The Internet is Good! Final Thoughts on Social Media

“The possibilities are endless….”

I feel as though this is a phrase I found myself saying or thinking or writing or tweeting on a weekly basis in this class. I came into this class apprehensive to say the least about social media. I’m still not totally convinced, but I have found myself surprised not only by how social media is much broader than just Twitter and Facebook. Without making this blog a highlight reel of everything we have learnt in class this semester, I want to give my thoughts on social media and digital business. Although they can very often intertwine, let’s separate them for a second.

Social Media

In my first blog I talked about #WorldNutellaDay as an example of something that I couldn’t care less about, but about which the rest of the world (or at least the Twittersphere) was inexplicably psyched. In this sense, nothing has changed. I still don’t care about #WorldNutellaDay, and I still don’t understand other people’s fascination with it, but now there is a difference in my take. I now realize that social media is a crucial part of any modern company’s brand image.

I’ve also realized through this course that I’ve been pretty selfish when it comes to social media. I said in my original blog that I never post on Facebook or Twitter, but just have the accounts so that I can see what other people are doing or saying. In the same way, this class has taught me that if everyone had my perception of social media, then nothing would ever get communicated and the world would be a much less social place – obviously. This is just as applicable on a larger scale when looking at how companies use social media to interact with their customer base. Another thing that has interested me is the psychology behind social media, especially in the workplace. The ‘reply all’ function as a first instance of social media reflects a much deeper trend of employees wanting to be included on every email chain because if confirms their status.

…And Digital Business

My takeaway here is just how much bigger digital business is than I had ever thought it was. By reading all these blogs and hearing all the in-class presentations, my eyes were opened up to so many ‘fringe’ companies who are doing really cool things but just perhaps don’t have the same exposure as some other companies. This has maybe been my favourite part of this class. I took the same approach to all my blogs and my presentation – actively seek out who is doing social media well, or which companies are doing things to change the landscape of business – usually the same culprits: Google, IBM, Apple etc. but with a few other players. In actively seeking out these companies, I have stumbled upon a variety of other very interesting things.

Big Takeaways

I think my big takeaway from this class is that social media is something that, if harnessed fully and correctly, could be something incredibly impactful. It takes work, but a well maintained and a well thought out social media presence can do as much as make or break a company, or a person’s career. The internet is a big place. It can giveth and it can taketh away, as we have learned. All in all, I am very excited to see what the future has in store for us. What does Google have next for us? Will Uber take over the whole entire world?!?! It could just be me, but I feel as though we are on the brink of something very cool in terms of technology, and I cannot wait to be taken along for the ride!



  1. Great last post! It really was all about the change in perspective this semester. We were immersed in diverse news every day; the breadth of people, companies, and ideas we studied certainly have that broadening effect on my general opinions too. Cheers!

  2. Nice post. Like you, I came into this class apprehensive, and while I’m also still not convinced, I’m definitely excited to see what the future has in store. Just in the past four or five months since class began, we have seen several substantial changes across social media platforms and have seen how companies are adapting to the social media landscape that is constantly changing. Here’s to hoping that social media can be harnessed fully like you said, and that it makes more companies and careers than it breaks.

  3. Great synopsis of your past few months, Max – I fully agree with your swing from seeing so many things that are useless on the internet to seeing things that are either working well / not working well for some greater cause.

  4. The most apparently useless things, turn out to be the most interesting thing ever on the Internet. Damm Daniel! Back at it again with the blog posts. It has been really interesting to see how the internet works and how adaptative and changing it is at all times. Feels good to read someone that thinks the same way as I do. Have a great summer and good luck in the future!

  5. yifanhong04233 · ·

    I like your post. The most useless things on the Internet turn out to be the most interesting ones. In fact, everything exists for a reason–this is also true in social media. Actually, we can’t actually grasp the core things of social media–that’s the most different things about this class–since Internet and social media are constantly changing.

  6. Great post, Max! I loved your insight on being “selfish” about social media and how you extrapolated that to brands and their consumers. I, too, seldom post on my accounts and could probably be classified as a certified lurker. I hadn’t really thought about my behavior as the micro version of companies and consumers on a larger scale, and that comparison really helped me see the value in both giving and taking.

  7. Nice post. I agree that the student presentations are actually some of my favorite parts of the class. Although I have seen many of these topics presented before, usually each student brings some new perspective that I learn from. Then there are those presentations that I had never thought about before, and we had a few of them this semester.

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