Over and Out

So here we are.  Finals week, senior year… and I’m about to graduate.  It feels surreal and amazing at the same time.  I’ve realistically been waiting to graduate since my sophomore year, when I decided to pursue music for a career.  Out of all the classes I’ve taken at Boston College, ‘Social Media for Managers’ might have been the most relevant to my career path, and I’ve really enjoyed learning in this class.  To my surprise, we studied not only social media, but also looked heavily into emerging futuristic technologies and an overall view of business and marketing in the digital age.

Looking back at the semester I have 3 main takeaways from this class.

  1. Social Media and Future technology are SCARY


The content, articles, tweets, and discussions in IS6621 were not only thought provoking, but pretty frightening.  We live in a quickly changing world, in an age of information.  They say that more information (books, emails, texts, blog posts, tweets, etc) is created every single day now than was made in all of world history up to 2006.  Bruh!  I think that this age of information has destroyed the human attention span, made us more divided, and made it hard to know what to believe in anymore.

Technologies like virtual reality, self driving cars, robots, 3D printing, etc are really cool, but they are going to change the world as we know it.  It seems crazy that a large percentage of jobs could be automated soon, and that our work and home lives will be drastically different.

The emergence of Social Media has been an awesome tool to connect, communicate, and promote ourselves and the things we believe in.  I feel that we are entering a post digital age where social media is becoming more relevant to business, culture, and politics.  Many peoples’ lives have been drastically changed for good or for bad by social media.  I see 12 year old kids addicted to smartphones and snapchat, and I fear for the new generation of people who might lack basic human communication skills.  I fear that maybe social media is not connecting us more, but splitting us more apart.

2. Social Media is Mandatory and Awesome for Businesses


In a world where a huge percentage of consumers are now on social media daily, businesses have had to both creatively and effectively leverage these platforms to grow and sustain themselves.  Advertising through social media has been proven to be effective to drive awareness and sales for countless companies globally.  A presence on social media is almost necessary at this point for almost all brands who sell B to C.  Brands must monitor and take part in the social conversation that surrounds their products and personality.  Social media allows them to connect with their customers in ways like never before.  Negative reviews have put slacking businesses in jeopardy, but also given them a way to respond and mend problems with their customers.  Companies like Facebook have been selling our information to advertisers who can put products that we are likely to have interest in all over our newsfeeds and timelines.

One really cool takeaway from this class is that there is a place for every business now with the internet and social media.  Whether it’s an artist, a clothing boutique, or a snack-delivery service, social media allows businesses to both find and connect to people who might be interested in their products.  Tech startups and small businesses now have the tools to create a platform and customer base for themselves without using traditional media and advertising, and this is pretty darn cool.

3. I need to figure out how to leverage social media better for my business

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As a musical artist, I have come to realize the important of social media for managers.   Social media platforms like Soundcloud and Snapchat have literally allowed me to start a career from my bedroom.  IS6621 has provided many valuable insights, and shined a light on the fact that I must leverage social media better to build a fanbase in an age when it is harder than ever to get a consumer to care about a brand.  The importance of quality, consistency, personality, and leveraging influencers has become very clear throughout this class, and I’m grateful to have been able to take away such a great overview of social media for managers.

A big thank you to Professor Kane, the TAs , and all my classmates such a great semester :)

Willy B.  Over and Out.


  1. I totally agree that this class made the world of social media very intimidating. The fact that it’s all just so unpredictable is both scary and amazing. As we talked about in class with the effects of the internet–we can see how it’s starting to affect us but not how it’s going to effect the generations to come. Good luck with your music going forward!

  2. You’re doing just fine on SM.. keep it authentically you though — I think thats a big factor we’ve seen from a few of our classes. Melissa Beecher / the BC social team are all about giving an authentic view of BC and it does wonders. Keep crushing it!

  3. Technology can really be scary! But we have to dive into it and swim in the cold water to adapt. I wish you the best in your musical career. I will listen to it thanks to social media back home in Spain. Good luck! Good takeaways and great post. Keep it up!

  4. Will – my boy. It was great to finally have a class together. We know how to chop it up on the weekends but it was fun watching you try and act studious. I dont think you should be afraid of social media man. yeah it has its down sides but think of all the happiness it has brought into our lives and how many possibilities it has created .. no 20syl if there is no internet. Anyways. I wish you the best of luck, as always. Im trying to figure out my plans for firefly. best of luck in the future homie!! holler !!

  5. I too am a little bit afraid of the future of social media. As I wrote in my blog post, it has totally changed the way people interact, and not always for the better. I was really impressed by your presentation and I wish you the best of luck in your music career! I just started following you on Twitter and will be looking out for you to make it big.

  6. yifanhong04233 · ·

    I have to confess that social media is a concern for me after taking this class–I am trying to protect myself as well as not hurt others on social media. Yes, social media is scary. However, for a musician like you, social media is really important to expand your influence and get more popular. Just keep it real, and you will do fine. Good luck on your music career.

  7. This was a fantastic class and like you said many of these articles and stories that we cover in class are intimidating. They bring out the side of social media we often never considered and havent taken into account. SM is definitely a must for businesses but the different platforms they use must be considered to maximize its potential benefit. Often companies just have “Social Media person or team” without analyzing what would be the best option for their business. As I mentioned in my blog we as consumers also have to take up a better understanding of SM. Good luck with your music Willy B, you know I’ll be here supporting.

  8. Good reflections. I look forward to hearing how you use SM to launch your music career to greater heights. If you do, I only expect a modest 2.5% commission on your first $million. :)

  9. I completely agree that this class opened my eyes to the wonders and downsides of social media. I think that you are a great example of how you used and continue to use social media to further your musical career. I wish you the best of luck in the future and keep killing it on social media and through your music.

  10. The digital marketing aspect is major today because especially in your field, everybody is catching the new music on the run on their phones. I’ve been following you though a couple platforms and I must say you have a pretty solid handle on the game. Keep it up! I’ll be watching

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