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It is a Tuesday afternoon and I decide to check EagleLink to see what upcoming events the Career Center will be hosting. I begin to venture on the site and stumble upon a job posting from a company titled, Meltwater. It does not take me more than two minutes to recall using this company’s software during my internship several times at Precisioneffect, formerly known as LehmanMillet. I remember signing on with the agency’s login and becoming engulfed by all sorts of ways to analyze data on various social media platforms. As much as I enjoyed playing around with the software and learning the basics to put into presentations, I never fully understood how it worked and how I was able to use it for social or competitive audits. I was simply mesmerized by something I merely knew the name of.

Meltwater, a media intelligence platform, was founded in 2001 and originated in Norway. Today, they are one of the largest media intelligence companies in the world. The type of customers that they have include corporate communications and other media-centric professionals. They use the software for companies to “stay on top billions of online conversations, extract relevant insights, and use them to strategically drive brand perception for their company.” When I had used the software to for social and competitive audits, the software allowed me to look at Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to analyze how certain brands were being represented. I was able to even search key words such as “oncology,” what the product was treating, and see what was trending about that topic. This provided the agency with tremendous insight on how we can improve our social presence and what our competitors were saying about the subject matter.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.32.01 PM.pngTo add but not limit to the other ways that Meltwater can help improve your brand as well as your digital/social media presence include: identify trends and influencers, manage your community, summarize popular content and keywords, and response tools.

1. Identify trends and influencers

Companies can use the conversation cloud to see the main themes or topics in a search or a competitor’s campaign. The conversation cloud uses bigger words to represent more prominent themes that are relevant to the time period. The customer that is using the Meltwater product can click on a word to display a list of posts that it is featured in. You can also use the geo-heat map to pin-point where conversations are happening globally. If the area is darker then there is a higher conversation volume in that area. There is also a feature where you can identify top posters and see what conversations people are most engaged in on various social media platforms. This feature includes having access to identify your top retweets as well as Facebook forums and groups. Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.11.57 PM.png2. Manage your community

Meltwater allows you to access your community by tags as well as easily manage and engage directly with your influencers. Also, you can quickly identify new followers and view their profiles to identify their influencer ranking and reach. You can analyze via a generated bar chart who your top influencers are in your community. There is also another feature that allows you to manage your contacts using SalesForce Integration and add your influencers to your contact book.

3. Summarize popular content and keywords

The software provides you with a keyword analyzer that allows you to identify the most used keywords and hashtags among users, competitors, brands, etc. This is an extremely helpful feature for a company to see what is trending and how to keep up with the most current trends. Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.47.28 PM.png

4. Response tools

The response tool allows you to review as well as respond to your inbound social communications in a quick and efficient manner. There is also a Meltwater Buzz Engage social media inbox which collects all communications that are directed at your social media accounts and puts your conversations into a single social conversation stream. Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.52.03 PM.png

Meltwater is an effective platform for brands and businesses to manage and monitor in real-time their media presence. It combines broad search capabilities, analytical tools, and a consultative relationship between your company and client. I enjoyed using the platform at my internship and hope to explore all of the capabilities it has to offer!




Meltwater Buzz User Guide Nov. 2013 PDF



  1. It is incredible what companies can do these days. The one thing I would be interested about for Meltwater is if they could possibly predict, based on past results, what will be trending or what will help for the future. I think it is very important for companies to try and stay ahead of the trends and not lag behind. I do love that a company can stay on top of what its customers talk about and help to improve their brand. This is a very cool product and I will certainly keep it in mind in the future! Thanks for the post.

  2. Great post. Meltwater seems like a very good analytical tool that companies can use to take advantage of their presence on social medias. The ability to identify trends and influencers I think can have huge impacts on how companies are able to develop and market their products. I also think the feature where you can view the geo heat map and see where the conversation is the thickest would be very helpful to many companies. I would be interested in learning more about Meltwater and how companies take advantage of these analytical tools.

  3. Really interesting post. It’s super interesting to see how different companies are approaching analytics and how the marketplace is responding. Meltwater isn’t the only company in the space, and eventually I think we’ll see the many, many companies in the data analytics space consolidate slightly. Right now, we’re at the beginnings of data analysis, so it will interesting to see how the market responds as data becomes more and more commoditized and analytical interpretation becomes the true source of value. Software will seem more like a tool, instead of a solution I think. I love how you highlighted some of their key features!

  4. Thanks for this great post! This sounds like a great service. You did a superb job of explaining the features that it contains. This made me want to go out and learn this tool myself. There are so many digital marketing tools that can be used for market analysis right now that it is hard to keep track all of them. On one hand that is a good thing because all of that competition leads to stronger product offerings. Plus organizations get to pick which tools are right for them. On the other hand its a bad thing because for those of us who work in this area it means that there are a lot of different platforms that we might need to learn. I hope that eventually a small number of these types of tools end up dominating the market so that things will be simpler for individuals who work in this area.

  5. Nice post. I believe BC uses Meltwater. We can ask about it when our guest speaker comes in a few weeks.

  6. Great post! Meltwater seems like an excellent way to measure your social media impact in a clean, concise, and fun way. It looks to be good at identifying trends, which would be very important for any future planning a company would try to do. I wonder how specific it gets, like if it can pinpoint one word/post that incites a lot of engagement.

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