Reddit: the front page of the internet

If you haven’t heard of reddit, I think it is definitely a site worth checking out. I had heard about it in the past but I didn’t become a regular reddit user (redditor) until this past summer when I was bored at my internship and decided to give it a shot.


The way it works is that if you make an account, you can select a series of subreddits to subscribe to. These are like channels on youtube or different pages on facebook. These subreddits consist of sports teams, music, news, gifs, memes, ELI5 (ExplainLikeIm5) and even AMA(AskMeAnything)’s where famous celebrities and public figures will answer questions about anything.


You can post to any subreddit as long as it abides by the subreddit’s rules. If the post does not, then it will get taken down or you will get a warning from a “bot”. Using reddit is very flexible. You can be an active user and create posts and comment on other posts to ask for advice or give information or share an experience. On the other hand, you can ‘lurk’ and just read your front page, which is the top posts from the subreddits you subscribe to, and even browse random subreddits. No matter what your style of use is, I think reddit is an extremely helpful tool.


Reddit has informed me of funny gifs, news, and helpful information. Most of the time, I see information on reddit before I see it on twitter and most of the articles that facebook has on the side are on reddit days in advance. This is why reddit has become my #1 go to site to kill time with facebook at a close 2nd. I think that it is a brilliant way to surf the web, share information, and even ask for advice. If you have not tried using reddit, I strongly encourage you to give it a shot.


  1. I have always wondered what Reddit was and now I have a better understanding. I wonder what ways this site can help companies and their brands. The site kind of reminds me of Tumblr in which you can post various forms of creativity and share it with others. I think it is a great way for communication as well. Writing a blog post about a website is a great way to inform about what these sites do because we usually do not have the time to play around and figure out what their importance is!

  2. I’ve actually never been on Reddit before, but have always heard about it. This is the first time I am really learning about it though, and I really liked your views on it and why you like and use it. It seems like a great way to get updated and informed without also seeing a ton of baby, wedding, family pics (facebook) and without seeing everything in little snippets (twitter). I’ll have to give it a try, especially since it has such a large user base with people from all over the world and with all different backgrounds posting content. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m in the same position with Reddit that you were in this past summer before you started your internship. I have heard about it plenty of times and even know some friends who use it, but I personally have never been on it. Since deleting my Facebook, the one thing I missed about the site is the centralized stream of news from so many different categories. If Reddit posts articles days before Facebook since it seems to be more focused on bringing news together from many different channels, this may become my new go-to site as well. Great post.

  4. I have a few friends who are big into Reddit. I view r/nba but haven’t really been able to get into other sub-reddits. I find the UI of Reddit to be really confusing and probably a big barrier to people getting involved. There’s also the whole dark side of Reddit–doxxing and the like. It’s also a big home for Men’s Rights Advocates. I guess it’s just representative of the internet as a whole–super helpful in some instances, random musings in others, and detrimental in specific situations.

  5. Great description! Like the other commenters, I’ve never been on Reddit before. After reading this though, I think I should definitely check it out. It seems that a lot of things that go viral or posts I read on other sites were discovered first on Reddit. I think that’d be an interesting thing to look into: the progression of popular posts and ideas, what sites they begin on and how long it takes them to move across the internet. I think starting on Reddit at first might be intimidating. On similar sites it’s somewhat difficult trying to choose what subreddits/blogs to follow and it’s almost information overload to begin with. After some time I’m sure it’d probably be worth it once you find your niche.

  6. Hey! Fellow redditor here, started using it less than a year ago as well. I want to thank you for this post since SO many people are actually in the same position we were in before we checked it out: this state of “hearing about it” but never actually checking it out and not really knowing what it is. Reddit has become such a useful tool in literally daily life, from both providing a few laughs to getting all your major news stories hours, sometimes even days (as you mentioned), before it reaches other sites like Facebook and the like. Sure, the internet is basically just a constant reposting of other peoples’ content in this day and age, but at least we get it sooner and better on Reddit. I think a great final point is that the majority of users on Reddit are much more civilized and educated than what you may find on other public forums, and that for me provides an exponentially greater environment where I can actually see productive commentary on current events.

  7. I cant believe more people dont talk about reddit. Im glad you took a swing at the embodiment of all things internet. Personally, I think reddit is very hard to use. It is not welcoming to new users, the pure size of it alone is difficult to navigate and can be intimidating. That being said, I think having a grasp on reddit and how it works can open the doors to an amazing world of information and some of the most clever minds on the internet. Great post, bravo.

  8. I am actually a huge redditor. I have found that most of the material on the reddit top page ends up being on Buzzfeed right after so it is essentially the go-to place for original content. My favorite part about reddit is customization aspect with the subreddit feature. It is a one-stop place for any of your hobbies/interests. As a huge Game of thrones fan I go to the r/asoiaf subreddit daily to check on fan-theories and re-read discussions. Great site and great blog.

  9. Nice idea. I’m an occasional Reddit user, but I have friends who are really into it. It’s great for the user who wants in-depth news/discussion/debate. I find it really interesting that Conde Naste acquired them in 2006 — that’s kind of a red flag that the site is a legitimate generator of news. Nice use of images, but it’d be very worthwhile to flesh out some of the good ideas in here more thoroughly.

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