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Final Post

I would say that I will be leaving this class with significantly more knowledge of social media than I had at the beginning of the semester. Some of this knowledge is stuff I will be able to apply in my career and some of it is just good to know even if it won’t be […]

I Can’t Fathom the Speed of Social Media

After skimming over my first blog post, I noticed something that made me reflect back to the first weeks of class. I had planned on putting together a little Sweetgreen x IS6621 collaboration for snack day, but I think our class and the social sphere had something else brewing even faster. Twitter essentially became the […]

Dear ISYS6621, a Fellow Friend

Over the course of the semester I hope to become more aware and knowledgeable about digital/social media and business. With the intent of pursuing a career in marketing, this class will be extremely insightful for me. I also hope to have the ability to understand social and digital media better. In high school I never […]

That’s All She Wrote!

I gotta say, truth be told I had absolutely no clue what to expect going into the semester. Reading through the description of the course, you think to yourself, “Okay, how is this class gonna be? It could easily be a knock out of the park, or it could be a HUGE miss because the […]

Don’t Cry Because It’s Over. Smile Because It Happened!

Welp – 14, maybe 15 weeks later its almost time for one last class. As Raul said, its a whole new start. This class has set the foundation for all of us to build upon, both in our personal lives as well as professionally. I came into the class thinking it was going to be […]

You won’t believe these three lessons I learned, no seriously you won’t

Well the time has come… my final blog post as a member of the #IS6621 community. We have had a great journey friends, but like any epic tale that has come before, we must conclude. Don’t fret though, just as one door closes another opens in its place. While many of us will no longer […]

When Tragedy Strikes

In today’s world, it’s just about every three months on average another unfortunate tragedy strikes and rocks our society. Or maybe these tragedies have already been occurring everyday for last 20 years. Who’s to say? But what is for certain is the lasting effect it can throughout social media. There are many out following these […]

Final Thoughts

I want to start by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. While I was intimidated by the workload that the class entailed, as the semester progressed, I started to enjoy blogging, tweeting, and discussing relevant topics. At first, I was terrified at the idea of blogging and publishing my ideas to the public […]

Final Post :'(

When it sunk in that this is my last college class ever….     It is with a heavy heart that I write my last blog for Social Media and Digital Business. I have come a long way from leaving the first class with my head spinning a little bit, but in speaking with people […]

Signing Off #IS6621

Wow. Around four months ago, I walked into the first class, and left the first class feeling completely lost, however, Professor Kane did a great job in conveying to us that these initial feelings were normal. The unique class structure was both intriguing and intimidating, but I was ready to take on the challenge and […]

One Final Post

It feels like yesterday that we were sitting in Professor Kane’s first class looking around at each other trying not to freak out as he explained that this was not an “easy A class” and would take a lot of hard work to do well. While all of our minor freak-outs were very evident in […]

Reflections: Flux Capacitor Required

Seriously, in order to reflect on this semester, I needed a flux capacitor. Twitter, and other social media platforms have become so much a part of my daily routine that I needed help remembering where I started. So, I went back in time, well back to my first blog post, in order to truly see how far […]

This is Jeremy Baldwin logging off.

As this year is coming to a close, it is time to soak up the final days, hours, minutes and seconds of senior year. Recognizing how much I have learned over the course of the semester about social media, it is the last thing I will be doing in these final weeks. I want to […]

Final Thoughts as told by T-Pain

As most of you know, T-Pain closed out BC’s academic year with the annual Modstock concert, which is held on the last day of undergrad classes. This got me thinking: what better of a way to center my final blog post than on T-Pain? Without further ado, I present to you my final thoughts as […]

Going Beyond the What: Final Reflections

Last weekend, I coached my final tournament of the season. We laughed; they cried; the team finished ranked #21 in New England (out of over 160 teams at our age level…NBD). The sad part of the day is that our team will never play together as one again. But I realized that as opposed to […]