Final Thoughts as told by T-Pain

As most of you know, T-Pain closed out BC’s academic year with the annual Modstock concert, which is held on the last day of undergrad classes. This got me thinking: what better of a way to center my final blog post than on T-Pain? Without further ado, I present to you my final thoughts as told by T-Pain.

“It seems as if you just talkin’ it and don’t know what to do” -Let’s Get it On (2005)

This is how I felt about social media coming into the class in terms of utilizing social media to its fullest. I had a Twitter which I used to follow my friends and a few sports teams, but didn’t realize its full capabilities. Twitter is a powerhouse for news, and now with the purchase of Periscope, live streaming events. What I originally thought was a fun tool is actually much, much more. When it comes to Facebook, I drastically underestimated its capabilities. I didn’t even think about how much information of mine that they have and how they use that data to sell me products. Who knew every time I signed in through Facebook on a different app that’s just more information for them to sell? At times in class I was just floored.

“Feel like I put some brand new 24’s on a brand new ride” –Bartender (2007)

For one, my Twitter experience improved exponentially. Following the #IS6621 hashtag opened up my eyes to the true world of social media. I read so many interesting articles, engaged in so many discussions, and ultimately came out with a great grasp of current events in the social media world, as well as in other world news. I can directly attribute a lot of my learning to the interactions I had online with classmates and it’s a cool feeling to reflect upon. My Twitter experience had never been as rich as it was in this class. The blogging was a fairly new experience for me as well, too. The extent that I had “blogged” in the past (if you could call it that) was posting on the discussion tab of my other classes’ Canvas page. The fact that I now could post and get comments on my post was a new experience and allowed me to expand upon what I had learned. For example, in response to one of my blog posts, other classmates commented with additional articles related to what I had talked about. I had not seen these articles, but I loved them and I’m thankful that they were posted. And as an added bonus, my mom also really liked this because she could read some of the work I had done.


“Talk to me, I talk back, Let’s talk money, I talk that” –Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)(feat. Yung Joc) (2007)

One of my favorite parts of the class was the interaction with classmates. I think this is where most of my learning came from. In a traditional classroom setting, the professor lectures the students and that’s how you learn; however, with all of the online and offline communication, for us it was as if there were 40 teachers in the class. There’s no way I could have read all of the articles under the class hashtag, but when the first 30 minutes of class was hearing from classmates about what’s going on in the social media world, it felt as if I had read all of the articles.

So let’s talk money: I did not realize how extensive the business side of social media was. I think this is why the guest speakers were so helpful in learning. It’s easy to look up stats and numbers on companies, but getting an inside perspective is unique and probably one of the best ways to understand how to best utilize social media resources. Critiquing moves such as Twitter’s purchase of Periscope or how Snapchat can monetize their app were great discussions. Ultimately, social media is not just about advertising as I previously thought, but about building a brand and a business, and advertising is part of that.


“I’m not goin’ nowhere girl I’m stayin’” –I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper) (feat. Mike Jones) (2005)

In the end, social media is here for good. It’s not just a fad, but it’s the future. And it’ll be a major part of my future, too. To varying extents I plan to keep on using Twitter, blogs, Facebook, and whatever else catches on. I haven’t used Slack yet, but intend on using it soon in the workplace. The future of social media is exciting, and I’m excited to be a part of it.


  1. Awesome post Jak, really enjoyed the fresh take you took on the final blog format. I completely agree with most of your sentiments. I rarely used my Twitter before class and was shocked at how useful it turned out to be. I fully intend to keep using it now after class as well. I really enjoyed the open-ended nature of blog posts because it keep everyone’s posts fresh and interesting. The added pressure of having the rest of the class read them really pushed me to research interesting topics. I look forward to monitoring the #IS6621 feed and this site in the future to remain informed on the state of social media going forward.

  2. Really fun take on your last post!! I totally agree with all the points you make here. Whatever level we were using social media at before, it’s now only increased. I also thought that blogging was a very useful experience to have before graduation and is something we can all leverage in the future. Being able to write for our peers and not just a professor and to have these posts on the internet (and we all know they’ll pretty much be there forever) is a great accomplishment. Thanks for putting a fun spin on what we learned this semester!

  3. Jak — I have been a fan of your work all year and have read most of your posts. As always, you are able to work in a fun and exciting point of view. Good luck next year, it was a joy getting to know you .. live free, or in the words of T-Pain “Now I’m doin what I want to With nobody tellin me what I’m gonna do”

  4. Definitely a unique take on the final post, and I really appreciate the humor as well as the relevance. The collaboration of thought this semester between classmates was something I hadn’t fully experienced before, and I am glad you highlighted that point. It also fostered friendship in a way that other classes absolutely could not. Snack time, group discussions… what better ways to socialize in a class? I additionally agree that talking monetarily about these tech companies’ maneuvers was critical to our understanding of digital strategy. Cheers my man, really glad we met through this class, and I look forward to keeping in touch!!

  5. I loved the creativity in your post! I think there’s a lot to take away from this class, and you definitely covered the bases. I particularly enjoyed reading your section on what you improved while in this class. I agree that while social media can seem upfront and easy to grasp to the naked eye, once you delve into the more sophisticated uses for the platforms the possibilities become endless. I think it’s really important to stay involved in social media, especially as a business tool, and I really enjoyed your creative post!

  6. This is nappy boy radio live with ya boy T-Pain….Great post Jak, I too had a similar experience with Twitter over the course of the semester. I never have been utilizing it to its fullest capabilities and finally recognized them. Also communicating with classmates on Twitter through blog posts added a whole element to the class that I didnt expect. Peer to peer conversation is a fantastic way for us to learn and be exposed to different stories that we wouldn’t necessarily be in class. Social media like you said is not just a fad it is for sure here to stay so we will wait and see what other industry or aspect of our lives it will infiltrate next.

  7. Great post, Jak! I love that you tied T-Pain into your final thoughts, all of which I agreed with fully. The most profound things for me, too, were discovering Twitter’s real value and our class discussions. I had given Twitter a try more than a few times, and it was ironic that being forced to use it for class actually did a significantly better job of showing many of us its value. I started noticing applications for Twitter in other classes and finally understanding the value of continuing the conversation outside the classroom. I also really agree that interactions with other people in the class genuinely enriched the learning experience. Hearing points of view I wouldn’t have ever conjured up on my own on subjects I thought I knew a lot about was refreshing and so, so valuable.

  8. There are some real gems in here. 1) “At times in class I was just floored.” – me too, even after teaching it for 10 years. 2) for us it was as if there were 40 teachers in the class. – yes, I always learn something, too. 3) And as an added bonus, my mom also really liked this because she could read some of the work I had done. – Had never considered that aspect of it. Hi Mom!

  9. ^ Had very similar favorite moments from this post as our revered profkane up there. Loved your work week after week and it’s been a real pleasure getting to know you more than our Chevy/Accounting/BCbananas history. Thanks for the insights and I look forward to seeing where the future of social media will go!

  10. Incredible post. Excellent format to incorporate a current event into an engaging blog post. Really enjoyed your takeaways and just wanted to say this post made me laugh out loud. Thanks for doing the community a service with this blog.

  11. What’s the twitter name you use regularly, or are you going to keep your name from this class? I want keep following you.

    1. I haven’t totally decided yet. I used to be under the handle of @velociJAKtor (feel free to follow), but I kept it protected and I kind of stopped using that once this class started up.

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