Don’t Cry Because It’s Over. Smile Because It Happened!

Welp – 14, maybe 15 weeks later its almost time for one last class. As Raul said, its a whole new start. This class has set the foundation for all of us to build upon, both in our personal lives as well as professionally.

I came into the class thinking it was going to be focused almost solely on the use of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in the work place. The good, the bad, and the absolutely terrible of real life do’s and don’ts courtesy of case studies. We had some of that, but this class was so much more than just the functional pieces like the different SM platforms.

I was most wary of publishing under my own surname on the web, as was made obvious in my first blog post. A twitter account that I have maintained since January of 2012 goes even further to reveal just that –

The first class was no doubt overwhelming. Blogs, Tweets, Comments galore. It wasn’t the work though that was at first somewhat jarring, it was the extent to which we were being asked to open ourselves up online and in a way that was new to some. Blogging was something I had never done or even thought to partake in. It almost seemed as if it were an intrusion into my own space, to reveal my thoughts and let them free for all to see. Tweeting was an odd parallel to this; I similarly wasn’t privy to putting out the “personal” side of Eric Rauckhorst online. Take this Tweet, yet again dug up from my humble beginnings on Twitter –

I continued poring over my old Tweets, taking into account everything that we’ve discussed in #IS6621 this Spring and started noting the brand I created for myself – and how it evolved. At my account’s inception, I attempted to convey personal thoughts and ideas. This was a struggle, as have been my blog posts in this class, since it was such an outward display of myself. But, as I found comfort in the platform (and myself?) I pivoted to a new brand; I constantly retweeted things that I showed interest in or replied to things I found useful. Rather than produce my own content, I started utilizing others.

So distinct was this shift that some followers even noted it (see above Tweet). So.. what am I getting at? Well, after this class I’ve gone through yet another evolution in my brand. I’m now much more comfortable extending myself online and I contribute that almost solely to the blog posts. I struggled to keep up on time with the posts because every time I sat down to come up a new one I would be overcome with how many things I wanted to say, how I wanted to say them, and how I could back them up. It wasn’t as easy as it seems upon first glance. But with the amount of independent work we were expected to produce, I pushed myself a little harder and went for it.

I would also say that some of our speakers this semester really left me thinking. Two standouts were the team from DigitasLBi and the team from BC’s Marketing Department. The Digitas presentation was one of the most stunning slide decks I’ve seen before, and the speakers were succinct and well-versed. Their descriptions of how marketing teams must work together so fluidly and maintain a level of care that is dire to their operation really piqued my interest. The duo from BC gave such an in-depth, inside look at how BC’s social channels are managed and guided. The goal of an “authentic view” of BC – a view of the students and real scenes from daily life around the Heights – resonated with me in how I also strive to craft my presence online. True to what I think and enjoy, whilst giving a unique glimpse at the world around me.

So, just as some of even my biggest role models are just getting into social media and everything it has to offer:


It is time for the next step. Thank you to Professor Kane and the entire #IS6621 clan. It has been a solid semester and I look forward to keeping tabs on the class hashtag as we move forward. -ER



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  1. Hey, thanks for this great post. I also think writing blog posts was an interesting element of this class. I was glad that writing those posts gave me the opportunity to research some topics that I find intriguing. I think that writing them might have made me better at writing in general as well.

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