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I Just Came Here to Read the Comments

The internet has opened up an incredible number of connections among people. Prior to the growth of the internet, people’s interactions were generally limited to those in their own personal or professional communities. Now, through online comments sections, we can be connected to anyone across the world. Some websites, like Bustle, completely eschew comment sections. […]

Influencers or Brand Advocates? What’s better for your brand?

Social media has undoubtably become a platform for businesses to drive awareness of their brand and to drive sales.  Social media promotion comes in all shapes in sizes– from a Smart Water ad in your instagram feed to Hamburger Helper dropping a rap mixtape that goes viral. , to a celebrity retweeting a LuluLemon product, to […]

Huy Fong Foods: Srirach-anamoly

David Tran is the CEO of Huy Fong Foods, producer of the legendary red bottle, green-capped Sriracha sauce. The”hipster ketchup” traces its origins from the mouths of foodies throughout the world straight back to Los Angeles, California, Tran’s home after emmigrating from Vietnam in the late 1970s. His motivation for first creating sriracha was very simple: […]

Social Media Ups Drake’s “Views”

Today Drake dropped another highly anticipated album titled “Views.” On its first day out it has already surpassed Beyonce’s “Lemonade” making it the #1 album on iTunes. He’s been hinting about the album for almost two years now and has been heavily promoting it on Social Media for the past couple months. Drake is infamous […]

Social TV

Social TV tries to take the television somewhere further than the simple fact of viewing the audiovisual content out of your screen (whereas is a TV, tablet, smartphone…) Social TV refers to the “technology” of interactive television that merges social media aspects. It merges the characteristics of social networks and the classic TV content. Adding […]

The “Mobile Order-Ahead” Gold Rush

What were the last few apps you downloaded? Chances are they had something to do with food; delivery, freebies, ordering ahead, or reviews. As mobile has rocketed to the forefront of commerce, it has proven to serve as an additive function within the ecommerce space. Since its infancy, the web has offered a new platform […]

How Podcasts Took Up all my Memory

Hello everyone I am Chris Foley and this is the foleyfm blog. Before I begin I would like to take a moment to thank my sponsors, Blue PowerAde and egg breakfast sandwiches from Corcoran Commons for being the best hangover cure I can get within a 100 yards of my bed. Ok let’s do it. […]