The Award Ceremony hosted by John Lam

It is finally here, the end of Social Media & Digital Business and my college career. While I am excited for what the future has in store for me, I think it is a great time to look back on the past year and achnowledge some of the highlights (and lowlights)

You know what that means right? It is time for an award ceremony!



Biggest Loser : Meek Mill

The Internet makes a lot of people look like fools, but the biggest L of the year goes to rapper Meek Mill.   Over the summer Mill took shots at Drake over twitter (though I have no proof, I am convinced Mill was tweeting while drunk). This sparked a good old fashioned rap beef that included diss tracks and even a physical altercation at a club. Once the dust settled the Internet had declared Drake the victor. Meek Mill quickly became known as “Weak Mill” and a slew of internet memes making fun of Mill quickly followed. To add insult to injury, Drake’s song “Back to Back” not only went platinum, but it was also nominated for a Grammy.


Runner up : Ted Cruz

Cruz had a rough year. He was publically embarrassed by Trump in front of the US population on multiple occasions, got caught up in a sex scandal, and is suspected to be the true Zodiac Killer by many Internet conspiracy theorists. On top of that he spent millions of dollar on a presidential campaign that resulted in nothing but suffering. Sorry Ted, better luck next time.



Best Viral Marketing Campaign : Vans and Damn Daniel

Luckily for Vans, this one fell right into their lap. After two teens uploaded an absurd video featuring the catch phrase “Damn Daniel” they had a viral hit on their hands. The video quickly bounced around twitter and racked up millions of views in a matter of days. The teens received their reward on Ellen when Vans provided the boys with a lifetime supply of white sneakers. But the value of the sneakers given to Daniel is only a small fraction of the profits made after the spike in sales that resulted from the Damn Daniel craze. Shoes sales went up over 300% and their classic white canvas model went out of stock for a few days.


Runner Up : Hamburger Helper

On April Fools Day, Hamburger Helper’s mascot Lefty tweeted out a link to its debut mixtape titled “Watch the Stove”. Although the mixtape was intended to be humorus, it is the furthest thing from a joke. The Minnesota rap group that HH employed – Dequexatron X000 – absolutely crushed their task. The mixtape became an instant success and racked up over 6 million plays in under two weeks. The man behind this all deserves a raise.


Most potential : Virtual Reality

Plain is simple, VR is cool. At a recent Redsox game I tried on a VR headset for the first time and was blown away. VR might find all of its money in the entertainment industry, but I think it also has the potential to be a great educational tool. With a VR headset you can see all the wonders of the world from the comfort of your mom’s basement.


Biggest Mess : Streaming Music

Someone needs to figure out this music streaming fiasco. The market is too crowded and lacks the centrality needed to give the consumer the best music listening experience. Hope there is some soft of merger in the future so everyone can enjoy the artists with music on only one platform. I suspect that the problems with music streaming all stem from the major record labels. Nobody is buying albums anymore when they can be found for free, so the record labels are slowing the progression of music streaming so they can make up for the insane profits they will never see again.


Runner Up : Katt Williams

Poor Katt can’t stay out of trouble. Every time he does something stupid it is recorded and uploaded to the Internet and goes viral. He needs to get his act together and clean himself up because his image has been severely tainted this past year. I still believe in you Katt, by all means go get your paper boo boo.


Most Improved: Snapchat

Snapchat was clearly one of the hottest topics this past semester. Not just because the app is so fun, but because some major changes were made to the interface and funtions. Snapchat’s addition of new filters, expanded geotags, in improved text and video chat features have helped the app stand on its own two legs. I am so glad snapchat did not sell out to facebook because I honestly believe they have something huge on their hands, the future of free communication over the internet. I just hope they can figure out how they can monetize before they sell out like soundcloud.


Honorable mention: Justin Bieber

It really was the year of the Biebs. He released a smash album and was able to regain the support of the public. Do I thing Justin is actually a sweet guy that turned over a new leaf and abandoned his troubled past? Absolutely not. But he apologized to the world at the Comedy Central Roast and strategically followed it up with multiple appearances on Ellen and hit singles like “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean.” You go Justin, I never stopped believing…. even after you said “Fuck Bill Clinton.”


MVP – Twitter

When I first started using twitter in highschool I thought it was nothing more than a way for me to send out funny jokes for my friends to see. But using Twitter this past semester in a more professional sense has totally changed my opinion of the app. It really is on of the best ways for internet users to stay in contact with others as well as what is happening in the world. With twitter anyone can be a journalist, writer, comedian, artist, advertiser, the list is endless. Whenever I wanted to figure out what was happening in the news or wanted to learn more about a breaking story I went to twitter first. After this semester I have no doubt that I will continue to use twitter. I actually plan on deleting my original twitter (that is plagued with profanity and immature content) and make @HelloJohnLam my primary account. Also, Vine and Periscope are timeless apps, It was a genius move to purchase these while they were still cheap.


Runner Up : @ProfKane

When I first started taking the class I was so pissed because drop-add week was over and I found out I could not take the class pass/fail. We were already a month into class and I had not blogged nor tweeted yet.  My senior slide class quickly became one of the most demanding of the semester. However, I am glad I stuck around. Our once a week meetings quickly became on of the highlights of my week and that is because ProfKane. This class was one of the most engaging of my college career because ProfKane gave us the freedom to explore and discuss the topics that we thought were relevant and interesting. The “what happening in twitter this week” is easily my favorite segment of the class because I get to hear what people are passionate about and wanting to share with the rest of us. In my opinion, this is one of the best and most exciting forms of education.

I know you are reading this ProfKane .. Thank you for everything this year. I wish you stealth and wealth.








  1. Great post John! I really liked how you broke down this article. I personally would have put Twitter into the “Figure it Out” category. Although I agree that Twitter is unique and has the potential to revolutionize the internet, but I think they definitely have a lot of work to do before they can realize this. Additionally, although it is great for connecting with friends, the potential to change the news industry is HUGE. Lastly, I agree, Weak Mill is soft and definitely lost the year.

  2. Hey, you brought up a lot of interesting stuff in this post. I agree that Ted Cruz was a failure at social media. His attempt to get his #sleazydonald hashtag (his attempt to beat Trump at his own game) failed pathetically. Also, he couldn’t even succeed at regular digital media considering the domain name debacles with and

  3. John what an awesome post. I thought your set up for the blog as an award ceremony was pure genius. Also I had never heard about the Hamburger Helper marketing campaign until now, so I definitely learned something from your post. It is interesting your comments about Twitter because I do think it is cool that you learned different uses for it. Wish you nothing but the best!

  4. Runner up!?!? You’ll wish you took the class pass-fail now! Haha. Seriously, thanks for the kind words. I really do always enjoy teaching this class because a) I do feel like I get to know the students and b) I always learn a ton too. Frankly, the interactivity of this class is the only way I can keep up with developments in these areas. Congratulations on graduation, and I’ve enjoyed having you in the class.

  5. I agree with Nicole, I think that the idea to set up your blog as if it were an award ceremony made it very interesting to read. This being an election year made looking at the effect of social media on politics very interesting. I agree that Meek Mills and Ted Cruz were not winners, but I’d definitely have to throw Jeb Bush in the mix too considering he made mistakes on multiple platforms, even ones that have been around forever, such as email. I also really like your comment about streaming music being a mess. This year we’ve seen artists such as Kanye, Drake, and Beyonce all pre-release their album on only one streaming platform before it was allowed to be listened to elsewhere. This is frustrating when you have a Spotify account, but Kanye is streaming on Tidal or Drake is only on Apple Music. I agree with you, I hope that they find a way to either create a new platform or update the current ones that still allow for the best listening experience.

  6. I really liked how creative you were with this post. It was cool to look back on everything that happened over the last year and remember a few things that I had forgot about. I definitely agree that Meek Mill was one of the biggest loser’s on social media this year. Going at Drake definitely backfired and was the subject of almost as many meme’s and gif’s on Instagram and Twitter as crying Jordan. I also liked how you gave VR some love. I talked about it in my post as well and I definitely think the possibilities are endless. Great post!

  7. This was a great recap of the year. I’m glad to hear you’ve grown into using Twitter. It’s one of my favorite platforms because it’s so useful for finding information. I agree with Justin that they have a lot to figure out as a company, but I still think it’s pretty great once you get used to it.

  8. Great post John. I really liked the format you took on this post. I agree with all of your awards and would definitely agree the open-ended nature of this course was its best part. The ability to have a discussion about any topic each week kept everything fresh and exciting.

  9. Great post John!! I really liked how you formatted this post–very unique and creative! I agree with all of your awards, especially Twitter as the MVP. I personally hated Twitter before this class, but have learned so much from using it throughout the semester. Also love that Jbiebs got a shoutout in this post.

  10. The format of your post is super creative and I enjoyed the read thoroughly. I really thought “biggest mess” was a hilarious award, and I couldn’t agree more that music streaming is in turmoil. VR as a big winner was a solid choice too; we’ve just touched the surface of its integration in our future lives. Shout out to Professor Kane was completely necessary too!! This class hits into the top 5 or even top 3 I’ve taken in college. What a way to end the career, and I love that I was able to make some friends in the process. Cheers to you man, really glad we met and I’m stoked to keep in touch in the future!!

  11. Fantastic post John, this setup is genius. I definitely have to agree on the musical front, I just hope that artists could release their material on all platforms not just one. On another note, I loved the relevant topics included including Birdman, Bieber, Meek, and Katt. I am glad I got to share this class with you and gain insight into your thoughts. I hope Katt makes a comeback because we both know how funny he was doing stand-up (death-deaf bit)

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