How Not To Sabotage An Interview & Other Skills

I always thought this would be a great class: fun, rewarding and a nice complement to my other marketing and operations courses with lots of useful information. I don’t think I realized though, how much I actually needed this course…until today, that is.

This morning I had an interview scheduled.  Well, not really scheduled as opposed to I allotted a couple hours of my day to complete a “one-way interview.” There wasn’t any person on the other side with whom I had to arrange a convenient time for a conversation.   I was completely free to prepare and interview at my own pace (or within 3 business days and respond to questions within 2.5 minutes of clicking GO).  My answers to seven interview questions were filmed, recorded and submitted to the company tidily.  Despite feeling prepared to answer a range of questions and being confident in my fit for the position, I was profoundly underprepared for my first real digital one-way interview. This was an entirely new experience that departs from phone and Skype interviews, which are more familiar to me.  There is no human being on the other end asking the questions, there are no redo’s or clarification that extend past two minutes.  I can confidently say it did not go well.  Perhaps it was the clock ticking down that threw me, or seeing my mirror image on the screen that made me uncomfortable; regardless I froze a few too many seconds and did not answer each question to the best of my ability within the designated time limit. This is just one example of digital business and something that I will likely encounter again (and ace next time).  Despite being an elective, the concepts of social media and digital business are core pieces of knowledge.


I expect that it will take some time to adapt to this digital classroom and method of learning, teaching and sharing.  It may be challenging.  It is certainly different than other more traditional classes I’ve been a part of at Boston College. Perhaps we will learn that the #ISYS6621 setup will soon become the norm. I plan on getting to know my classmates through this virtual space and also enjoying some real tangible snacks together. 


My friend first told me about this class last semester during the fall.  It was full when I registered and I didn’t think I would be able to get in…then, thanks to an app I did!


I expect to enjoy blogging, tweeting and discussing advancements in technology, social media and digital business.  I expect to learn quite a bit and become more familiar with things I haven’t previously considered.  What better way to freely share ideas, provide feedback and stay up to date with the world around us? Because social media is fairly new territory and digital business is continually evolving, I believe I will become acquainted with things I wasn’t aware of, right down to the recruiting process of large corporations that utilize one-way interviews.  I knew this class was important and that social media was important.  However, I didn’t realize how important and relevant it was to business and my life right now, until digital business knocked me over the head today, in the form of a missed internship opportunity.  The interactive component of this course that will leave a digital footprint will not only allow us to hold each other accountable, but also expand the classroom in exciting ways. I hope to learn  more about how digital business is affecting society and ways we can utilize it to our advantage.


  1. Great post Kiara! Sorry to hear about your interview :/ I think you’re pointing out something very interesting about digital businesses and social media, namely that it’s becoming more and more as something to cope with 100%. Digital is no longer something to separate from the rest within a company (Operations, Sales, Marketing, R&D, etc) or in our lives (keep Facebook for our personal life). Digital is becoming increasingly interdependent with every activity and it’s just common business. Just like you, I also feel a bit lost with the pace at which everything’s evolving and how the things we thought we were mastering or at least good at (taking an interview) now catch us off guard. Looking forward to learning more during the semester – Estelle

  2. Nice post. I think I’d have difficulty in a one-way digital interview as well. I do think you’ll learn some valuable insight going forward, though, and more than one student have used their experiences in this class to land a good job. I have high hopes for you!

  3. Oh man, that one-way interview sounds terrifying to go through the first time! I’m glad you learned from the experience though. Hard to believe that even an interview has become digitized, when it was the one part of job applications that employers use to actually see what candidates are like in person. Anyway, thanks for the good read and good luck on future interviews!

  4. Ugh, I had a request to do one of those sorts of interviews too. I agree with Raul that it doesn’t seem like a great format to see what candidates are like in person, but business is becoming so digital that I can see why an employer would be tempted to use it. We’ll learn in class about how going social/digital is not always an advantage for every company in every situation, it all becomes about how you leverage it. I enjoyed the title and the graphics, looking forward to future posts!

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