Closing Thoughts on Social Media

In preparation for writing this blog post, I read my “Initial Expectations of Social Media” post. In that post I wrote about my own social media limitations. Though I haven’t adopted any new social media platforms, I have come to understand and appreciate the platforms I don’t use.

My interest in Twitter has also been revitalized. I’ve really enjoyed engaging with my classmates on Twitter and using the platform to find and share news articles that interest me. I hope to keep connecting with IS6621 students in this manner even after the semester ends.

This course has deepened my understanding about how a company builds a brand using social tools. When I thought of social media and business, I often connected it to advertising. Now I think more about the specific goals of a campaign or an action based on the customer life cycle. A lot of social media communication done by brands and companies is designed to engage current customers, not just acquire new ones.

Social media content is moving more towards video. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter with its acquisition of periscope, are all prioritizing video content. However, viewers’ attention spans have been reduced so that the first few seconds of a video are crucial—they must quickly capture attention to viewers don’t keep scrolling.

Lately I’ve been wondering how long I’ll continue to use Facebook. As I reflected in my last post, reading comments on Facebook often makes me upset. I don’t know what value I get from scrolling through Facebook anymore. Despite feeling that way, I haven’t cut back on my consumption of Facebook.

I have, however, increased my viewership of Snapchat. I think I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can remember how to operate the UI. But I still only follow friends and people I know.

Ultimately, my use of social media is mostly as a consumer. I don’t create much content, adding nearly nothing to Snapchat, the rare post on Facebook (almost never original content, instead an article), and a few pictures a month on Instagram. I’m most active on Twitter, where I regularly share my thoughts and other content.

In general, I hope we start to reduce our use of social media, mostly because of the negativity I see present throughout.


  1. Thanks for sharing this final reflection on social media! I think you make two great points here, which I definitely agree with. You are definitely right when you say that the majority of the time that companies use social media it is to engage with their current customers rather than an attempt to acquire new customers. I also agree that most social media content nowadays is video, and will continue to be video for the foreseeable future until the next best thing comes along. Great insights!

  2. I agree with you about your point on social media platforms, and the lack of adopting new ones. It was quite interesting learning about new applications and technology despite sticking to the same ones I used before. I also agree that incorporating Twitter to our class greatly benefited our class discussions and allowed us to interact more efficiently with our classmates to discuss what is going on in social and digital media today. Also, you make an interesting point about Facebook because I feel similarly. I feel a large aspect as to why we continue to use it, is because we are all used to it, it is easy to use, and therefore easy to keep up with our friends and family. I wonder where social and digital media will take us next!

  3. Nice post! I definitely agree that while I initially thought social media was used to gain more customers, it is moreso used to engage their current following. I also totally agree that Twitter enhanced our class immensely. It allowed for our discussion to continue on throughout our everyday lives even when not in the classroom. Moreover, I also am reluctant to continue on using Facebook. As the years have gone on I have generated less and less content, becoming more of a passive user, only looking at what others post. I don’t really see the need to share a million pictures and posts with my friends on Facebook. it will be very interesting to see what happens with Facebook and with the rest of the social media landscape!

  4. Nice post. I’m not sure the answer is to “reduce our use of social media” but become more mindful and intentional about it (although there are certainly people who SHOULD reduce what they post, I expect you are not one of them). I have always thought SM to be best when used within a community, to strengthen ongoing relationships, which partially explains my approach to teaching this class.

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