Let them fight for the list time!

After the first day of class everything seemed so overwhelming, there was a huge workload that I had to face, a big amount of content that I didn’t really know how to absorb. But here we are, about to finish the semester and no one died, luckily. I’m going back home with a lot of stories, experiences, and knowledge stored in my backpack.

For the ones that read my first blog post, they might remember something about a mediterranean shark lost in the atlantic social media. And also a conversation between small devil and a small angel in each of my shoulders, giving me opposite advice about if I should take this class or I should choose an easier one. Because, come on, I’m an exchange student, right? We don’t have the best reputation as students when going abroad.

The devil was telling me to go the easy way:

You are here to enjoy, go take an easier class. You’ll thank me later.”

But the angel told me to risk it and take advantage of the chance I was given. And as you can see, I ended up taking this class and I don’t regret it at all.


Feels good to go back home

Now both of them are packing their stuff to go back home, to where they belong, Barcelona. (To give me good and bad advice, but this time in Catalan as they have always done until I came to Boston. You know, they also wanted to improve their English). I can still hear them having that conversation. By the way, they both have a strong ACCENT! Wondering why? (Okay, maybe not.)


Let them fight!

The semester was promising, I always wanted to learn more about online communication for brands and companies, and I had only skimmed the surface until now. Boston College gave me the opportunity (and so did professor Kane by giving me the chance to get into this class, thank you!) to learn more about this topic. I realized that there is no exact formula for success. Social media goes with the flow and you have to learn to adapt to the new situations while on the go. Pretty much like fixing your car while driving it whenever something breaks. A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

I loved the dynamic of the class, it felt good to involve the students to the debate and let the current news guide the topic of the classes. The class has been a real example of how social media works, adaptive and responsive to the demand and trending topics of the moment. After this class I can tell that there is more things involved in social media that I could never imagine. Whenever people thinks about “community managers”, they think about an intern taking care of posting something every X amount of time and that is pretty much it. Now I know that social media requires a broad range of skillsets and knowledge about really different environments. Being flexible and adaptative is the key, and having a good criteria to detect opportunities and criteria to know when not to act is so important.

After this course, I feel that I know less about social media than what I did before. And that is not necessary a bad thing. The more you know, the more ignorant you feel! So I guess it’s not bad business after all. You can’t just know everything about something that is constantly changing. That bittersweet feeling helps me go forward and motivates me to keep on going and continue learning.


The Pixel Shark’s out.

Descartes would say. “I think, therefore I am”. Today it would be: “I facebook, therefore I am”. So, I Facebook, therefore I am, I’ve been, and I will be.

Thank you for a wonderful semester!

The Pixel Shark.
aleta pixel copia


  1. shark – it was good having you in class. I followed most of your blog posts and they were always fun to read. You are right to say social media is a part of us. If you dont have facebook are you even real? I hope your american adventures have been fun and exciting.

  2. Such a thoughtful post. Your quote, “the more you know, the more ignorant you feel” definitely resonates with me. However, like you, I enjoyed the journey and learning from my classmates about hot topics and trying to better understand the various social media platforms. I’m glad that your angel’s advice panned out well for you! Gracias por los contributions en la class, sus Tweets, y blogs. Buena suerte en Espana!

  3. I definitely agree that I liked how the dynamic of this class (adaptive and changing) mimicked how social media works. I took a social media class abroad when I studied in Florence, Italy last semester, and it was very different than this one. Despite the different topics we discussed, I’ve learned that social and digital business does not have geographical boundaries. I’m interested to see if what you have learned in this class at BC abroad has provided you with any different perspectives.

  4. Some students have often said of my teaching style, “I feel like I have more questions at the end of the class than I had at the beginning.” My response: “yes, but they are much better questions.” Enjoyed having you in the class!

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