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When it sunk in that this is my last college class ever….


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It is with a heavy heart that I write my last blog for Social Media and Digital Business. I have come a long way from leaving the first class with my head spinning a little bit, but in speaking with people who had taken the class before, everyone spoke so highly of Professor Kane, his approach, and the overall structure of the class. I am glad I stuck around because those people I talked to were right. Professor Kane made me feel welcomed on the first day and his animated teaching style made the class interesting. He also taught in a way that encouraged you to pursue learning on your own instead of having a class that was teacher driven. Having the students  really push the class forward encouraged me to share more and interact with the other students more than I had ever done in any past classes.


I think this class was set up perfectly to maximize the learning/minute of class ratio. One of my favorite parts of this was the small and big group discussions. By having us all read the same materials it let students add to each other’s ideas but also challenge them and spur some really interesting conversations. Then when we came back together as a class I got to hear the summary and the best points that came from the other groups that dove into the different articles. I enjoyed then being able to hear the entire class chime in on their thoughts of the class wide articles.I saw this as a great environment to learn and share without judgement.

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Another benefit of this class is that I am back on Twitter! Twitter used to be my everything in High School and the early part of College (I am a Senior). For the last couple of years my twitter sat idle, rarely reading and certainly not posting. Having given Twitter this second chance has allowed me to see the app in a completely different light. Back when I was in High School, it seemed like the only things you were allowed to tweet were witty things about the strangers that bothered you nearby or inspirational song lyrics (not sure if that was Twitters fault or just High School kids being High School kids). But now, years later, for a whole semester, I used it to actually learn about what companies were doing in the social media space, what new inventions were coming in the future, and other really cool events/ideas I was missing out on. Now I am back and it feels great to be able to be plugged in again, and there is something special about hitting that Retweet button or pulling up your notifications to find out you got a Retweet or a star (not giving up on it).


Its been a blast…thanks to Professor Kane and the rest of the IS6621 ers!!!!!!






















  1. Nice post, I definitely agree with you on keeping up with the work. The twitter point is a good point. I used to be on twitter years ago as well but I got off because it didn’t really create any value for me, but now that we’re using it in a different way, I can definitely see all of the possibilities and opportunities with the platform

  2. It USED to be that I taught Computers in Management on Tuesday mornings at 9AM, and this course (which now is almost entirely seniors and graduate students). So, for a small set of students for a couple of years, I was actually their very first and very last course at Boston College. It was kind of fun. Now I just have to content myself with sending you guys off right. Good to have you in the class!

  3. Excellent post. I thought you did a great job reflecting on the year and I too found myself using Twitter a lot more, let’s say productively, after this class. But I still will be mostly thinking of tweets that are about witty observations of strangers around me. Old habits die hard.

  4. Sean, I too mentioned Professor’s teaching style and how it proved to be beneficial. The different environment made it alot easier to interact, making the class much more worthwhile, driving you to learn more

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