Google Glass and its Potential

As most of you may have heard, the tech giant Google came out with Google glass in May 2014. It was developed by Google X, which is their branch devoted to technological advancements. The early models were made available to a select few “Glass Explorers” via twitter at a price of $1500. This beta period of glass, “Google Glass Explorer” program ended in January of 2015. In February 2015, Google announced that Google Glass was being redesigned to be perfect and they filed a new application with the FTC on 12/28, 2015googleglass_35339166_13

The glasses feature a touchpad, camera and display and feature a microphone that one can use for voice commands. The glasses support a number of third party applications which range anywhere from news apps, translation, social media, and even facial recognition. The number of tools that the glasses come with allow for endless possibilities. While these glasses are AR (augmented reality), I think that the next step in mobile technology is this world of AR/VR (Virtual Reality).3384050200000578-3557283-image-a-4_1461574574382

People are already analyzing what experiences these AR devices can enhance. In one case, we could be using our skull to unlock wearable devices and access personal data. Some researchers have found that it is possible to use a bone conduction speaker and microphone on Google Glass to identify a user accurately. Obviously this technology would have to go through a lot of testing and adjustments but if it were to work, it could mean that we would no longer need to remember passwords and unlocking devices and account can be even easier than a fingerprint. However, I do think that this technology will not come anytime soon since I am pretty sure human skulls change over time and the security risks would be high with technology such as this.


Another application I thought was interesting for the Google Glass is to bring it to the doctor’s office. Doctor’s would wear these glasses and be able to pull up patient information and history without needing to turn their back to the patient to go on the computer. In addition, I think it could have useful applications such as taking pictures and even videotaping as evidence/proof of good practice. While it might be awkward for the patient at first, I think that it could help lower cases of malpractice and could be a big step in ‘rehumanizing’ a trip to the doctor’s office.

While there are many alternatives to the Google Glass such as the HoloLens, I think that AR as well as VR will be extremely interesting to keep an eye on, as the mobile tech industry grows.



Augmedix nabs $17M to ‘rehumanize’ doctor/patient relations using Google Glass



  1. Great post! I feel like I’ve been hearing about the Google Glass for so long, and haven’t really seen it yet. There was a lot of hype about it about a year ago, but I just wonder if Google have missed the train on this and maybe took too long perfecting it instead of just rolling it out. I think it’s going to be a really cool device, and I totally agree that it has many workplace applications, none more relevant than a doctor’s office. I’m just ready for these to be out there so we can start reaping the benefits of such a cool technology.

  2. You bring up very interesting points. I also think there are good forms such as doctors and good practice for say cops that would benefit a lot form this. It will give a new feel for people definitely but once we got used to it I think the benefits will be great. I was wondering where these went the other day but when they come out im sure people will be quick to get them even at the $1500 price. Can only imagine the direction we are going. If glasses was this stage what would be next? Contact lenses im thinking. That is a wave I would want to get on.

  3. Nice post, I think there are a lot of useful applications and some that are already in use. As with the applications, I think there are also some risks associated with the technology. For example, There are companies that are creating the technology for doctors to dictate their notes instead of handwriting to it gets uploaded to their databases instead of filed away. But there are risks associated with the data mining aspect and who has access to the data.

  4. Cool post, I agree that there are a lot of useful applications of Google Glass, but there are also many risks with it. I think that if Google can perfect the product and eliminate the risks, it will be extremely beneficial to many different industries. I think that Jeremy brings up an interesting point that it will be useful for people like cops, as they can have all the information they need on a person in real-time, right when they are interacting with them. It will be very interesting to see what happens with Google glass and the AR industry as the years progress. Contact lenses would be cool too!

  5. Like the post! I also think that we are just brushing the surface of what this piece of technology can do to improve our day to day lives. So much of what we do today is seen through the phone screen and takes our eyes off of what we are doing and where we are while also using our hands. This gives us the ability to be more interactive and hands on while increasing our computing speed and mobility.

  6. yifanhong04233 · ·

    Very interesting post. I personally believe that Google Glass will be the next generation product and will definitely change the way we are living right now. However, I am not sure about the maturity of this product, and I think some of the technologies will bring more problems than benefits. For example, how can we protect the privacy of those people who are not using Google Glass? But generally speaking, I am very excited about its future.

  7. Thanks for this great post. I’m excited by this technology and I hope that it comes to fruition soon. It will be much harder to steal someones password when their password is their face. Although these new technological capabilities will probably be accompanied by new security threats as well.

  8. I’m really pumped to see what Google does the second time around. Uses for a technology like this, I believe, are limitless. However, since the industry is currently nascent (and will be for perhaps several more years), its hard to tell exactly where it might thrive the best. I would love to learn a little more about Google’s competitors in the space, and it will be intriguing to see companies create brands and increase customer retention in this unique place where only a few pocket-loaded cash cows can compete. Cheers!

  9. Interesting post! I agree that this technology has limitless potential and could be used in almost all industries and professions if the product and pricing is right. I agree that there will be a period of getting used to such a product for those interacting with people who are wearing the Google Glass, and there will most certainly also be an adjustment period for those who are wearing it. Just like a regular pair of glasses, I’m sure that once people get used to wearing them all the time, this product could become a regular part of people’s routine every day lives. We’ll just have to wait and see if this technology lives up to the hype and takes off.

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