you posted is always something I think about when looking through my Facebook and Twitter feeds. I try and stay away from comparing myself to my friend’s photos online, but it is so easy to get caught up, especially around holidays. After a semester full of social media, I think a book could be a great replacement for my Twitter feed. Good job with the post.

  7. When you said snack time turned into a competition I laughed out loud. It certainly did, but we all benefited from this awesome competition. I must admit I’ve never had a class with snack time like ours. In regards to your statement about taking some time off of twitter for a bit to unpack things; I find that really interesting. I haven’t thought of it in that way; most people say they will continue to tweet. I might try it out, it has been hectic. I might take more of a reading role than a sharing role. I’ll definitely check the #IS6621 for semesters to come just to see what students are doing, having been in their shoes. Last but not least, I lost it reading the part of the tweet that said no one is as employed as they seem on LinkedIn. So true, too funny

  8. Great post! I agree with your screenshot. I think that defines the mask some people put on when they use social media. I think something I have learned from this class is that when we take the mask off and act as a genuine individual, we can often gain more support than we would with the mask on. Sometimes a break from social media is necessary, it can be overwhelming, but I think it is always good in bits and doses!

  9. Snack time is definitely something I wish more classes incorporated, it’s been pretty great — even if the 4:30 section demolished the 7pm section in terms of the food products procured. That’s awesome about the $50 worth of free Lyft rides — that’s the power of Twitter, indeed, this class, right there. Great last post Dani!

  10. 10/10 on article preview. That goat is killing it.

    I agree with your point on this class making social media in itself feel a little small at times. Especially when we got into some of the bigger questions on management, I could see that social media was simple a small piece of a much bigger puzzle when it comes to digital business. It’s probably not the area I would focus in, but I appreciated how ISYS6621 presented a business landscape much broad than social platforms alone.

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