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Unless you are a big fan of Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” you probably think my blog title is in reference to a new filter on Intagram sponsored by McDonalds, promoting breakfast foods. But it’s actually referring to the show’s main character, Kimmy Schmidt, who after being held in an underground cult for 15 years, re-emerges and has to adjust to a modern life full of social media, new technology and new slang.


As you can see, Kimmy is still a little behind the times, and is catching up on all the new lingo and platforms that we use these days. I thought of this character as I write my final blog post, because I felt like Kimmy when I first signed up for this class. I even said in my first blog post, “It’s still very early in the semester for me to really feel like I know how social media and digital technology affects our world, but I’m really excited to learn more.” How naive do I sound? How lost? How clueless?!? But, because of Professor Kane, some great guest speakers and all of you, I now have a strong understanding of the roles social media and digital technologies play in a business context. These days I’m feeling a lot less like Kimmy and more like this Harry Potter look alike:

Ok, maybe I’m not anywhere near ready to teach this stuff, but I am definitely more knowledgeable about how we are adapting to a sharing economy and finding new and creative services within this economy, how we use and should be using big data to help make strategic decisions and grow businesses, and what not to do if and when you are managing your organization’s social media account. In addition, I’ve seen some really amazing presentations which taught me about Slack, Venmo, SoundCloud and many other tools I knew nothing about before taking this class. I’ve even been able to tell my friends and family about the value of social media and how it can help to build a brand, and have had intelligent semi-intelligent conversations around algorithms and analytics.

What I really appreciated about this course is that I learned a lot of new, practical information that I can actually use in my job. I can also take this information and use it for future classes in the MBA program, which I am really excited about. The highly interactive, fast-moving pace of the class was the perfect way to learn about social media and technologies, because that’s the way it is in real life.

My favorite part about this class is that although we physically met as a class on Mondays, the discussion and learning continued throughout the week. Using Twitter and our blog posts, we were in constant communication with each other, and we were always commenting, posting, responding and sharing new information. I really loved how we all contributed to each other’s learning experience, and a majority of the time it was done online.

I’m going to miss feeling like I’m an insider with social media and technology, but because of this class, I definitely want to make a more conscious effort to keep up with these things. It’s not only interesting, but we have seen throughout this semester that if we stay informed and up to date on these areas, then we can really contribute a lot to our workplaces, discussions and life in general.

And, of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention how amazing snack time was each class, and how much I appreciated that.


Thanks, everyone, for a really great semester. This has by far been my favorite class in the MBA program, and I think it’s going to be hard to top this.


  1. Great post! I definitely have similar sentiments to feeling lost and slowly becoming more comfortable in the social media space. I also really enjoyed how we were able to teach each other, through both the presentations as well as our Twitter discussions. It definitely made the conversations we were having more interesting, and this is something that I’ve never experienced in other classes. I also agree that we have learned a lot in this class that can be leveraged for other classes or work experiences, which I fully intend to do going forward.

  2. Great analogy to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, one of my favorite Netflix shows! I agree that I want to make a more conscious effort to keep up with social and digital news. The article you attached related to Omni’s on-demand storage service is an excellent example of how the sharing economy is changing our lifestyles, mostly for the better. It is so cool that you can store large items like skis with the company, and they will deliver it to you whenever you need to use them. Before this class, I knew about services like Uber and Airbnb, but I never knew about the term “sharing economy” or how much it is growing. Now, I am much more interested in these collaborative services and how they are changing business models. Great reflections on the course!

  3. Really great post, Ashley! I agree with you that the best part of this class was that the learning happened beyond just the classroom setting. I could have checked my Twitter feed at any hour of the day and learned something new from my classmates, which was very cool. I also agree with you that this class has inspired me to stay as up to date as possible with what’s happening on social media. It’s much easier to stay current than to fall behind and have to play catch up in learning how to use new social media platforms. Doing so can help us to best capitalize on social media platforms for both personal and business use. Thanks for sharing your final insights on social media!

  4. I loved your comparison to Kimmy! That is one of my favorite shows and I definitely get the parallels. Once you start getting introduced to the fast paced world of social media, it can feel like you’re emerging from a bunker. I also agree with your point about continuing the discussion all week long. While the class itself flew by, it seemed to be the one class I that didn’t feel like a once a week. While you may not have the class to help you feel like an insider on social media, now you have the tools to help you get started on your own journey! Great post!

  5. Thanks for the compliment. I do agree that my favorite part of the class is that by the end so much more is happening offline than online. My truly favorite part is that so much is happening that I can’t possibly keep up with it all in real time (but there is a digital record for grading purposes). Its always a sign to me that this method is far better than me doing traditional “teaching.”

  6. Loved your comment on the continuous discussion online, especially outside of classtime. It’s become a way of life to stay in the know about all this cool stuff that directly impacts how we interact online, so I’m definitely looking forward to stay current on social media trends. Lastly, I just want to acknowledge your Kimmy Schmidt reference because I totally got it and love the show. I don’t know how I never thought of the comparison but you are so right! Anyway, in the words of Jacqueline Voorhees, “Goodbye, or as white people say, later days, buuuuddy.”

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