Some Things Are Never-Ending…

And that is true for #IS6621 to an extent! We may be going our separate ways, but that does not mean the lessons we’ve learned are going to end here!


American author C. JoyBell C. once said, “Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don’t really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren’t really an ending; some things are never-ending.” This quote embodies how I feel about our Social Media and Digital Business Class. We are not going to stop using social media and seeing the world in a new and unique way because this class is over. This is not an ending because our tweets, blog posts, etc. will always be out there no matter how hard we try to delete our information. Professor Kane has given us the tools to learn how to adapt and stay connected with the world we live in right now. So obviously, this is not the end!

We may stop meeting on Monday nights and having snack time together,


but we are always going to be intertwined with each other. I learned that social media has been the connective tissue between the multiple discourse communities we are living in; we have grad students, juniors, seniors, etc. in our classes all bringing in our own unique point of views. Looking back at my post from the first class, I was surprised to see what I said.

I started my first blogpost with a formal introduction of who I am, my major, interests, etc. It was formulaic approach to writing a blogpost, and frankly the safest way. However, I quickly learned that this class is anything but formulaic. Professor Kane doesn’t want you to think outside the box, he wants you to think inside, outside, around, through, beneath, and through the box. I was reading through my blogposts and I realized I started to get more aggressive with my subject matters and writing style. As the class went on, I felt less pressured to follow a formula for a good grade to challenging me and the people around me with ideas that had no definitive answer.

phone screen

I laughed as I read my first blogpost because I wanted to try to learn and absorb everything that came my way, but that truly isn’t possible. There is so much information that comes your way and you need to identify the important information that is relatable, condense it, synthesize it, and implement it in your life practices.

If I had to pinpoint my favorite part of this class, it would have to have been the emphasis on innovation in the class. Professor Kane will push you to think of new ways to see a problem and take a chance. The reason I love that is because that is how some of the greatest innovations have happen. By trying to use social media in different ways, we can find ways to alleviate problems that we have in our community. Unfortunately if we are not careful there are a lot of repercussions of using social media the wrong way. If there is ONE thing this class taught me it is that you should have common sense before you send out a tweet. J.J Watt said, “you should read a tweet 95 times before you post it.” Clearly, firms to this day do not understand that simple concept. And let’s just say J.J Watt does not mess around.


To be honest, it’s a little bittersweet ending this blogpost, so I will end with some advice for the incoming #IS6621 students.

  1. Do every homework assignment in its entirety. The material we are given for homework are so rich in knowledge and extremely applicable to the lives we are living in and for the future. Professor Kane does a lot of vetting of the sources and only gives us material he knows is engaging and exciting, most of the readings are page turners!
  2. Be bold on your #IS6621 project. Break the norm and do something different that you have never done before. Not in a million years did I think the Carolina Panthers would ever tweet at me, but they did!
  3. Take the time to make thoughtful blog posts, people actually read them and give extremely insightful feedback. The people who are going to be in your class have such diverse backgrounds and you are being exposed to such a unique set of students.

So guys, this is not a goodbye, but rather a see you later!! I’d love for you to post your favorite memory of the class in the comments below!!

Jam out. (Literally and figuratively)




  1. Great post and I totally agree that we will continue to use social media and think about its implications and uses as we move forward in our lives. My favorite memories were when Digitas and the BC social media team came to speak to our class, because they talked about how fast social media and digital technology moves, and even as professionals, they can’t predict what will go viral and be the next “big thing.” Hearing about their personal experiences in a professional setting showed me just how big and messy and uncontrollable these platforms and technologies can be, and it made me feel better about my own knowledge and capabilities in these areas, knowing that even the professionals don’t have all the answers when it comes to this field, and that everyone is constantly learning. I also really liked hearing about their jobs and personal stories they shared about their clients or work. It’s been a great semester, fellow small group/1D member. Cheers!

  2. Great post! I love how you encourage incoming students to “be bold” because I remember your project standing out because you were able to get the Carolina Panthers to tweet back to you. My personal favorite part of the class was the presentations. When I first heard about the assignment I thought that the presentations would be generic, but people surprised me with their outside the box thinking. Who knew that we were sitting in the same room as the creator of BC bananas? Or that college athletes have so many restrictions on them when it comes to social media? Or about the logic behind click-bait titles? I definitely didn’t. I loved being able to see how people related social media back to their lives in their presentations and learning about the unique topics that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

  3. I definitely agree with your observation and the comments above that say how interesting the individual presentations were and how they increased exposure to so many topics! I think most classes that have presentations can drift towards monotony fairly quickly, but I think we were all surprised at how interesting everyone’s projects were, which is a direct result of people choosing to share things they were passionate about. Great job with your individual presentation and that’s very cool that it was a highlight of your semester. I think your experience with the Panthers epitomizes what this course is about.

  4. Nice reflections! I definitely agree that the lessons we learned in this class with stick with us, as social media will continue to be a part of our lives. I also enjoyed that this class was unpredictable – while each class followed the same format (Twitter discussion, individual presentations, snack break, small group discussions, then class readings discussion), what we talked about was completely up to us. Looking back at my first blogs and Tweets, I can see how I’ve also become more bold and more inclined to talk about what interest me as opposed to what I think the professor would want to hear about. As for my favorite memory…I’d have to go with when our professor used Twitter to take a poll on whether or not class was to be held on a snowy day. It demonstrated a creative and efficient use of social media and really showed that our class practices what we preach.

  5. Great reflection on the past semester and with the tips for incoming students. I loved how the class interacted throughout the week despite only meeting once a week and it never felt like I was even in a class for the time we did meet. Prof Kane did a great job making the class social and allowed for the students to openly discuss relevant topics and challenge each other.

  6. Awesome post Jam, I think you really encapsulated exactly how I feel about this class as well. I too loved the open ended nature of this class. While it was slightly intimidating at first, once we got the hang of it I think all of our work improved. The fact that the rest of our class was reading our blog posts really pushed me every other week to find a topic that was new and interesting and research the heck out of it. I spent way more time on each post than I would have on a traditional 600 word assignment not for the grade, but because I genuinely wanted to add to the class discussion.

  7. Nice post. I particularly appreciated the line ” I felt less pressured to follow a formula for a good grade.” I try really hard to get students to be less grade centered in this class, because I do think that grades often become a barrier to learning and thinking than a reflection of it. That’s precisely why I don’t offer more guidance than I do in the assignments, becuase the freedom often leads to much more creativity and innovation.

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