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Hello Everybody, Today I wanted to talk about an Apple feature that has been around for almost 6 years that I have come to appreciate recently. I really only started using it as a means of communication this past year but I think that it is one of the coolest ways to interact with someone, […]

We Once Had An Empire and Now We’ve Got A Slum

“We Once Had An Empire and Now We’ve Got A Slum” Social media is changing the whole world around us, not just our country. Whether any politician or political organization on Earth possesses the ability to utilize social media as effectively as Donald Trump is a matter that is up for debate. However, there is […]


#FreeGuwop is something that constantly shows up on my timeline. Weirdly, the twitter account that uses the hashtag the most belongs to the same person that the hashtag begs to have released from prison, Gucci Mane (also known as “Guwop”). Despite the fact that Gucci is currently sitting in a prison cell, all of his […]

Before You Pack Your Bags for Vacation!

Social media has completely changed the landscape in which we do everyday activities. In honor of people going different places this Spring Break, I thought I would share my thoughts on social media and its impact on traveling. Point and Counter Point – Travel Blessed or Travel Bore? Question: Should you post travel pictures? Above […]

Celebrity Endorsements: Hoax or Effective?

Commercials, whether we are watching them on the television, driving by them on a billboard, or listening to them on Spotify, they are hard to ignore; and some more than others. Celebrity endorsements seem to be a great method to catch our attention and buy the product, but is it really effective? Personally, it depends on […]

The best Ideas- Elon Musk Open Source

I wanted to bring up this point in class the other day but unfortunately the moment passed and I didn’t want to go back. Figured it would make a good blog post. The topic that we talked about this week in class was around the concept of how the best ideas come about. The idea […]

Apple vs. FBI – FIGHT!

  First of all, should I write about this? Is the FBI watching as I write about this? Here goes nothing…. I have to talk about this! Apple refused to engineer software that would allow the FBI to unlock the iPhone of a terrorist. They asked Apple to do what now? Let’s let this marinate. […]