This is Jeremy Baldwin logging off.

As this year is coming to a close, it is time to soak up the final days, hours, minutes and seconds of senior year. Recognizing how much I have learned over the course of the semester about socialCE_sod6WEAAuxwj media, it is the last thing I will be doing in these final weeks. I want to be present and I want to make these memories last through my own eyes and not a screens. I recall last year when I was on campus during senior week and they had the ‘Senior Toast’, I was pretty much able to experience the entire thing through Snapchat. As I was browsing through the snapstories I was just wondering why? Why would you want put something as memorable as this moment on your snap story opposed to just enjoying it. A snapstory lasts for 24 hours… And you needed people to see that you wen tot your senior toast? Most of the people that would be viewing this snapstory are there with you toasting to the same thing. So why post on something that isn’t even going to be there in 24 hours? Why not just record it if it is that meaningful to you.

With that quick social media rant out the way, the only take away from class isn’t going to be to use it less, but to use it more effectively. Businesses are making strides in the field and we as consumers should do the same. With the knowledge from topics such as relationships on social media, collaboration and what the internet knows about us I know my activity online will forever be different. We need to keep social media as a virtual world and not make it THE world, because many have become so caught up in it that we have surpassed the point of return. Not to sound to melancholy but, we need to remain in control of our lives.

Looking back at my first blog post and the initial thought for the class, I was worried about the intimidation of the “This is not an easy A course.” It hasn’t been but the work has been consistent the entire semester. I think I like the set up and workload of this class more than having exams and a final. It kept the class always interesting and doesn’t create the big push to do well around exam time. It allowed for organic learning and not memorization or studying simply what would be present on the test.

Lastly, I think I am a proud new Twitter user. As I saw in the first two weeks of class, Twitter is a very informative and instantaneous news source. When I hear about something that is happening I click on my Twitter app to catch some different stories fromtwitter_news different sources and usually pretty quickly find out what is going on. If Twitter can reposition itself as a news source and get on board with the every user is a journalist train, it might be saved.


smart_lenses_0_1461862715Social Media is going to continuously be integrated into our lives as we have already seen in health care, politics and education. What realm with it infiltrate next and where will we go with social media in terms of devices? Live recording contact lenses? Might not be as far away as we think.

This is Jeremy Baldwin logging off.


  1. Great post, Jeremy! I am also a graduating senior, and I too plan on trying to stay off of social media as much as I can during these next two weeks so I can be present and just enjoy the moment. I definitely agree with your comments about Twitter as well. I had never been very active on Twitter, but since starting this class I have found myself going to Twitter for news updates before most of my other social media platforms. Thanks for sharing your final thoughts on social media with us!

  2. Great post! I really agree with you on the different things you’ve pointed out. First, I indeed believe that companies, just like consumers/people/us need to use social media more effectively: companies have to post relevant content to engage their audience; we, as individuals, don’t have any control over what we put out there, so we’d better be careful. I also agree with you on the fact that the workload of this class actually enable us to learn more and know more than during a “normal” class where you just work a lot before the exam, but as soon as it’s over, you’ve forgotten everything. I really feel like this class has brought us something different and something that will last. Great blog post and enjoy your logged-off graduation :)

  3. Similar to your sentiments on the Senior Toast, I noticed this happen at the senior week Red Sox game recently. I didn’t check Snapchat immediately, but when I went to the My Story feed the next morning, it was non-stop pictures of Fenway, all of which came from the right field bleachers. I didn’t gain anything out of that except for knowing who was there (and I saw most of those people anyway). Twitter is definitely a news source, way more than I previously thought of it as. I agree that we learned a lot about how to effectively use social media rather than just using it for the sake of using it. Good wrap up.

  4. Great post, Jeremy! I totally agree that a big takeaway from this class is how brands need to learn to effectively utilize social media. As we’ve seen through a few case studies, the wrong usage of social media can be detrimental to a brand. I also totally agree that Twitter should try repositioning themselves as a news source. Frankly that is the main reason I use Twitter. I get all of my latest updates on what brands are doing and what’s going on in the industry from Twitter, so I think it would be a big benefit to reposition in that way.

  5. Great post, Jeremy! Interesting example you used with the senior toast and snapchat. I agree that for so many precious moments like this, the first reaction of our generation is to document everything on social media. There is something to be said for taking it in without the need to post it on your story. That said, I agree that if we keep control over our real lives, there is a healthy way to integrate social media and our digital lives into that!

  6. Interesting thoughts on the senior toast. I agree people should enjoy rather than post, UNLESS it’s really a way to talk to your friends while its going on without interrupting the toaster. So, wonder if it might actually improve the experience, by creating a live back channel for communicating? Will be interesting to know what you think when you’re in the middle of it! Congrats!

  7. Nice post, I agree with your thoughts on living in the moment, however sometimes you do want to share the moment if its special for you. I liked your takeaway of using technology more effectively. I have noticed that my twitter usage has added more value to my life than before now that I’m engaging with good material and good content.

  8. I really agree with you about viewing life through a camera lens. I find it interesting when parents record their kids performances and they watch the whole thing through the viewfinder. Like, will you ever actually watch that video?

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